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  Scott “Scotty” J. Weingard

Date of Birth: September 23, 1971
Position: Assistant Trader

Scotty had it all figured out. He cherished nothing more than his family and innumerable friends, and never needed to be reminded not to sweat the small stuff. Living a good, fulfilling life came naturally to Scotty. He lived and loved the only way he knew how to – unconditionally and with all of him. From his father, Stevie, Scotty inherited a profound love for sports and athletic competition. He brought both intensity and levity to his work and play. Scotty’s smile could light up a room. His “rock” shrugs, high-fives, and distinctive gait were familiar to all who knew him. He possessed an enormous heart and clever wit. Scotty made each day a holiday. His life was guided by the tenet: “You only live once.” Scotty’s tragic death was far too premature, and yet his life was complete. He will forever live on in the memory of all who knew and loved him, a truly lucky group!

Bonnie Weingard, Mother

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  Vincent Wells

Date of Birth: September 17, 1978
Department: FX Options
Position: Options Broker

Vincent was a wonderful son, brother, uncle, and boyfriend. He had been in New York for nine months to make himself a better future. He was cherished by everyone who knew him as a kind, caring, loving person, always ready to make you laugh and comfort you when you cry. He was devoted to his family friends and football team. Vincent will be sorely missed by all those who were lucky enough to have had him in their lives.

Mrs. Julia Wells, Mother

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  Peter West

Date of Birth: November 5, 1946
Department: Municipal Bonds
Position: Vice President

Since September 11th, my mom, my brother and I have sifted through dozens of old photo albums and recalled countless memories of good times shared.
Having grown up in a large family with eight siblings, my father, Peter, was a true family man. In his 54 years, he lived life to the fullest. My mom and dad married in 1969 and built a wonderful life together, raising two children and traveling to various destinations. They were due to depart on a second excursion to Italy on September 22nd. According to dad, only “eight more wake-ups”.
As jokers and joke tellers go, my dad was one of the best. He was quite an adventure seeker as well. He tried just about everything and he loved to ride his Harley wherever the road would take him. My dad always saw to it that everyone in his life was happy and he was most generous in lending his helping hand.
My wedding video reminds me that Peter West was quite a gentleman and a man who wasn’t afraid to show his emotions. And, he loved to dance with my mom.
My dad took great pride in his work. Municipal bonds were his passion and he’d made quite a name for himself. Everyone in the business seems to have a story about Peter West…Go figure!
Dad – the memories of our laughter and our tears will remain in my heart forever. I miss you. I love you. “Your Daughter”

Please visit

Meredith Nelson, Daughter

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  Adam Shelby White

Date of Birth: September 26, 1974
Position: CO2E

Adam loved working at Cantor. He proudly took me on a tour of his office area shortly after he took the job. He was so excited about the work that they had begun at Co2e. He liked, admired and had fun with the people that he worked with. He loved the travel and the day-to-day excitement of “bagging the elephant”. His good humor, intelligence, and positive energy were infectious. He was a wonderful friend, brother, son and human being.
He was our hero. We all miss him terribly.
With love,
Melissa Turnage

Melissa Turnage, Mother

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  John Willett

Date of Birth: November 29, 1971
Department: CO2e

A brief from Vicki M. Curby, PhD University of Missouri-Columbia:
John was a delight to be around. He was so energetic and committed to his political endeavors. I ran across a comment about him that stated, “he is naturally polite and respectful of everyone which whom he comes in contact. There is nothing artificial about John; he seems to be at peace with himself and thereby puts others at ease. I don’t think he consciously tries to be an nice guy, he just is,” that’s John.
John Charles Willet, B.A., University of Missouri-Columbia, May 14, 1995, Economics. Proud TKE brother. Appointed one term Taney county Treasurer by then Governor Mel Carnahan at 23 years of age, he was the youngest County Treasurer in the State of Missouri and did he make a difference. He changed politics in Taney County forever.
Masters Degree, University of Missouri, Kansas City, July 28, 2000, Economics. Attended Oxford before starting work on Doctorate in Economics at Notre Dame University. Left for a job with Chase Manhattan Bank. From Chase he went to work for, a Cantor Fitzgerald company, dealing in emission trading, located in the World Trade Center. John loved New York and his job at He also loved his beloved Missouri Tiger basketball and football teams. He loved to Trout fish with his dad, and talk and visit with his mom. He loved good food in Mom and Pop style restaurants. He loved Kansas City Bar-B-Q. He loved to read and do things to help others. The testimonial letters of him reaching out to others have been wonderful. He attended Mardi Gras every year with his friends. He had a first degree Black Belt in Karate, never bragged about it. He left messages on his mom and dad’s answering machine a minimum of three times per week. “Hi mom and dad, just called to tell you that I love you.” Had a few beers with his friends and buddies from time to time but never attempted to smoke or do drugs, he didn’t believe in doing physical harm to the body. He loved going to mass on Sunday with his mom and dad. There was no room in John Charles Willett for hatred, he even opposed capitol punishment. John believed that education was the best weapon against hatred and bigotry.
If you would like to contribute to the John Charles Willett Scholarship Fund, contact: Julie A. Martyr, Attorney at Law, 400 W. Kansas, Independence, MO 64050, Telephone: (816) 836-0427.
God Bless the United States of America.

