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  Richard Cudina

Date of Birth: August 26, 1955
Position: Broker, Cantor Fitzgerald

“Live as if you were expected to live 100 years but might die tomorrow.”

After completing his college career at Kean University in 1978, Richard Cudina was not quite ready for a quiet desk job. An avid skier, he followed his passion to various mountain resorts throughout the United States and Europe and bartered his labor in exchange for the privilege of skiing pristine slopes like those of St. Moritz. Though hip-replacement operations rendered him unable to continue such pursuits, Cudina’s work-for-ski scheme was far from his last recreational escapade.

A member of the Sigma Beta Tau fraternity during his days on campus, Cudina earned a bachelor of the arts degree in recreation administration from Kean in 1978. The following year, he began work as an assistant cruise director for Bramson Entertainment Agency Home Lines, spending much of the next few years in Bermuda and the Caribbean Islands.

Before long, Cudina was ready to take on Wall Street, spending several years as a broker in Eurodollars at Lesser Marshall, Inc. and brokering foreign exchange and emerging markets for Chapdelaine Corp. He also managed the emerging fixed income desk for Garban Corp. for eight years before moving on to develop an emerging market desk at Cantor Fitzgerald in 2000. His remarkable progress was abruptly halted when the 46-year-old Cudina perished in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.

During his years on Wall Street, Cudina obtained a commercial helicopter license and often treated friends and family to aerial tours over New York and New Jersey. He also married his longtime friend, Georgia Sedelmeyer, in July 1996, a year before the couple moved from Secaucus to the more rural Glen Gardner, N.J.

Though Cudina developed a reputation as a determined risk-taker, he never lost his soft edge. “Throughout his life, Richie faced many great challenges, and, without fail, he accepted and overcame them all,” said Georgia. “He was a friendly, witty and gracious person with an infectiously happy philosophy toward life and was a loyal and steadfast friend to anyone who took the time to know him.”

After his hip-replacements, Cudina cultivated a passion for golf. Consistently scoring in the mid-80s, he sank his first hole-in-one on January 21, 2001 in St. Lucia and had planned a golf outing in Ocean City, MD for the weekend of September 15.

Both at work and at play, Cudina maintained a consistent desire for fun. “He was the life of the party,” his brother Christopher Cudina said. “When he made an entrance, he made Hollywood stunt people look kind of mundane. He had that swagger. The car would stop short, and he would pop out with a cigar.”

Georgia also recounted the thoughts of one of Cudina’s friends and clients. “He was fun to be with, animated and full of insights into life, and he was a gift to all who knew him.” Cudina had family in England, Ireland and Australia, and maintained friendships throughout South America, New Zealand and Europe. To Georgia, he was remarkable in his ability to stay in touch with them all. “To his family, he was the love connection,” she explained, “His caring and kindness knew no bounds. Richie always made sure they were taken care of and that they knew they were loved. He was a very special person to all who had the privilege of knowing him.”

Christopher Cudina said his brother confided in him several months ago what he would like to happen if he should pass on. “He said, ‘I want people to wear Hawaiian shirts, smoke cigars, drink margaritas, and it’s all on me.'” Christopher recalled. “Kind of morbid, I know, but that was my brother.”

Richard’s family,

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  Brian Thomas Cummins

Date of Birth: January 6, 1963
Position: Equity Market Maker, Partner

Brian Cummins was born on January 6th, 1963 in Somerville, New Jersey, the fourth son of 6 boys. We grew up in Belle Mead, New Jersey, a small town outside of Princeton, New Jersey. We had a remarkably close family and as brothers we still remain the closest friends, speaking with each other every day and seeing each other almost weekly- Brian was truly a
unique individual- everyone who met him was impacted by him. You knew when you met him that he was not the average guy on the street. From the time he was little, he showed a remarkable talent in school and in the way he absorbed everything around him. He was a natural math whiz. He won state math awards starting in 5th grade. He had sharp, quick, alert eyes that took you in with every conversation-He could immediately grasp situations for what they were. He had fun. He went on to college at the University of Colorado, then on to Rutgers for his MBA. He surfed, he loved skiing, and he loved going out. He always showed up to work early or on time though. He worked harder than most people ever will and earned every success the hard way. He was committed to whatever he got involved in. After college and during grad school- he started a highly successful waterfront seafood restaurant which he gave up after his MBA was earned to go on to start as an assistant for DLJ. He worked on the floor of the NYSE before moving on to Cantor Fitzgerald in 1993-where he survived the first terrorist attack. He started as an assistant trader and earned his way up the ladder, becoming an Equity Market Maker and Partner at the firm. His colleagues and bosses would all probably say the same thing about Brian- he was driven to succeed. I believe he enjoyed the process of accomplishing and shunned the idea of his own success and replaced it with the desire to do better. He was one of the sharpest guys I’ve ever met. He prodded and pushed you to do well and was the first to help you out the second you needed it. He was generous. He did a lot of good deeds and kind favors we’re only just learning about now. He was my big brother. Some people might say he burnt the candle at both ends-and we’re glad he did. He was a Roman Catholic and believed in God. He worked on the 104th floor of World Trade Center #1. Firemen recovered his body on October 30th and he was buried at Madonna Cemetery in Fort Lee, New Jersey on Saturday November 3rd, 2001 next to his brother Patrick. He is survived by his parents: Martin & Maureen Cummins of Manasquan, NJ, His 4 brothers and their wives: Martin & Karen Cummins, Michael and Catherine Cummins, John & Kathleen Cummins, and Brendan & Kathleen Cummins as well as 9 nephews and nieces. In lieu of flowers, Checks can be sent to SunlightKids-Brian Cummins Memorial Scholarship for the Blind, P.O. Box 75, Old Greenwich, CT 06870.

