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  Michael A Uliano

Date of Birth: September 2, 1959
Position: Options Broker

Michael Uliano was my beloved husband and best friend. He was the best “daddy” to our cat Crevice. He adored him and Crevice felt the same about him. It was easy to love Michael. He was a kind and caring man and a good friend. He worked with his best friend Vinny Abate (they had a very special bond), so it was fitting that they died together, along with Vinny’s brother Andrew. Michael loved the outdoors and respected the environment. He enjoyed hunting (bow and arrow), and had a deep passion for fly-fishing, so much that he designed beautiful fly-fishing lures which he wanted to market. He has a website,, where you will learn more about my amazing husband and his dream. Michael was so intelligent, so passionate, so funny (a born entertainer), so special. I love Michael Uliano and I’d like you to love him, he is my hero.

Linda Buffa, Wife

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  Jonathan Uman

Date of Birth: February 4, 1968
Department: Corporate Development
Position: Managing Director

Not often angry and very seldom sad Jonathan was the true glass is half full optimist. With his crazy head of hair and eternal gleam in his eye he enveloped you in warmth and made you feel really special. Johnny was able to change gears so easily from work to home life and back again. Nothing pleased him more than being with people he loved, a good drop of red, a thick grilled steak with Luger’s sauce, great music in the background and a late night stogie. Alex and Anna his two special babies meant the world to him. He cried when they both entered the world and tended to them whenever he was home. He loved to bathe, diaper and play with them. He shared many of their firsts and delighted in their existence. Never once did he take their lives for granted. They are a true blessing and he understood that. He loved Shakespeare, playing in his band, Sunday hoops with his buddies, a good game of poker, a trip to Vegas. He loved his job and the exciting opportunities it offered him. He loved life. So accomplished at only 33. We are so proud of him. Sundays with Jonathan were always special. The day started with a killer plate of scrambled eggs, music blaring through the house, the Times scattered everywhere. He would laugh while trying to read the paper, listening to Alex chatter and Anna scream with colic. Life is good he would say. How good it was.
We love you Jonathan, we miss you every minute of the day and we are so sorry that this awful, awful thing happened to you.
Love and kisses, your little family,

Julie, Alexander Thomas and Anna Isabelle, Team Uman

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  Allen Upton

Date of Birth: June 6, 1957
Department: Corporate Bonds
Position: First Vice President

As Allen’s sister-in-law, I was asked to write something about him for this Memorial site. Allen was the central person to our whole family. He played an important role in keeping our family together. Allen loved to travel and did so often. We were all very proud of Allen and how he reached the goals he had set for himself.

Allen was one of the most generous, caring and funny people we have ever had the pleasure to know. He was not only generous with the special gifts, but he was generous with his time. Allen was always very busy because he was a part of many lives, but he always found time to spend with each and every friend and family member. Allen made every person feel special and always had time for sporting events, birthdays, holidays or even those quick phone calls “just to check in.” At his Memorial Service, everyone seemed surprised that they were not the only special people in Allen’s life. That was very comforting for the family because we already knew how special Allen was. It wasn’t often that Allen would express his feelings verbally, but we all knew how much he cared for us and for everyone else he knew. He was an extremely special human being and we feel honored that he was a part of our lives.

He was also a very humorous person. We will all miss his wonderful sense of humor and his way of making light of stressful situations. Whenever any one of us was having a bad day, we could always count on Allen to make us feel better. Allen was always there when we needed him and even when we didn’t think we did. He always knew the right thing to say and how to make every situation pleasant.

He will truly be missed by many people, but mostly by his family. Allen was a very important part of our lives and will forever be remembered for his special qualities. We will be sure to teach his nieces and nephews about how special he was and how he lost his life to make this world a better place for them.

Theresa Upton, Sister-in-Law