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  Stephen Jeffrey Cangialosi

Date of Birth: August 15, 1961
Position: Municipal Bond Broker


A couple of days ago I realized that a hero doesn’t have to be a baseball player, soccer player, actor, or a movie star. A hero can be somebody who is sitting right next to you. This person could be your hero because they love you or did something nice for you or even for just being your friend. I wrote something about my hero and I would like to share it with you:

My hero is my Dad, Stephen Jeffrey Cangialosi. He is very special to me because he spent lots of time with me and loved me very much. Before I went to sleep every night he would say, “I Love You.” He always did things with me like checking my homework, playing catch, and having snowball fights in the winter. I will remember him when I play baseball, tennis and swim. I will put up lots of pictures of him to remember him. My dad is an American Hero!

Jeffrey Cangialosi, Son

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  John A Candela

Date of Birth: February 23, 1959
Department: NASDAQ Over the Counter Institutional Stock Trader
Position: Senior Trader

John is my hero, my lover, my best friend. He has shown me not just how to love, but how to love intensely. He has taught me how to be happy for others and how to say, I’m sorry when I’m wrong. He is a man of integrity, very generous of heart and a loving father and husband. He has shown me what the word “family” means, as he has always put us first. I am so proud to be his wife and the mom of our two beautiful children. I look forward to our eternity together where I know we’ll continue to be as one in God’s love.

Elizabeth A. Candela, Wife

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  Gene “Gino” Calvi

Date of Birth: July 27, 1967
Position: Bond Trader

Gino’s memory and the impact he had on so many that loved him will remain forever. Gino will be remembered most for his honesty and patience with others. He was always willing to help others whether it was financial advice, help around the house, or fixing a problem with a car. He also had this insatiable quest for knowledge and continued learning. There wasn’t much he didn’t know, couldn’t do, or wouldn’t learn. Gino’s curiosity was such that when he wanted to know about something, he would have to know everything about it and always succeeded with perfection. Gino was a man of many interests who was unable to sit still. He loved skiing, running, biking, traveling. Like everything in his life, he took great pride in all that he did. He is described by his family and friends as an accomplished man. Gino is and always will be considered a special friend, a devoted family member, and loving husband. He leaves behind many who love him dearly and we will always cherish his time with us here on earth. We know that we will all be together one day, until then our friend, you will always remain in our hearts.

Christine Calvi, Wife

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  Thomas Cahill

Date of Birth: September 14, 1964
Department: Governments Zero Desk
Position: Trader/ Government Bond Broker

On behalf of our family, I thank you for attending this remembrance of our friend and brother Tom Cahill. It gives our family great strength.
Tommy loved life completely and lived it intensely. I am proud to be his brother. I am proud to stand before you and describe his life.
My brother and I are 17 months apart. He was the “younger brother,” he just didn’t know it! He never failed to keep up. He anxiously met every challenge. Some would call him fearless. Some would even say a daredevil.
I learned early in life that Tommy was my ever-present ally. A local bully was brought before us by his mother so we could strike him back. Before I could act, Tommy set after him in my defense. The child retreated in fear. Tommy was 3-1/2 years old. That is quite a beginning.
Tommy was educated in our local schools. Most Blessed Sacrament and Indian Hills High School. He easily made friends. He also learned his Christian faith. We soon discovered Tommy was a gifted athlete, blessed with natural abilities. He excelled at multiple sports and the list is long: baseball, basketball, tennis, football and skiing. Later, he would develop an interest in cycling, golf and fishing. Now, golf proved to be somewhat humbling. He strived to master it. His approach was total commitment – all or nothing. Tommy was my fishing partner. Due to his many commitments he was unable to sail on every trip. I always took pleasure in calling him with the results of our catch. I can still tell him, I just don’t need a phone, he’ll always be with me.
Total commitment and motivation would serve Tommy well s he began his professional life. He entered the financial industry after graduating from Johns Hopkins University. He experienced success early in life – it did not change him. His humility would not allow it. He became known for his generosity. Tommy’s co-workers were soon added to his growing list of friends. They became his extended family. I should know, I got all their medical questions.
As he progressed forth in life, Tommy developed an uncanny ability to make people laugh and feel good about themselves. He place other’s first. His group of friends varied from the nearly homeless to a fortune 500 CEO. All were equal targets for his sharp wit.
Tommy developed a strength of character that became obvious to friends and family alike. People felt close to him. He was a wonderful brother and great son. His nieces and nephews could not stay away from him. He shared his home and pool with all.
We often sought his advice. The response was frequently humorous, but always insightful and carefully considered. He was, that rare person who could tell it to you straight without offense.
Tommy was well grounded in his Catholic faith. This he learned from our parents. He did not overly express it, but the foundation was strong. At times of sadness when a relative passed on he would often say that grief was for ourselves. Our loved ones were in heaven with God.
The world witnessed the sacrifice of our brother and many other innocent people. Our nation was able to observe the bravery and courage of our firefighters and policemen. Some gave their lives so that others may live. They are all heroes. They are soldiers of good pitted against the evil of terrorism. Their sacrifice in all likelihood will save the lives of millions.
I’ve heard it said that grief looks backward. Tom would want us to walk forward, excel in our lives and know that he is with God surrounded by grace and love. We no longer fear eternal life for we have a friend to welcome us.
God, please protect and bless our brother, Tommy Cahill.

James and Kathy Cahill, Parents

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  Scott Walter Cahill

Date of Birth: May 27, 1971
Position: Broker, Municipal Bonds

While we all try to only recollect the good the good memories of our loved ones, I am hard pressed to remember any bad times with Scott. Oh, there were times of conflict during the teenage years, but that is to be expected and is a part of developing who we are.
Scott was first and foremost a devoted son. Devoted to his mother and to his younger brother who is 21 years younger than him. His brother was very lucky. It is almost like having two fathers with that age spread. Scott’s knowledge and gentleness has helped develop his brother’s attitude and personality. That can never be replaced.
Scott came to be my best friend. We are in the same business so we had much to talk about at the end of the day over dinner. No one else in the family knew what we were talking about. Now, I have no one to talk to about the Muni market over dinner. Don’t worry, Scott, I talk to you every night anyway.
I am glad you built your brother a tree house because I could never do it.
Who will I play golf with this summer?
Who will cousin Bob share his Guinness with this summer?
Who will teach your brother how to snowboard this winter?
I will never get over the pain. I will never stop missing you; my heart is forever broken.
So many feelings, not enough words.
We will never stop loving you.
My beloved son, rest in peace.

James C. “Rick” Cahill, Father