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  Michael J. Armstrong

Position: Vice President, Electronic Trading

I’m not sure why it has taken us twenty years to submit a Cantor Fitzgerald profile for my brother Mike. We’ve probably done everything else in memory of him but this! The New York Times profiles have long been written, a beautifully moving 9/11 Museum has since been built, a memorial plaza has been constructed with great thought and care, and more specifically connected to the memory of Mike, a Foundation in his name continues to support the dreams of students in need of financial aid. Twenty years in we can say that the passage of time has not dimmed his bright spirit, nor silenced his contagious laugh. We can still hear it in our ears, telling us it’s okay. We continue to remember the mischievous gleam in his eye when he teased us, and to draw from the joy he found in such interactions. All of us were happily held captive in his revelry, and we still are. And we continue to feel blessed and inspired by the way he naturally loved and lived his life. We look back on these years with such gratitude to Mike. He has made all of us better people. Going forward, we will strive to walk down noble―and sometimes untrodden―paths in his memory, to breathe for him, to play for him, to continue to search for good deeds in his name. In doing these things, we continue to truly know Mike and ensure that his goodness is known to others.

Marian Armstrong, Sister

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  Alok Agarwal

Date of Birth: May 3, 1965

He was a man of principles and was so helpful to others that the God needed his help, too. It is hard to believe that disaster, which has ruined the life of thousands, was the act of human beings.

Shafali Agarwal, Wife

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  Andrew Alameno

Date of Birth: January 12, 1964
Department: Securities Lending
Position: Partner/Repo Sales

Andy was one of the good guys. The really good guys. He grew up in Wildwood Crest, New Jersey, and never left the beach too far behind. He was a lifeguard who loved Elvis, a scratch golfer, a natural athlete who scored home runs when the desk played softball. He was a devoted son and a loving brother, brother-in law and crazy “Uncle Andy” to thirteen nieces and nephews. He was always loyal to his Philadelphia Eagles no matter how long he lived in New York Giants land. Andy was, simply, a great friend.

He was completely comfortable in his own skin. A lot of people move to New York City and reinvent themselves. Andy liked who he was and never tried to be something he wasn’t. And it worked – everyone loved Andy.

We had a wonderful life. Andy was a family man. He probably should have entertained more after work, but he wanted to come home to be with us. Imagine Andy on his bike, with our son Joe on the back, me with our daughter Nina, chasing down the ice cream man through the streets of Westfield. Think of Andy driving his beloved Miata with those ever-present sunglasses and baseball cap on, Joe in the booster seat next to him, sunglasses and baseball cap on, just like daddy. This summer he was teaching Joe how to play golf and was so proud of his little boy’s swing. He would take Nina for long walks with her doll stroller and invariably end up carrying Nina and the stroller all the way home. He adored us and we adored him. He was never happier.

How do you sum up a life? It’s far too early and far too sad. Andy lives on in his children, in my heart, and in the wonderful memories we all have of a really, really good guy.

If you knew Andy, please share your thoughts and memories here. It would be a gift to all of us. Thank you.

Sally Cohen-Alameno, Wife

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  Chris Edward Allingham

Date of Birth: October 6, 1964
Position: Municipal Bond broker

Christopher Edward Allingham was only 36 years old, but he had already spent half of his life working on Wall St. After graduating St John Vianney H.S. in Holmdel N.J., Chris went on to St. Peter’s College in Jersey City, NJ. After class, Chris would take the PATH to the World Trade Center and walk down to Broadway where he sold the N.Y. Post everyday regardless of the weather. His work ethic and glowing personality caught the eye of a regular customer who offered Chris his first job brokering Municipal Bonds.
Chris was the most positive, easy going, non-judgmental and genuinely happy person that I have ever encountered in my life. He never had a bad word to say about anyone and he would give you the shirt off of his back in a heartbeat. He was passionate about the Giants, loved his work, but most of all he loved his wife Donna and his two boys, Christopher and Kyle.
I was fortunate enough to spend Saturday, September 8 with Chris at my brother Bill’s house. We spent our day in typical Chris Allingham style: drinking Buds, barbequing and playing with all of the kids. I will cherish that day for the rest of my life.
If we all could live by his way, the world would truly be a better place. Live each day as if it’s your last. Always be happy no matter the hand that you are dealt. Spend the time most with those who you love. Don’t pass judgment without first looking at yourself.
I can only hope that I can be half of the man that you were, and live the rest of my life the way that you lived yours. I never got a chance to thank you for being such a good friend and brother so I keep wishing for 5 more minutes with you. I miss you terribly and will think of you everyday until we meet again.
I love you,

Your brother JJ Allingham

JJ Allingham, Brother

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  Laura Angilletta

Date of Birth: August 11, 1978
Position: P & S Clerk

When Maria got a phone call from her brother, Albert on September 11, he told her to turn on the television, that the World Trade Center had been hit by a plane.

