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  James Murphy

Date of Birth: December 8, 1965
Position: Vice President/Government Bonds

Jimmy was the seventh of ten children born into a tightly knit Irish Catholic family. He excelled as an athlete at a very young age spurred on no doubt by the competition in his own house. He earned the “Athlete of the Year” award in his senior year of high school and went on to college with a basketball scholarship. In 1990 he joined Cantor Fitzgerald and began his career on Wall Street. In the following twelve years he amassed an enormous amount of friends at work. It was impossible not to know your neighbors when you practically sat on their lap ten hours a day.

I worked for Cantor as well but met Jimmy at the beach in his hometown in 1992. I told my parents that I met the man I was going to marry one whole week after meeting him. He really was that special. The kindest person I have ever known. Honest, true and so much fun to be with. He had a natural talent for making people feel good, feel important, and feel loved. People were drawn to Jimmy. He was always organizing impromptu gatherings whether it be for a quick beer (yeah, right) at a neighborhood bar, a concert, or a barbeque on his parents back deck. Everyone always came. He had a special connection with children. They adored him-most likely because he was a big kid himself. There was no pretense about Jimmy. He was the same person to everyone.
I cannot describe the depth of my sorrow and the pain my family and Jimmy’s family is living with. His parents and mine, his seven brothers, two sisters, aunts, uncles, in-laws, nieces, nephews and countless friends are finding it difficult to bear.

What a senseless shame that our daughter Morgan had only four years with her Dad. He taught her to swim this past summer and forced her off the diving board as well. Last winter she learned how to make snow angels and build the perfect snowman. He used to take her with him everywhere just to hear the comments of complete strangers about how beautiful she was or how smart.

Our son Jimmy Jr. had less than three years with his Daddy. In that short time Jimmy managed to pass down his love of the ocean, the outdoors and Sunday’s spent together on the couch watching football. He also passed on his kindness and beautiful disposition. He is his father’s son.

Our unborn child will never know his father’s touch or his immense pride and adoration.

It is unbearable for me to think about our children growing up without their father. I want to scream for all the suffering he may have endured and for all the days and nights we won’t have with him. I want to scream for all the plans we had made that I will have to carry out alone. I want to scream for his family and mine who know how special he was and can’t begin to understand how something like this could have happened.

Jimmy was a beautiful person. I am so thankful to have had him in my life for the ten years that I did. And for the gifts he gave me-Morgan, Jimmy and the new baby. I will forever keep him alive in their hearts and in mine.

Mary, Wife

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  Franklyn Monahan

Date of Birth: November 25, 1955
Position: Trade Support

What can we say about the loss of our Frank??? Frankie was the light of our family and our shining star of New York! He was one in a million! He had an infectious laugh that touched everyone and made you laugh until you cried! He was caring and giving. He loved and lived life to the max. Frank was the third of five boys born to Patsy and Matthew Monahan of Brooklyn, New York. He spent most of his adult life in Roxbury, Queens.

Frank was the proud father of four children, Matthew, Timmy, Meghan, and Little Frank. He loved his kids very, very much. Frank joined the Cantor family in the mid-nineties and truly found a home. He enjoyed his job and was known throughout as “The Mondo”. He was the comedian and entertainer of the firm. His biggest attribute was his outstanding singing voice. Frank could be seen singing anywhere, even on the New York Subways! He even sang “New York, New York” at Windows on the World for Cantor Fitzgerald’s Christmas Party in 2000! He was a real showman.

Frank could also be seen at Shea Stadium where he very rarely missed a game for his beloved Mets!! He was always accompanied by his best friend “Tommy” (my brother). The two could always be seen at many New York events. If there was a game in NY they were there!!!

When the news hit our family that our Frank was most likely gone the pain was unbearable. As all of the other families know we were devastated and numb. We could not believe it.

Frank’s memorial service was beautiful, and a real tribute. He was said goodbye to in such high profile. Hundreds of people turned out to say farewell. It would have been everything Frank ever wanted and yet nothing he ever would have expected. I was so proud to have been Frank’s cousin. We were all so blessed to have had him in our family.

It might have taken two crumbling towers to take our Frank away from us…but not his spirit…he has left a tear in our eye but a smile in our hearts. In closing I would like to share with you the most appropriate card that was made for his service.

