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  Zuhtu Ibis

Date of Birth: October 23, 1975
Department: Customer Distributions

It is hard to believe Zuhtu has passed onto the next world. Despite his young age of 25, he lived a lifetime that most others don’t get to live. He married his first love and the last five years of his life had been his most treasured. He named his only child Mert because it translated from Turkish all the ideals he had hoped his son would have: strength, courage, honor, sincerity and truth.
Zuhtu fulfilled one of his ultimate dreams which was to work in NYC and he was especially proud of his workplace. He truly felt that he was on top of the world. What people don’t realize, however, was that Zuhtu was one of many Muslims whom died that terrible day. Though he wasn’t a regularly practicing Muslim, he strived to be a good husband, parent, son, and human being-all of which Islam preaches.
The world has lost one of its most loved human beings. We can’t express how deep our loss is and how much we miss him. For his wife, Leyla, whom was madly in love with her husband, and the rest of his family, their lives will never be the same. In our hearts we know his soul will greet us with open arms on the other side of God’s door when we, too, pass from this life and into the next. We love you and miss you intensely. Rest in peace until we see each other again.

His family

Leyla Uyar, Wife

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  Christopher Ingrassia

Date of Birth: April 24, 1973
Position: Trader, Equity Options

People will remember the barrel chest, the wide-shoulders, and of course, the baseball cap atop his head. His physical stature was intimidating, but ask any of the ladies who knew him and they will tell you, his dimpled smile and bright blue eyes were disarming.

Christopher Ingrassia was a big man, even beyond physique. You always knew when Chris was entering a room: not only by the eclipsing of the doorway but by the many “Ingrass!” shouts that would erupt. Chris was the guy everyone couldn’t wait to see. He made everything more fun. He had a natural way of connecting with people, and he made everyone around him feel welcome. So often laughing, joking, and smiling, he was a joy to be around.

A wide mix of Princetonians expressed their concern and support to his family, revealing the impact Chris had on people. From his football teammates, Forbes and 1901 hall mates, DEC members, fellow economics majors, to people he met on the street, he charmed everyone he encountered. He was bright, considerate, and generous. Those of us fortunate to have known him well, however, will best remember his wit and ever-present grin. He was quick with one-liners, impish practical jokes, and invented nonsensical words (Chris-speak, we called it).

He often said, “Go big or go home.” Chris did everything big, and it showed in his love for his family and friends, his love of the Giants, Yankees, and his enthusiasm for life. To go big meant having to take chances occasionally. It was one of these chances that sent him to the London offices of Cantor Fitzgerald for four years. He had returned to their WTC offices in February of 2001.

During the time he was in London, we didn’t see him as often as we liked and we all looked forward to his trips home. Now, we all look forward to the day when the memory of Chris brings joy instead of sadness. We will get together without him, but we will never forget the many wonderful times we shared with our great friend.

By Dennis O’Dowd ’95 and Ed Franowicz ’95 of Princeton University

Anthony & Gloria Ingrassia, Parents

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  Paul Innella

Date of Birth: November 11, 1967
Department: Systems
Position: Systems Analyst

Our son Paul was born in Brooklyn on Veterans Day 11/11/67. He graduated from Brooklyn Tech High School and P.S.I. Institute of Technology. He then joined the workforce of Cantor Fitzgerald. He was a great son who always tried to do his best at all times. He loved all sports especially bowling, golf and fantasy football. He will remain with us forever, no child is perfect but Paul was 99.9% perfect.
Love Mom and Dad

Paul and Shirley Innella, Parents

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  Todd Isaac

Date of Birth: July 18, 1972
Department: Mortgage Desk
Position: Partner

From the moment I met Todd, I never stopped laughing. And although initially I just thought he was just some funny Wall Street guy, Todd knew I would be his. When I finally gave in to the idea on a sunny beach in San Juan, there was a smile in my soul that I knew the whole world could see. We didn’t have a lot of time together but we did spend what little time we were given planning our lives, our future. He promised he would mow the lawn and take out the trash without being told if I promised to control the children for “Daddy’s very important quiet time” when he got home from work. Todd was a great son to his mother, a loving brother and a good friend to the many that love him dearly. And I looked forward to adding loving father and husband to that list.
He was taken from us way too soon and because of that my soul will forever be broken. It will never quite smile the same way again. It feels like a lifetime since I’ve heard the music that was his laughter and the silence is deafening.

Todd – I miss you and love you so much and I pray that you are at peace.

Sandra Perez, Girlfriend

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  Aram Iskenderian

Date of Birth: June 6, 1960
Position: Vice President, Global Risk Management

We are writing this tribute on behalf of Aram’s family, whose loss is immeasurable. All who knew Aram, husband to Sheri and Daddy to two daughters and twin little boys (for he was much more than a “father”), know that Family was paramount — his wife and his children were his raison d’être. While accomplished at work, Aram achieved what eludes many successful men: he lived his life to the fullest. He married his high school sweetheart, built a family, and participated in family life without reserve. He and Sheri had that rare true marriage of mind and heart, and their children are fortunate to have come into their lives.

Aram’s gifts were many, but his greatest was his ability to give of himself. He not only shared all parenting duties, but spent weekends sharing his knowledge and passions with his wife and children. Visitors to their home saw the evidence of his handiwork everywhere: in the quality renovation of their previous home, in the fresh vegetables and herbs in meals served to guests, in the photographs that document major events as well as life’s more humorous moments (a photo taken of the twins “watering” the vegetable patch, or another of his younger daughter dressed as a “lady” for high tea). His passions live on in his children. Alex and Jason love to garden, Kara loves the camera, and Meryl has his love of reading. All love nature. And all see the world more deeply for having had Aram teach them to see. If only he were still here to light up their lives…

Georgia and Jim Saltmar, Friends

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  John Iskyan

Date of Birth: April 11, 1960
Department: Liquidity Products Group
Position: First Vice President

John was the most loyal and dedicated man I know. Personally, John and I had just celebrated our sixteenth wedding anniversary. We were married on our college campus, Saint Michael’s College, in Winooshi, Vermont in September of 1985. John and I met the first week of my freshman year and started dating on Valentine’s Day of 1980. He was the love of my life and I his. There is no doubt in my mind that our children, Peter, 12, and Carolyn, 10, and I were the most important things in his life.
Professionally, John joined Cantor two weeks after graduating from college in 1982 and remained there for nineteen years. A rarity on Wall Street!
His loyalty and dedication was apparent in his lifelong friendships as well. Many friends made a point of telling me how true a friend John had been over the years during good times as well as bad. As quoted by Mike Anderson in his eulogy, “John was a devoted person with a strong sense of responsibility and as having held strongly to his convictions and morals when it wasn’t always easy to do so.”
John was an avid outdoorsman, a passion he shared with family and friends. He enjoyed hiking, camping, boating and most importantly skiing. He never let a day go by without rejoicing in the beauty of the world around him.

Margaret P. Iskyan, Wife