Maria started screaming and then she started calling every number on the 101st floor where her sister, Laura worked for the Operations Department.

She knew all those numbers because she was on maternity leave from the same company where she worked for 10 years. She sat right behind her sister, who was 23 and just joined the company in April as a Purchase and Sales clerk in the Corporate Bonds division of Operations.

Albert immediately drove down to the towers to look for his sister Laura, but soon realized after exiting the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel on a motorcycle, which was the quickest way into the city, things looked really bad. Even being a New York City Police Officer there was nothing he could do to bring his sister safely home.

Carmine, Laura’s father, also went to the World Trade Center that morning to find his daughter. As he came from the train station, people were running into the nearest building for safety where everyone had been locked in until there was somewhat of a calmness. It was as if the world came to an end; for Carmine and his family – it did.

Laura was so happy to get the job at Cantor. She graduated from the College of Staten Island in December with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. Her graduation ceremony was in June. Laura did not attend because she was new at her job and did not want to take time from it. She loved her work. She wanted to get her foot in the door and work her way up.

Visiting her nephew, John Gerard, was something she did every night. Laura would go to Maria’s house. She would lay on the bed with her newborn nephew for hours and just watch him. She was so fond of him. She was so excited when Maria and her husband John asked her to be the Godmother to John Gerard. We know her life is not here but her spirit lives on.

Laura was very affectionate, sweet and so kind-hearted.

“She was a beautiful girl who always had a smile on her face,” said her mother, Dorotea.

The Cantor Fitzgerald job was not her first. When she was 15, she approached John Mattera of Arrochar Pharmacy for a job. It was unusual to hire someone that young, but he knew her from the neighborhood. In the seven years Laura had worked at the pharmacy as a manager and technician. She took responsibility as if it was her own store. She made good friends with all the employees and customers. The customers are devastated. She was always smiling and pleasant and she was always laughing.

Laura enjoyed shopping, dancing, being with her friends and most of all spending time with her family.

Laura was charismatic, vivacious and always happy with a beautiful smile and a gleam in her eyes. That is what we will always miss but never forget…”our angel”…LAURA.

Maria, Sister

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  Lorraine Antigua

Date of Birth: September 27, 1968
Position: Bond Trader

I met Lorraine when she was just a kid working in the coop program at First Boston, She worked in the same department as my husband Billy. The two of them became friends almost instantly. I worked for a different company in the same building at 5 WTC, and would have lunch with them whenever possible. Lorraine was one of the sweetest people I ever met. I always enjoyed going out to lunch with her whether it be that cheap little Chinese place or to butlers for sandwiches or even just to the first Boston cafeteria. Our friendship continued through the years that she worked for First Boston. We have so many fond memories of her, I can remember dancing with her, Joe Turk and Joanne at my wedding, and going to her house to see Caitlin when she was born. Unfortunately, we let so much time pass thinking we can call tomorrow, saying on so many occasions while we talked of our memories of Lorraine and other’s we missed from First Boston that we would get in touch soon. Now sitting here writing a tribute to Lorraine we have to sad realization that there are no more tomorrow’s to call and say lets get together. I would like to extend my deepest sympathy to her family. Her Mom and Dad, Arron and Caitlin and her Fiance. Please know our thoughts and prayers are with you all in this difficult and painful time. Lorraine you will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Diane DiLiberto, Friend

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  Peter Paul Apollo

Date of Birth: September 23, 1974
Position: Equities Trader

Peter was having the time of his life. Peter was about to start a new life: he was soon to be relocating to Cantor’s Shrewsbury office, he was engaged to be married to Debbie Johnson on November 16, and he was talking about buying a home in Monmouth County, NJ. Peter loved fishing, golf, football, skiing, horses, cooking, and summers down the shore. He was always on the go-every weekend he had people to see and things to do. His father always said to him “peter, don’t you ever relax”. That was the person he was, always living life to its fullest. Peter was a very optimistic person-always positive and solving any issues that arised. He love to read “self help” books. He was a strong believer in not letting little things bother him. In his 26 years of life, Peter set goals and achieved them: college graduate of University of South Carolina, promising career as an Equities Trader, family values, love of life, multiple hobbies and sporting interests, and many friends. His family and friends will miss his warm smile, happiness, and determination in life. Peter will always remain in our hearts forever. He will always be our hero. His family found a poem that Peter had in a college scrapbook:
I Can Do It!
If you think you are beaten, you are,
If you think you dare not, you don’t.
If you like to win, but you think you can’t,
It’s almost certain you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, your lost,
For out in the world we find,
Success begins with a fellow’s will-
It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you are outclassed, you are.
You’ve got to think high to rise.
You’ve got to be sure of yourself before
You can ever win a prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go
To the stronger or faster man,
But sooner or later the one who wins