Frank’s memorial card read: “Grieve not nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as though I were beside you. I loved you so…”Twas heaven here with you”.

It certainly was.

Thanks for the memories Frank…

Your loving Cousin Junie

Junie Kelty Bonner, Cousin

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  John Monahan

John was 47 years old, our oldest brother. He grew up in Jersey City in the midst of a large family and attended St. Paul’s grammar school. John was an altar boy and spent many of his childhood days paying basketball in the courtyard, where he cultivated a circle of friends who have remained close throughout the years. John and my other brothers often reminisced about the “courtyard days”, recalling not only the basketball games but also my mother’s unexpected personal appearances. (I think she broke up a few card games!) With many of his friends, he attended Hudson Catholic High School. After graduating in 1972, John went to work for Banker’s Trust in Jersey City, where he later met his wife, Diane.

John and Diane married in St. Henry’s Church in October of 1991. They lived in Bayonne for several years where they planned and saved for the future. In 1993 John joined the firm of Cantor Fitzgerald. Shortly after, they began to realize their dreams. The purchase of their new home in Ocean Township was followed quickly by the birth of their first son, Terrence, who will be 6 in November. Terrence is the image of John and possesses many “Monahan” traits, so we’re hoping for Diane’s sake that her second son, CJ (age 3), turns out to be a Kracov (Diane’s maiden name). John called the kids “his buddies”. They were planning a trip to Florida to celebrate their upcoming 10th anniversary.

John was a humble and unassuming person. He didn’t wear expensive clothes or own a fancy car. In fact, he preferred not to drive at all. He had little interest in material possession, beyond the basic necessities (which definitely included a golf club and a football). John was the quiet, serious one in the group. He paid attention to every detail and followed all the rules, even when it came to playing a family game of Jeopardy. He always insisted that we play by the official rules. Anyone who broke a rule was immediately disqualified. And so, we affectionately called him “The Commissioner” and unanimously elected him to preside over family activities.

John was an avid golfer and a loyal Jet fan. John was completely devoted to Diane, Terrence and CJ. Above all, he cherished the time he spent with his family, be it a holiday celebration, one of the kid’s birthday parties, a family ski trip, a picnic at the track or just a swim in the pool. Last month, John, along with other family members, flew to New Mexico to attend Corey’s wedding (Corey is John’s godson). John and Diane were coordinating a Monahan family trip to Disney for the fall of next year. On September 11th, one minute after the first plane struck the World Trade Center, John called Diane. He said, “There is a fire in the building. I love you and the boys. I don’t think I’m going to make it out.” I think Diane put it best in her remarks to a reporter from the Asbury Park Press when she said, “He was everything to us and we were everything to him.” Needless to say, there are no words to describe how much we will miss him.

Irene Constontino, Sister

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  Carlos M Morales

Date of Birth: February 8, 1972
Department: Logistics
Position: Computer Technician

Carlos was a lover of music, sports and humor. An avid sports fan, he waited for another chance for his beloved Mets to take on the Yankees in yet another Subway series.

He was a devoted son as well as loving brother and doting uncle to his god daughter Olivia. Carlos made friends very easily as he was well liked by everyone.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Norma Morales, Mother

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  Dennis Moroney

Date of Birth: November 7, 1961
Department: Accounting
Position: Senior Vice President

Charming, funny, adorable and sweet. These are just a few of the words that describe Dennis, the love of my life since I was 17 years old. I was privileged to have been his wife for 16 wonderful years. Dennis was an incredibly loving father to our two children, Elizabeth, age 11, and Timothy, age 9. He was a family man if ever there was one.

Dennis’ interests were fairly common- golf, jogging, swimming, coaching soccer, eating out, washing the family cars- but he was certainly never boring. He was always so witty and made us laugh all of the time.

Dennis was born in the Bronx on November 7, 1961, but spent most of his childhood in Freehold, New Jersey, along with his parents and six brothers. He graduated from Manhattan College in 1984 and became a CPA. He joined Cantor in November of 1993 and was proud to work there.

We should have celebrated Dennis’ 40th birthday this November – an event we planned for all summer- but instead of celebrating, we are crying because we miss him so terribly.