Brendan Cummins, Brother

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  Beverly Curry

Date of Birth: June 24, 1960
Department: Telecommunications
Position: Operations Manager

Beverly Curry is my aunt and i miss her very much, she was a great aunt to me and my sister Leah. She would take us shopping in New jersey with my uncle Fred. She was a very nice person with a great heart. We all miss you aunt bev.

Love your nephew
David Orellanes

David Orellanes, Nephew

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  Jason Cayne

Date of Birth: November 11, 1968
Department: Municipal Bonds
Position: Partner / Broker

“A piece of us has been taken away:
A piece that glowed with the warmth of friendship.
A piece that brought beauty into this world.
A piece that was our kindred spirit.
A piece that will live on forever in our memories.”

Blessed with boundless charisma, Jake was the kind of guy that everyone wanted as his best friend. Whether you were snow or water skiing, weight training at the gym, or just hanging around the house, you were having a great time with Jake. The place wasn’t important, just the time being spent together.

Blessed with the love of a beautiful, adoring woman and three precious daughters, Jake was the consummate family man. Since he and wife Gina first met in their teens, they were inseparable. Jake and Gina became names that seemed to just fit together…to belong together. They shared life’s joys and challenges throughout high school, college, marriage, and eventually, parenthood.

Blessed with three precious daughters, Jake was never happier than when spending time with his daughters. Each a fitting reflection of their parents’ love, Suzann, Marissa and Raquel had a daddy who enjoyed nothing more than spending time with them, whether it was out to breakfast on Sundays or cheering at soccer games. Jake’s girls can rest assured that he’s not missing one second of their lives. He’s just watching it all from a different angle.

We are all blessed to have known him.

Todd Hirsch, Friend

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  Delrose Cheatham

Date of Birth: September 15, 1952
Position: Accountant

Delrose’s best quality was that she was a giving person; not only did she give of herself, but she gave of herself unselfishly, abundantly, without hesitation or concern of what it was taking out of her or costing her. She took care of everyone; she was everyone’s mother. So, it could be said that, in a way, she had many children, although, technically, those “children” included her parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins, in-laws and many friends. To me, she wasn’t just my wife, but my best friend, my lover, my mentor and my heroine. She will be missed for her beauty, her wisdom, her love of Jehovah, of people and of life, and I will always love her.

Bob Cheatham, Husband

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  Stephen Cherry

Date of Birth: September 25, 1959
Department: Institutional Equity Trading
Position: Partner

)u>As a father)/u>- you couldn’t find a prouder one. Very dedicated to his four sons. Loved being on the golf course with Jeremy, Peter and Brett while Colton, the one-year-old, waited anxiously at home for them all to return. His dream for them was to be good, fair men. “Always do the right thing.” “Treat others the way you would want to be treated.”
)u>As a friend)/u>- they didn’t come any finer. Many aspired to be more like him. He took his friendships very seriously and truly loved his buddies. I know how much they truly miss him.
)u>As a husband)/u>- I couldn’t have dreamed or wished for a more perfect man. Incredibly loving, caring, romantic and appreciative of me for coming into his life. On November 7th, I will be wishing my best friend, partner and true love, who is now also my heroic angel looking over me, a “Happy Anniversary”. Stephen, as we always said, “I love you more today than yesterday.”

