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  Francis Nazario

Date of Birth: February 10, 1973
Department: Back Office Operations
Position: Manager

Fran(k) was born on February 10, 1973 in Jersey City. He lived there his whole life. He worked for Cantor Fitzgerald since 1992.
To know him was to love him. His sense of humor, compassion, and love was given to anyone he came in contact with. If you needed him, he was there. If you needed someone to talk to, you could call him. He always lent a helping hand when anyone needed it and offered what seemed to always be the best advice.
In times of sadness or distress, his wit could turn tears into tears of laughter in an instant.
During the eight months he had with his beloved daughter, Lena, he was the best father in the world. He adored and loved his daughter and could not spend enough time with her.
To me he was my confidant, advisor, best friend, and soul mate. He will be greatly missed. I love you Fran, Julie.

Julianee Nazario, Wife

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  Luke Nee

Date of Birth: June 25, 1957
Department: Municipal Bonds
Position: Operations Manager

Luke was a kind and gentle soul who loved life. He was known for his cheerful disposition and for always having a smile for the world. If you needed a helping hand, or a favor, Luke would help you in any way and every way possible. He loved people, and always saw the good in them.
Luke loved his family, especially our son Patrick. They were truly best friends, and they had many fun times together. Luke loved a day at the beach, and went there as often as possible. He also loved going to Yankee games with his friends or with Patrick. We had great trips to the city at Christmas time, enjoying the beauty and spirit of the season.
Luke was also an avid reader, and would sometimes read two and three books a week. He enjoyed listening to music, especially Rolling Stones and Rod Stewart. He also had a style of dancing that was definitely unique and all his own. Luke also enjoyed Irish rock bands and went to concerts whenever possible.
Luke was fortunate to have had numerous lifelong friends. He looked forward to any gathering with his friends, whether it was a drink at Jim Brady’s or a wedding. He truly enjoyed their company, and he loved all of them.
Luke was also a dedicated and reliable worker who gave every job his all. He took pride in a job well done and helped many people get jobs and trained many people. He always showed great patience and people were thankful for that.
Luke leaves behind a brokenhearted wife, son, mother and father, two sisters and a brother. He is also mourned be his brother and sister-in-laws, seven nieces and nephews, aunts, uncles and many cousins. He is dearly missed by his friends.
Luke’s favorite motto was “live and let live”. I wish it were the motto of more people.
We will all be together someday and no one will ever take him away from us again.

We will love you always,

Irene and Patrick, (Wife and Son)

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  Ann Nelson

Date of Birth: May 17, 1971
Position: Bonds Trader

For those of you who may not know me, I am Annie’s Mom. That is a title that was conferred on me over thirty years ago when Ann Nicole Nelson came to live on this earth. It is a title that I shall gratefully and proudly wear into eternity.

It has been said that parents are a child’s first and most important teachers, but as I stand here at her memorial service, I can only think of all the things that Annie has taught me. One of the first things that Annie taught me was how to play cards. When she was about four, she used to wake me up early in the morning to play “Gold Swish.” Naturally she made up her own rules and always won. I was really too tired to care. From this I learned that it was important to choose your time and place carefully. Strike when your opponent is most vulnerable.

I don’t know if you believe in angels, but I do, and I like to think that Annie is with them now, laughing and loving and making up her own rules at cards.

Annie taught me to live for today. To remember and learn from the past, plan for the future, but live for today. Many children want to grow up fast, but not Annie. She was wise enough to appreciate her childhood. She relished it. At age five she went through a stage when she wanted a baby brother or sister, but after a while she stopped asking. When I inquired, she simply said, “I’ve changed my mind. I like being the youngest one.”

As she grew older and began to contemplate some of the more global issues of life, she never seemed discouraged or overwhelmed. She never asked, “What can one small person do to change the world?” She just took one step at a time and began her journey, dragging us along behind. Now when I consider her accomplishments, I know that I will never again underestimate what one person can do. Annie taught me the significance and power that lies within an individual life.

Since September 11th, I have often mentally cried out from the depth of my soul, Annie! Come back and give me a big hug-let’s have one more of our heart-to-heart talks. Let’s take just one more trip together. Then I seem to hear her voice remind me that now she can be with me each time I talk or walk or travel. She can be with all of us now all the time, as long as we keep her in our hearts and minds. “That’s not good enough,” I argue, “I want to see you. You know that I need to see things.” Then I seem to hear her answer, “You will see me.”

A little later someone tells me that Cantor Fitzgerald is going to be featured on 20-20. I turn on the TV and sit glued to the screen waiting to see my Annie. But with breaking heart I am disappointed. The program is nearly over and I have not seen even a brochure about her among the missing. Then again I seem to hear her voice say, “Wait”.