Dennis built a wonderful life for us. He filled our days with laughter and happiness. How unfair it is that he will not be here with us to enjoy what he worked so hard to build.
I love you Den,

Nancy, Wife

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  Lynne I. Morris

Date of Birth: November 24, 1978
Department: Equities
Position: P&S Clerk

Lynne loved to laugh but even more than that, she lived to love. She loved many and many loved her. She had a gift of looking beyond one’s outward appearance and seeing what truly mattered which was what was on the inside. Her smile and laughter were infectious to everyone around her. Random acts of kindness were part of her everyday life.
Lynne, our middle child, had an older sister, Chrissy, and a younger brother, Ed. She lived her whole life in Monroe, New York, growing from a shy little girl who would hardly leave her Mom’s side to an extremely outgoing young woman who struck up conversations with people everywhere she went. Her circle of friends is tremendous, most of whom became like “sisters” and “brothers” to her and our family. When away at college at SUNY Oneonta, she expanded her friends and “family” while still remaining close to her group at home. Even now, she is still expanding our “family” by having brought Mark and his family and friends into our lives. Thank you, Lynne, for everyone you have brought into our lives.
Lynne graduated from Oneonta is May 2000 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Economics and a minor in Finance and a minor in Marketing. She joined Cantor Fitzgerald in November 2000 and looked forward to moving up the ranks.

Lynne, we love you and miss you more than words could ever say. Until we see you again….
Love always,
Mom and Dad

Lynne’s Parents,

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  Seth Morris

Date of Birth: October 17, 1965
Position: Managing Director Partner, Bond Desk

My husband Seth Morris grew up in Milford, Connecticut, the youngest of three boys. He attended Fairfield Preparatory High School where he was an honors student. He played on the hockey team and competed for the state championships in 1983. He always said he had average talent as a player, but it was his drive that made him a great athlete. You could see that drive in everything Seth did. He graduated with high honors from both the University of New Haven and Southern Connecticut State University.
Seth was a bond broker for Cantor Fitzgerald. He loved his job and his colleagues. It wasn’t long before Seth was promoted to Managing Director and Partner, one of the youngest on Wall Street at age 34.
Seth was an amazing “people person”. He could connect with everyone. He never judged, only made each person he came in contact with feel important. To him, they really were. When confronted in the 1993 bombing blast of the same trade center, not only did he carry a woman down the stairs on his back, but he told jokes along the way to put her and everyone else at ease.
Seth had a tremendous amount of energy. He rarely slept more than four hours a night. He could be found working out in his basement gym, renovating our house or just paying bills at 3:00a.m. When I would get on him about the crazy hours he kept, he would say, “Lynn, you can sleep when you are dead.”
Seth was all of these great things, but this was not the heart and soul of this man. The heart and soul of Seth revolved around his family. We would have been married 11 years on October 27th and yet it seemed as if we were still on our honeymoon. We have three beautiful children whom Seth cherished. Madilynn, now age 10, Kyle, age 8, and Hayley, age 6. Seth spent every non-working hour with them. If he wasn’t coaching them on the town recreation leagues, he was helping them with their homework, or just rolling on the floor with them. One of the last conversations Seth had was with my brother-in-law, Patrick. They were at the beach on Long Beach Island. As Seth watched his children playing in the sand he was beaming with pride and love. He said, “I know I should be just a father to them, but they really are my best friends.”

Seth, you were a wonderful husband and father. My best friend and my biggest fan. My heart is broken without you. I will always love you.
-Lynn, Forever your wife

My dad meant everything to me. He was the kindest person I knew. He was always there when you needed him. He was always helping people. In the 1993 bombing, my dad helped a lady get out of the building and told jokes to make people feel better. He was my Hero. Daddy, I miss you very much. I’m going to make the best out of it. I love you.
-Madilynn, 10 years old

My dad was my best friend. He had a way of playing. We played sports every day. I don’t have the words to say how much he meant to me. I love you very much and I miss you. I just wish you could be here now. All my uncles are taking good care of me. Uncle Bobby is going to take me to all of my football games. I went fishing too. You are my hero Dad.
-Kyle, 8 years old

Daddy I love you. I wish you were here. I’m glad you’re in a happy place with no more bad people. I’ll always be with you and I’ll always be your “biscuit” and “chunky monkey”. I’d like to know how you are doing up there sometime.
-Hayley, 6 years old

Lynn Morris, Wife

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  Michael Mullin

Date of Birth: December 3, 1973
Position: OTC Trader

There are so many words that we can use to describe our relationship to you, but so few words that can describe what you meant to all of us. You knew how to live like no other. You lived life to the fullest. You were larger than life, SIZE, as you used to call it. Your love and passion were obvious in all that you were. It seems like each day gets harder than the next to be without you. We miss you so much.