Parents- Peter and Cecile Apollo, Sister, The Apollo Family

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  Frank Thomas “F.T.” Aquilino

Date of Birth: October 16, 1974

Following is the eulogy read by F.T.’s sisters, Tara and Jill, at his Memorial Service:

The other day I happened upon a journal that our brother began keeping in 1997. It is a record of the many ideas that were constantly swimming in FT’s head. Throughout his 26 and 11/12th years F was very inventive and ahead of his time. We would like to share with you his very first entry as it captures the essence of who he strived to be. It reads as follows:
“These are ideas, inventions, and thoughts that I have and live everyday. My goal is to become the most successful person, first and always with my family and secondly financially.”
In a little under 27 years FT had already accomplished what we all hope to achieve in a lifetime. FT has had more adventures and experiences then most of us will ever encounter. He has also managed to maintain numerous close and wonderful friendships. All of these guys and their wives and girlfriends have been by our side these past two weeks – holding our hands, hugging us, and making us laugh with memories of FT. Each of you are mirrors of FT. We love that when we look at you we see our brother in your eyes.
FT has managed to keep long-term brotherly friendships from when he was a young boy with guys like Scunge and Palumbo, who could sit here and tell you a lifetime worth of laughter and fun. He has also been an amazing, influential, and inspirational brother who we both have always looked up to. He paved the road for his little sister by helping to extend her curfew night after night while pushing his older sister to do things she wouldn’t normally do, like encouraging her to slide down the basement steps on a toboggan.
Beyond his family and friends, FT rapidly excelled in his career at Cantor Fitzgerald. As Mike LaRocca, or Roc as F liked to call him, will tell you, this young rising star walked through the halls at the Trade Center and received the utmost respect from everyone in the firm. You always felt you could do anything with FT by your side. Everyone felt confident being with FT. You knew you could get out of any sticky situation with him. As all his friends can tell you, FT was the only one who somehow always managed to come out on top.
Our brother was never afraid to try or do anything. Never lazy, he constantly kept himself busy – a talent he inherited from Poppy. Our brother was family carpenter, electrician, plumber, maintenance-man, closet organizer, interior decorator, and most memorably the one who told the best stories at family dinners. No matter what our brother did, he always tried to make a positive difference.
FT’s creative juices were constantly flowing. He could be making a million-dollar deal at work, planning a night out with friends and still find time on the side to develop his online gambling website This was his most passionate entrepreneurial endeavor. He was going to see this to completion and of course, like everything else in his life, it would be a huge success because nothing FT did was on a small scale.
Not only did FT do things big, but he also did them fast, smart, and with precision. Our brother loved to live life in the fast lane and to be where ever the action was. He received more speeding tickets than most of us in this room combined but thanks to his connection with the police department, and good friend Lenny, he also managed to argue his way out of many. You could never argue with FT and win. He would argue his point until either he was blue in the face or you would just give in out of exhaustion. FT could convince you the sky was green.
In addition to speeding, FT unfortunately wrecked more family cars then our father cares to remember. It began with the Toyota Camry, or as F liked to call, the V6. Then went Tara’s Subaru followed by the lovely Beretta with the attached PA system that he used for harassing nearby pedestrians and toll operators. Last but not least, in FT’s final hour he managed to take our mother’s brand new 2002 Acura TL down with him. While we would gladly trade in every car in the world to have our brother back, this is all a part of who FT was and how we remember his incredible spirit.
FT loved surrounding himself with the best of everything, from great friends and amazing family to stylish clothes and trendy clubs. I wish I could have lived just one day of FT’s life. When in his company you knew you would be in for a fun ride, whether at the local bar or in the hottest restaurant.
When we think of FT our eyes fill with tears but our heart fills with a smile. We all feel a tremendous void that can never be filled because FT is irreplaceable and unforgettable. It seems as though he was taken from us too young but he truly lived a lifetime. FT left his mark with each of us and it is important that we always reflect upon his spirit. It seems senseless that he had to leave us in such a tragic way. But as those who knew him say, FT would only go out with a big bang. It took both towers of the World Trade Center crumbling to take our brother down. We have to accept and try to find comfort in the fact that for some reason unknown to us, God needs our brother in heaven. In those painful moments when we feel completely overwhelmed with grief, we find solace knowing that our brother is now an angel watching over us. We will use all the love in our hearts to make sure that the spirit of our brother lives on.