A story begins about some young girls from Afghanistan being beaten because of their manner of dress. Later I see a group of them that have fled into Pakistan in order to go to school. I look closely into their faces, I listen to their young female teacher explain the great danger they are in–and then I see her. It’s hard at first because their eyes are brown, while hers were sparkly green, their skin and hair are slightly darker and they have covered the lower part of their faces while she wore only a bright smile, but I could see her. The same determination to succeed, the same willingness to go wherever necessary in order to learn. The same belief that the pursuit of knowledge was worth great risk and sacrifice. Even if it meant losing ones life in order to make this world a better place.

From this I learn that it is not enough to care only for our own children. We must care for all the children. We must make sure they have food, clothing, shelter, and a good education.

During one of Annie’s recent visits back home, she reminded me that I needed to “choose my battles”. The way she lived her life and the way she has transitioned into the next has taught me that we must fight to rid our world of violence, terrorism and fanaticism. We must fight for justice, peace, understanding, and compassion among the people of this earth. We must each do the job that we have been created to do to the best of our ability.

The leaders must lead, the warriors must protect, the singers must sing, the painters must paint, the writers must write, the speakers must speak, and the teachers must teach. All of us must pray for divine guidance as we wage this worthy war.

Eli Wiesel writes: When we die, go to heaven and meet our maker, he is not going to ask us why we didn’t become a messiah, or discover the cure for some terrible disease. The only thing we’re going to be asked at that precious moment is why didn’t you become you? Annie should have little trouble with this question because she specialized in being herself and bringing out the best in others.

These are but some of the things that Annie has taught me. I suspect that she is not finished with me yet.

Annie knew that it was important to say thank you. I remember how sincerely and frequently she thanked us for our efforts to help her accomplish her goals. I know she would want us to thank you for being here today and for the many loving things that you have done to help us bear our pain and to make this service beautiful. Most of all, she would want us to thank you for loving her and sharing her time here on earth. For Annie knew that you, her friends and family, were life’s greatest gift to her.

please share Annie memories at:

Jenette Nelson, Mother

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  Michele Ann Nelson

Date of Birth: December 7, 1973
Department: Human Resources
Position: Benefits Specialist

Michele graduated from Penn State University in 1995, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with emphasis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology. She attended Baruch College of the City University of New York in 1998 and completed courses in Human Resource management and Employee Benefits.
She believed that to be a lady worthy of the title, young women must excel in a profession and possess general skills for effective living. Consequently, she enrolled at the New York Restaurant School for Pastry Arts. She will graduate posthumously 12/18/01.
Cantor Fitzgerald employed Michele in May 2000 where she worked as a Benefits Specialist. She was very responsible and was usually the first one to be at her desk to prepare herself for the day’s work. She cared a lot about people. She was a humanist who saw the world as her large family. She was blind to color, creed, ethnicity and class. She was a role model par excellence. She died young, perhaps it was God’s way of preventing her from contamination, hence she was called to join her maker without a stain. Her daily philosophy included three times a day, say, “This is the day the Lord had made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”
Lovingly submitted by,

Mrs. Winsome Nelson, Mother

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  Martin Niederer

Date of Birth: September 26, 1977
Position: Bond Trader

Martin was in love with life! He was excited about his career, his new apartment in Hoboken, his girl Tara. He loved to talk and listen and always made people feel comfortable around him. Martin will always be remembered for his smile and loveable personality. To his family his memory invokes laughter and tears at the same time for you cannot have a memory of Martin that doesn’t cause you to grin. Many people remember him for his athletic abilities and awards. His family will always just remember him as Mart, a little bit insecure about some things, but able to brighten everyone’s day in a special way that only he could.
He loved his Mom and Dad and brother Brian, with whom he had such a warm and special friendship. Occasional weekends in Richmond or just the almost daily phone call home to his mom will never be forgotten. Nothing on earth will ever be the same without Martin. He was truly a wonderful young man whose life held such promise and who touched so many people with his special charm. God bless you Martin, you live forever in our hearts.

Charles W. Niederer, Father

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  Troy Nilsen

Date of Birth: March 2, 1968
Position: Network Engineer

October 5,2002 Troy,You are my strenght and special courage that you count on to be there,you have a thoughtful,gentle way that always says “I care.” A husband’s a forever friend that special someone who you share your fondest dreams with and love your whole life through.To the finest husbands,the dearest of men, the man I would marry all over again Happy Anniversary.I love you Baby forever Happy 5th anniversary.Love you always and forever,your loving wife Jennifer xoxoxoxoxoxox

Jennifer nilsen, Wife

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  Paul Nimbley

Date of Birth: August 15, 1959
Position: Partner

On September 11th I lost a piece of my heart. My brother Paul.

Paul was born on August 15th, 1959 & raised in Jersey City. He was the 4th of 6 children born to Michael & Jean Nimbley.

As a child, Paul was always the pleasant one. Smiling all the time. In his adult life the same was true. He had every reason to smile. It started with the birth of his 1st Daughter Jessica (13), continued on to the birth of his 2nd Daughter Michele (9) and then, with his wife Cheri, the birth of his Son, Michael on February 1st, 2001. Cheri also has two daughters (Aishah & Angel). Last but not least-Chiefy Boy. Paul lived for his children and I know on September 11th that was all he could think about. (His Family)

If you asked my Brother what his proudest moment was, he would say: Being a Dad & being there when Jessica, Michelle & Michael were brought into the world. I know he shed tears of JOY each time.

