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  Everett M (‘Marty’) Proctor III

Date of Birth: September 2, 1957
Department: Accounting
Position: Equities Controller

A hard-working conscientious employee. A wonderful caring son and brother who loved his family and will be missed forever. Marty would have been a tremendous asset to Cantor Fitzgerald.

Catherine Proctor, Mother

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  Richard Poulos

Date of Birth: January 5, 1946
Department: Security
Position: Assistant Security Officer

Richard Poulos led a full life of love and laughter. He has a wife Margaret of 33 years, whom he met on a blind date back when he was 17. Together they had 3 children, Lisa, Richard, and Erin. Lisa and her husband Chris gave him 2 grandchildren, Christopher and Joseph whom he adored. His love for his family was so profound, always there for them and always willing to do anything for them. He always wanted the best for his children. For 20 years he was a New York City police officer, he retired in 1993 as a detective. Then he began work at Cantor Fitzgerald as a security guard.
Famous for his humor and his one-liners, he always had a smile on and was always ready for a gathering whether it be friends or family or both. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle and friend who will be missed greatly. All that knew him loved him dearly and now feel a piece of their heart missing without him around. He is now at peace with his brother-in-law Jimmy Hopper who also worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. They are now our guardian angels who will be with us forever. We all have wonderful memories of the two of them together that will keep them alive in our hearts forever. Our family chain is now broken but one day it will link up again one by one.

Margaret Poulos, wife

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  Gregory “TOW” Preziose

Date of Birth: March 24, 1967
Department: GSB Swaps
Position: SVP

Dear Gregg,
Our children are part of both of us. They are our love. They are the reasons I am strong. I thank God for them every day. When I look at their beautiful faces. I see the love we created. They know that you will always be with us.
I promise to do my best in raising them. I will try to do the things that you would want me to do. Please help me guide them through life.
I am not only losing my loving husband and my children’s father, but my true best friend. I have always admired you, and was always proud of you. A part of me will be incomplete until we are united again. Our love is so strong and we will always feel it. Our love gives me strength.
You will be in my heart forever.
I love you always.
Your loving wife,

Donations may be made to a fund established for the benefit of Gregg’s children:
Make checks payable and send to:
“Preziose Children Benefit Account”
PNC Financial Services Group
2109 Route 35 North
Holmdel, NJ 07733

Lori, Wife

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  Robert David Peraza

Date of Birth: May 26, 1971
Department: 104th floor
Position: Bond Trader

My older brother Rob was a man who was unwilling to quit. He was always determined to tackle the task at hand no matter what it took. Some call that being stubborn; some call that plain old-fashioned guts. He had a very caring family, who loved and supported him, and he could make friends with everyone. You always heard that Rob was a great guy, the life of any party. With his contagious laugh and zeal for life this guy could do it all. Here was also a man who had overcome a lot in his life. What he overcame was his own personal confrontations with more resolve and guts than anyone I have ever known. It was all coming together for Rob, the great job, life in the big city and a beautiful girlfriend. Rob wouldn’t want us to mourn but to Celebrate his Life. Missed and loved by all who knew him. He has a lot of work to do as the guardian angel for so many. In an imperfect world, Rob was genuine, loyal and a great friend. We all miss his smile and laugh and the love he spread to all he encountered.

Rob’s memorial website that the family has set up:

Neil J, Bob & Sue, Rob’s Younger Brother and Parents

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  Jon A Perconti, Jr.

Date of Birth: May 17, 1969
Position: Equities Trader

Jon A. Perconti, Jr., grew up in Lodi, always surrounded by family and friends. In high school he met Tammy and an instant bond was formed. He and Tammy graduated and went on to Rutgers University together. After graduation, Jon joined the tean at Cantor Fitzgerald, where he became an equities trader.

Jon’s youth was time well spent and his grandmother tells many stories about it. “Gam”, as he called her, will tell you that Jon was even an entertainer as a child. Gam would say that Jon was always inviting friends over to her house where he would cook for them. He and his friends would go fishing and bring everything back to his Gam’s house. He would mess up her kitchen and then he and all his friends would just hang out there. Jon and Gam became quite a team in the kitchen. I recall one Christmas where Jon and Tammy were having guests at their home in Hoboken and Gam spent the night there the night before so she and Jon could wake up early to prepare the dinner. Jon was the type of person who knew what it meant to live life to the fullest. Never taking anything for granted, always being generous and welcoming everyone into his home. The minute you would walk through the door, Jon’s first question would always be, “what do you want to eat?” Being a fabulous cook, he always opted to make extravagant meals, as opposed to eating out. Just as long as the Yankees or the Giants weren’t playing that day, you could find him in the kitchen or in the backyard barbequing on his Big Green Egg.