You were given to us as a gift. Your happy, carefree nature had a selfless way of welcoming and comforting those around you. You were full of laughter always and brought happiness wherever you went. You will be remembered for your loyalty, unselfishness, goodness, generosity, sincerity and love. You were able to find the most pleasure from the simplest things in life. Life will never be the same without you, but you have taught each of us how to live better.

We miss your tender caring spirit shining in your big blues eyes, and that playful little glint they got when you were teasing each one of us. Your smile seemed to light up your whole face, reminding us of the happy way you had of looking at so many things. Your greatest gift was in your ability to see truly, hear honestly and speak kindly. You never got caught up in the materialistic side of life. You never cared what anyone did but rather who they were. When you spoke, you made people feel like they were the only person in the world. You led a life filled with friends, both at home and at work, who are trying to carry on your amazing spirit. Although you have been taken from us physically, you will always and forever be in our minds and in our hearts, and that can never be taken away from us. We will never forget the unbelievable memories that we shared with you. We love and miss you so much.

Lisa Kantrowitz, Girlfriend and Michael’s family

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  Marc A Murolo

Position: Government Bonds – Vice President

Marc is the beloved son of Angela and Dominick Murolo, devoted brother of Cathy Lynn Roberti and Angelo Murolo, and, loving uncle of Michael and Amanda Murolo.

Marc was born in Hoboken and raised in Englewood Cliffs before taking residence in Manhattan. He was an honor student who graduated in 1991 from Bergen Catholic High School and went on to earn a degree in Finance in 1995 from Fairfield University in Connecticut.

Marc especially enjoyed home-cooked meals and happy times with his family. His spare time was spent socializing in New York City and golfing with friends. Summers were spent on the Jersey shore at the family beach house, and more recently with college friends. He was an avid Mets fan and sports enthusiast, who enjoyed listening to music.

Family and friends will grievously mourn his brilliant spirit and forever hold his memory in their hearts.

Marc’s Family and Friends,

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  Brian Murphy

Date of Birth: March 21, 1960
Department: eSpeed Sales

After many months of grieving, we continue to mourn Brian’s passing.
He was taken from us way too soon.
We all still fumble for words to adequately explain what has happened, to explain this intolerable injustice.
Brian was one of the best individuals I ever met. He was all good and exuded kindness.
In the 10 years I was fortunate to know him and have him as a dear brother-in-law and close friend, I can’t bring to mind one time when he said anything negative about anyone. That is Brian’s essence. He saw the glass half full, his vision was positive, optimistic and upbeat. Brian’s life was a celebration of life; he accomplished many things in his business life, but how he treated his family, and how he went out of his way for others truly represents his heart and moral fiber.
Brian loved his family immensely.
He loved his parents dearly; his aunt, his sisters and his brother. He visited them regularly in his hometown of Westfield, Mass. He was a devoted son-in-law to my parents Jane and Bill. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for them. His generosity was unbelievable.
As a brother-in-law, he was concerned with all the details of my life, and my sister Elizabeth and her husband Eric. He listened and always helped.
He was a great uncle to Joshua, Danielle, Zachary and Callahan. He had so much patience. He always made time.
His love for his wife, Judy, and his daughters, Jessica and Leila, can’t be adequately described. His love for them was boundless, infinite…
Brian’s legacy, I believe, is about Love.
One only has to look at Judy, Jessica and Leila, to see Brian’s spirit.
He lives on through them. His boundless love for them exists.
And as the two beautiful girls grow and develop into honorable adults,
Brian lives on through them. He will always be with them.

Steven Eisner Bram, Brian’s brother-in-law