His family settled in Middletown, NJ. It was there he enjoyed coaching Jessica’s basketball teams, playing golf and going to Monmouth Racetrack. (The simplest things in life.)

He lived his life taking care of people. A role he took on too early in life when his own Dad passed away.

His winning personality enabled him to create a PRESENCE that will be missed but never forgotten.

We all Love you Paul and will never forget you. Thank you for all the wonderful memories we’ve shared. Most of all, the special times we shared on our many vacations.
I miss our little talks about life. You would always get a laugh at the way I perceived things. I wish I could hear you tell me-GIRL! YOU’RE A MESS-or hear your voice on a message you left calling me (Muffin).

Paul, your winning smile, bright eyes and heart full of LOVE will be missed forever. I know one day I’ll have the pleasure of being with you again and hearing you laugh.

Your sister & #1 Fan, Margie

Margie, Sister

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  Robert Walter Noonan

Date of Birth: April 27, 1965
Position: Coal & Emissions Account Manager

‘Send a Star Up to Daddy’

Each night before bed, Chance Noonan jams his chubby 3-year-old feet into some tight sneakers and scampers outside his home in Rowayton, Conn., to “send a star up to Daddy.”

The ceremony starts as his mother, Dana, hands him a sparkler. Picking out what he imagines is his father’s star, Chance then whizzes around his yard like a comet, shouting “Yea, Daddy.”

His father, Robert, 36, a broker for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor of 1 World Trade, never came home on Sept. 11. His wife and child have since gone through boxes of sparklers. “We haven’t missed a night yet,” said Mrs. Noonan.

The ache is everywhere. There were 15 pictures of Robbie, as they called him, on the refrigerator alone. When Chance was born, it was his father who tended him at night, charting how much formula was consumed on his watch.

When Chance grew, Mrs. Noonan slept in on Saturdays, while Mr. Noonan made the pancakes. And when Chance outgrew his sneakers this year, they put off buying a new pair because his father had wanted to help pick them out.

Mrs. Noonan lost her childhood sweetheart as well. When she first caught his eye at Greenwich High School in 1984, he had already been named Mr. May, and was pictured leaning against a goalpost in that year’s “Men of Greenwich” calendar. Girls’ schools as far away as Avon, Conn., had Robbie fan clubs.

Dana McGowan, however, won the prize, and the two made a striking bride and groom, her in immaculate white, him in full Highlands regalia.

If you would like to make a contribution to Rob’s family please mail your donations to; Charles Angus Noonan, 4 Hawthorne Street South, Greenwich, CT 06831; (203) 570-9075

Dana Noonan and Ashley Noonan, Wife and Brother

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  Brian C. Novotny

Date of Birth: December 28, 1967
Position: Derivatives Manager

Brian Novotny was a special person.   A brilliant mind for business yet a caring and compassionate person.  He was the ultimate competitor and succeeded in everything he set his mind to.  If he fell, he got up if he failed, he tried again.  He was at the top of his game when he left us extremely successful with work and very much in love with his fiancé Teresa.   He was one of eight children,  seven boys and a sister.  He was the grandson of Irish Immigrants who came to this country to provide a better life for their families.  Ironically this great picture of my brother was taken at the top of the North Tower looking out over our great countries symbol of freedom, the Statue of Liberty, the same scene his grandparents experienced 80 years prior.  He was raised with strict but basic values, honesty, integrity, religion and a focus on education.  He acceled both academically and athletically through Albertus Magnus High School and LeMoyne College, a varsity standout in Baseball, Basketball and Soccer.   He was loved at home and at work as indicated by the 2500 people who attended his remembrance and the 1000 friends and family members that came to pay tribute at his memorial mass.  The outpouring of support by neighbors, friends and family has renewed our hope in this world.  As we struggle to find anything positive from this situation we migrate to the love and support of others who helped us through this most difficult time.  We are truly grateful.  Some might say that my brother lived a lifetime in his thirty three years.  His zest for life brought him all over the world,  always eager to try new things and he always looked forward to what tomorrow might bring.   He’s been referred to as hero, a patriot, a victim, a martyr but to me he’ll always be my brother.  We’ll never forget his smile, his laugh, his jokes, or his caring touch.   We were fortunate to contact Brian on his cell phone three times before the North Tower collapsed. To the end he was calm and confident he would get out.  Each call ended with “tell Mom and Dad I love them”, “tell Teresa I love her”, “tell my brothers and sister I love them”,  “tell my nieces and nephews I love them”.  To the very end he was not thinking of himself but of those around him whom he loved.   He was my brother. Brian Christopher Novotny.  God Bless you Brian. You will never be forgotten.

none, Brother