Maryellen Cherry, Wife

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  Nestor Chevalier

Date of Birth: August 23, 1971
Department: Securities

My dear beloved brother how I miss you so much.  Your family misses you and
will keep your memory alive within are hearts.  The promise I made to you
will be kept.  My son will have 100% of my love and support.  Julito I’m
trying to move on, but the relationship we share was not like all sibling
relationships, we are so tight, even inseperable.  Until we are united again
watch over are family with the type of love and care that only you can give.

I love you Nest and I miss you.

Maurice, Brother

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  Abul Chowdhury

Date of Birth: February 1, 1971
Position: Network Associate

Abul K Chowdhury came to this earth with the rising son on 1st February, 1971 with the golden spoon in his mouth. That was revealed by his mother Farida Chodhury as she opined that amongst her six Children (two sons and four daughters) her this No. 4 son Abul’s birth did not give any kind of problem/complication being extremely pleasant. Excellent result after completion of schooling, he did remarkable score in the TOEFL which paved his way to get admission in any American Educational Institution. He started Computer Science in Staten Island College, New York which enabled him to join the REUTERS as Analyst. Later his intelligentia and perseverance rose him to better standard in his profession and joined the CANTOR FITZGERALD/ESPEED, Inc. in early 1996 where he continued upto the fatal 9am of September 11, 01 at 103rd floor of ONE WORLD TRADE CENTER as Network Associate. He had deep love for parents, brothers, sisters, brother-in-laws, nieces and nephew. Not only he was too much lovely to them in behavior but he spent for them more than he earned. He complimented every wish of his parents and other members of his family. His whole life time used to keep him fully thoughtful as to how to solve the problems of his family. His limitless contributions of all kinds to each and everyone in his family left all owed to him. He was extremely intelligent, loyal to family, laws of the land/country, to work. Simple, amiable, trustworthy, faithful, ambitious, adventurous, shy, loving personality, punctual, disciplined, praiseworthy boy of 30 years left we all and his loveliest Fiancé’ in the ocean of sorrows to mourn his martyrdom unto our departure from this Earth. May God Bless all the souls of September 11, 01 including our beloved “ABUL”, May God Bless American Govt., May God Bless America from all unforeseen incidents. May God also strengthen the hands of the American Govt to destroy the Terrorists/Conspirators/
Enemies of Humanity in whatever shape or form in any corner of the lovely world so that such heinous occurrence like that of WTC may not take place again.

AKM Chowdhury, Father

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  Pamela Chu

Date of Birth: February 2, 1970
Department: Portfolio Trading Group
Position: Vice President

Pamela was the beloved daughter of Kenneth and Gloria Chu, devoted sister of Steven and Miriam Chu, loving aunt and niece of Jenny and Jay Sohn and faithful friend of Christiana Yu, Edwin Chan and Eileen Chang. Pamela was beautiful, intelligent, modest, full of life, aggressive and honest. Pamela has the personality that anyone could love. There are just not enough words to describe what a special person she was. Pamela was certainly one of a kind.
Pamela came to the United States from Korea when she was two years old. After graduating from college, she went to work for Cantor Fitzgerald. She worked there for almost ten years, becoming Vice President in the Portfolio Trading Group. Pamela was always punctual for work and an extremely dedicated employee.
Pamela enjoyed traveling and cooking. Every year for Thanksgiving, Pamela made the turkey and all the trimmings for the entire family. She was a really good cook. Her aunt and uncle did not particularly like turkey, but once they tried the exceptional turkey Pamela made, their minds changed forever. It will never be the same without Pamela celebrating the holidays.
Pamela’s family and friends grievously mourn her death. She will forever be missed and loved by all of us. Pamela lives in each and every one of our hearts. We miss her and love her so much!!!

Kenneth and Gloria Chu, Parents

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  Nestor A Cintron

Date of Birth: November 2, 1974
Department: FX Options
Position: Broker

Nestor always thought of others before himself. He was unselfish, caring, loving and so optimistic of life. His mild mannered ways won the hearts of many whose lives he touched (and he touched many). His love of life was an inspiration to all who had the privilege of knowing him. He listened intently when you spoke to him and always offered his shoulder to cry on if you needed it. He had so much wisdom so early in his life that I wonder where he acquired it. He was the real thing! Besides the genuine love he had for his family and friends, he had a passion for reading. He taught me about unconditional love.

Nestor, you saved my life on that horrible day when you beeped me not to enter the building. If only I could give you life one more time, I’d do it in a heartbeat by trading places with you. You made it so easy caring for you and I am so proud of the man that you became. I know that it’s unfair that you were taken from us especially because we had so much more that we could have learned from you. I can feel you
standing beside me like my Guardian Angel and my only consolation is that you are in a better place. You are my hero and will always be forever in my heart. Rest in peace my sweet Angel.

Alicia Leguillow, Mother and co-worker