Ron and Lucy Willett, Mother and Father

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  Brian Williams

No matter if you were rich, poor, old, young, popular, unpopular, a success, or a failure Brian treated you with kindness. Brian was one of those special individuals who did not have enemies’ only friends. I know I will always cherish my friendship with Brian.
If I had to describe Brian with one adjective JOY would be it. Brian never dwelled on sadness, but reveled in Joy! Time with Brian was always greatly anticipated because there was no doubt; a hell of a good time was to be had. I have never met anyone who enjoyed people or life more than Brian. Brian’s smile, and his inflow of joy and its happiness, brightened everyone’s day that had the good fortune to be around him.
For someone who rarely seeks guidance or support, I turned to Brian for both. Brian had a dedication to achievement coupled with a quite lucid strength, wisdom, and an ability to never let emotions effect judgment. Brian led not by words, but by example. He was a solid quality guy who I respected and looked up to.
Most who achieve success in one area of like will have just as equal degree of failure in another area. Brian only had successes, no failures. He was the most balanced person I have ever met. For instance Brian was a partier but one of the most responsible people I know. He did well in both athletics and academics. He was successful but not arrogant. He was tough enough for guy talk but sensitive enough to become close friends to women.
Everyone looked up to Brian. He was the friend we were most proud of and the one we would boast about. It must have been hard on Brian knowing everyone’s high expectations for him, but if anyone could handle it, it was Brian. He was strong, a rock, the mailman, he always delivered! I miss Brian so much and will look forward to the day that we can all rejoin him in heaven.

Ken Williams, Father

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  Frank T. “Paul” Wisniewski

Date of Birth: February 10, 1947
Position: VP, Muni Bonds

Gray silver this day
his hair
Gray silver his car
the train
Gray silver his glasses
the ferry
Gray silver the tower
the airplane
Gray silver the ash
the reflection of candle wax in the court
Gray silver the hymnal
the three doves, one going home
Gray silver the cobblestone where we met
the Seven Pools
Gray silver the color of our house
the ladder he used to climb
Gray silver the path to our front door
our cat Monet
Gray silver the heart bracelet form Allie
the keys on Jonathan’s clarinet
Gray silver our beach chairs
his watch from Vietnam
Gray silver his jacket
the doghouse
Gray silver his tie
the patio slate
Gray silver his moustache
his favorite sweatshirt
Gray silver the shed
his letter opener
Gray silver the deck
the light of the moon in the backyard
Gray silver the bark on the birch tree
the mirror
Gray silver the reflection of a man
whose soul was so very kind and gentle
the shirt with his scent
Gray silver the lining of clouds reflecting down upon us from heaven-
our memories

In our hearts always with love until we meet again,

Carol, Allie and Jonathan, family

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  Michael Wittenstein

Date of Birth: February 1, 1967
Department: Global Lending and Finance
Position: Bond Trader

Michael Robert Wittenstein grew up in Seaford, Long Island. He graduated SUNY Albany in 1989 and immediately found employment at Cantor Fitzgerald Securities. The fact that Michael has worked for Cantor Fitzgerald for 12+ years shows how dedicated and loyal Michael was. Michael moved to New Jersey not long after returning from working in Cantor’s London and Los Angeles offices where he met his future fiancée Carrie. They were to have been wed on October 20, 2001. We are all so mad at this senseless act that took you from all of us. We are mad not being able to hold you, to touch you, to hear your voice, to see your impish smile, to watch you enjoy your game shows on TV. Your parents Barbara and Arnold are angry about not being able to walk you down the aisle to marry your fiancée Carrie, who you loved so much and who loved you. We mourn for the bright future you had in front of you that has been denied to you. We are angry about the children you would have had to love and cherish as you were. Your brother Jeffrey lost his best friend, your sister Caryn and her children Jared and Ilanna lost their protector and your brother in law lost his friend. The many cards and notes the family received only reinforced that special quality Michael had to bring a smile and warmth to all around him. His special qualities were evident to so many people that they all are keenly aware of the loss we have suffered. Words seem so inadequate at a time like this. The world is so much poorer with you gone. You have been part of so many and always will be. We know you are in a better place now, watching over us from above. There are not enough words to express how much you are loved and how much you’ll be missed. You will always be remembered and your love will carry on for us and our love for you will last an eternity.


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  Christopher Wodenshek

Date of Birth: September 22, 1965
Position: Head of the Electricity-Brokerage

There’s nothing I can say that people do not already now about Chris. He was the type of guy you wanted on your side. He was a respectable man who would do anything for his family or for his friends. He was a loving father, husband, son, brother, and uncle. He will be missed dearly by all of his family and friends. We all know he is up with the angels now and is looking down on all of us and he will always be in our hearts.


Christopher’s Family and Friends,

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  James J Woods

Date of Birth: February 26, 1975
Position: Trader’s Assistant

Dear Jimmy,
I miss you more every day… your smile,
your laugh and your great sense of humor, your
caring, support, and consideration, your
goodness, your thoughtfulness towards every
person you met, your ability to bring everyone
together and make each person feel important
and special, and your love of life and fun. I miss our talks, our runs in Central Park, our trips, our parties, going to concerts, hanging out at the beach and all over the city. I just miss you — my brother, my friend. I love you so much Jim. You are always in my heart.
“Love me” Ei

Eileen Woods, Sister