Tara Aquilino, Sister

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  Joshua Todd Aron

Date of Birth: June 29, 1972
Position: Equities Trader

I lost my beloved son, Josh, September 11, 2001 in the World Trade Center horror. Josh was 29 years young, an equity trader at Cantor Fitzgerald on the 104th floor of Tower one. A son who did us all proud; who reached for the stars and caught a few. Though sensitive, intense, brilliant, successful and handsome, you were at your best loving & being loved. Joshua prepared for his whole life what he was just beginning to taste – the pleasure of success which flows from focused persistent hard work.

6-29-72 Josh announced his arrival into this life with a bang – that bang was his unique logo for life: to enjoy to the fullest, to aspire to experience the best in all of life’s possibilities. You gobbled life & made it look so enticing.

At 7 years of age he asked me to teach him how to read financial tables in the Wall Street Journal & to explain the work & where it was done. We made some joint investments – then & there he said that would be his career.

Josh gave us all a unique & genuine truth, loyalty & an intensely delicious way of inviting us into his favorite experiences & activities. Josh, I so miss your teasing me & your delight in my biting the hook you dangled. You have been a most caring & loving son. There are so many cute & amazing Josh stories in my mind, but there is not space here.

Every time I pass that last sushi restaurant you took us too, I feel your absence. This is not the order of things my son. I miss you in every breath I take, in every morning, every rising & setting sun, everything I discover that I would have shared with you. So many times in a day I think to pick up the phone to call you for your excellent advice.

You are our son, grandson, husband, brother, uncle, friend & colleague. We celebrate your life, who you are & what you stand for. For me, who brought you into this world, you will always be my compass, but my direction will never have the same clarity without you.

There will always be marzipan, marbles, caviar, chocolate milk & all the best of everything for you at my table & in my heart. Be at peace, know you are so loved & so missed.

“In dreams we do so many things
We set aside the rules we know
And fly above the world so high
In great and shining rings
If only we could always live in dreams
If only we could make of life what in dreams
It seems
But in the real world
We must say real goodbyes
No matter if the love will live
Will never die
In the real world
There are things that we can’t change
And endings come to us we can’t rearrange

If only we could always live in dreams
If only we could make of life what in dreams
It seems
But in the real world

-Roy Orbison

Ruth Aron, Mother

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  Andrew & Vincent Abate

Position: Bond Traders

Vincent was born on May 23, 1961 and Andrew was born three years
later on September 6, 1964. It seems that the boys were not just brothers but good friends right from the start.
As bright little boys they attended St. Francis Cabrini School, where they acquired the early academic skills that were so necessary toward their continuing education. In addition, they developed religious values, which they carried with them throughout their lives.
They then went on to Poly Prep Country Day School, which was probably the most enjoyable part of their education. They participated in their respective sports and grew into lively teenagers who were furthering their educations, preparing for the future, and doing it all with enormous amount of pleasure and pride. They considered the years they spent at Poly Prep as part of the most memorable times of their lives.
After Poly, Vincent went on to Ithaca College and Andrew went to C.W. Post where he met Carolyn. From that moment on, Andrew had a future wife and Vincent had a sister. Naturally, when Andrew and Carolyn were married, they chose Vincent to serve as best man at their wedding.
When Vincent’s job took him to London, Andrew and Carolyn vacationed there and all three shopped at Harrods Department Store for memorable Christmas ornaments for the family Christmas tree which they decorated together at Andrew and Carolyn’s home in Melville, Long Island.
On summer weekends, Andrew and Carolyn often drove to Vincent’s rented summerhouse on the Jersey Shore where they enjoyed the sun, the ocean breeze, some good fishing and most of all just being together. They treasured their weekends at the shore.
Everyone referred to Vincent and Andrew as Best Friends, Brothers at Work and Play. That’s why it was no surprise that on the morning of September 11, 2001, when the terrorist plane struck the World Trade Center, Vincent and Andrew were together, at work at Cantor Fitzgerald, on the 105th floor of Tower One.
Their lives on this earth ended that terrible day, but we will always remember
Vincent and Andrew as Bright Little Boys who grew into Lively Teenagers and emerged as Intelligent, Successful Bond Traders who were highly respected in their field.
They possessed wonderful family values and throughout their lives treated each and every person with whom they connected with kindness, courtesy and respect.
…They will be sorely missed.

Dear Vincent and Andrew… You were the joy of my life…

The years I spent helping you both grow into responsible adults were the most fulfilling of my life.
You grew into loving sons, devoted to each other and me. Carolyn completed our world by marrying Andrew and capturing all our hearts.
Your love and respect for family and friends was evident each and every day of our lives.
You shared a wonderful friendship with Michael Uliano, and when he married Linda she fit lovingly into our family portrait.
I know that you are both in heaven with Michael and that each of you is surrounding us with your love and protection.
You left me with wonderful memories… But you left me much too soon. I needed more time with you.
So, My Darling Sons… Until we meet again, I know you will be watching over me, as I once watched over you.

I Love You Always… Mommy

Elaine Abate, Mother