In June of 2000, he and Tammy were married. Together, they started to build the rest of their lives. They were the epitome of true love and happiness. Then came the day when Tammy told Jon that their family was about to increase. She was carrying Jon’s first child. Everyone was ecstatic. Jon most of all. One day, a couple they were friends with went to Jon and Tammy’s house with their baby, and when Jon was holding the baby, he turned to Tammy and said, “if I break this one, do you think they will make us give them ours?”

Until the tragic events of September 11, a once fulfilled life was cut short. Jon never got to see his daughter, Julia Amelia, who was born in December. Her daddy is now an angel who watches over her, like other dads do, only Jon watches over her from heaven.

In my heart, I know that Jon knows we miss him and he knows that we love him. Someday we will all be together again, laughing with Jon.

Written on behalf of the family,
By Sherri Ciarocco, cousin

I have only been alive for a short time, and yet mommy tells me every day what a great man my daddy was. She shows me his pictures and tells me stories about his life, which was cut short, so unexpectedly and so tragically. I know that my family misses my dad, because I see them crying. Deep down in my heart, I believe that someday when I grow up, I will be just like him. I will look like him and I hope to follow in his footsteps.

My dad was Jon A. Perconti, Jr., and even though he never met me, I know that he watches over me and that he loves me very much.

Dad, I may not understand why you cannot be here, but if you are watching over me and Mommy now, I hope you know that we love you and we miss you. You will never be forgotten or replaced.

Love, your little girl,
Julia Amelia Perconti

Sherri Ciarocco, Cousin

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  Angel Perez

A man of love and integrity…
A man of heroism beyond the bounds of any uniform…
A man who gave his soul to protect,love and cherish both his family and friends…
A man….
We will miss you without end and we shall always share your loving memories….
Your Brother Ramon….

Ramon, Brother

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  Angela Susan Perez

Date of Birth: July 30, 1966
Department: Back Office Operations

Susie was a loving mother, sister, daughter, aunt, and girlfriend. Not a day goes by when a tear isn’t shed in her honor. She loved to laugh and joke with the guys. She could make light of any situation. She was happy. She had in her life what was most important to her. She had the love of her children: Jackie, Greg, and Katie. She had the love of her soul mate: Carlos. She had the love of her best friend and sister: Donna. And she had the love of every person who was lucky enough to be part of her life. That love is as strong now as it ever was and it will endure forever.

Beth Fitzsimmons, Niece – Goddaughter

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  Anthony Perez

Date of Birth: March 31, 1968
Department: eSpeed
Position: Technical Specialist

Anthony loved working with computers. He enjoyed taking pieces of broken-ready to be thrown away computers and making something out of them. Bringing them to life, making a new computer out of discarded pieces. This was much the same way Anthony lived his life. Nothing was discarded, everything had a meaning, and everyone had a purpose.
Anthony was a jokester always making people smile. He could start up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, and he did.
Anthony was a kind, gentile sole who was very sensitive and sentimental. He was and always will be my wonderful husband. He would always concern himself with my happiness and my needs before his own.
A devoted father, he loved sharing his joy of gadgets, gismos and technology with his children. Always wanting the best for them. He always went above and beyond to make there lives special. In return he was blessed with three wonderful children Olivia, Anthony James, and Alexis. His children think the world of him. He is our HERO!
Everyone who ever met Anthony remembers him for his kindness and laughter. Anthony was as beautiful on the outside as he was on his inside, Anthony Perez will be remembered forever as a loving husband, a wonderful father, an incredible friend and the stranger who cared.
From your wife you will always be my “Latin Lover” with the kindness and gentleness of an angel. “I LOVE YOU”. We love you daddy, you are our HERO.

Mary Perez, Wife

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  Joseph Perroncino

Date of Birth: March 6, 1968
Position: Vice President of Operations

Joey is just a wonderful young man and I’m proud to be his mom. He loves God, his family, and all his friends. He’s kind to all people.
I love him and I miss him.

Patricia Perroncino, Mother

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  Edward Perrotta

Date of Birth: September 1, 1959
Position: Vice President

Eddie graduated from Hoffstra. He was the child of Jennifer and Joseph. Eddie and I just got married April 14, 2001 before these things happened. He was the most wonderful man I ever met. Eddie was a very hardworking person. He did his job very well. He loved to work in Cantor, due that all of the clients were very good to him and so was the staff at Cantor. Eddie always said to me, “I’m always nervous going to work I don’t know why.” I said, “the company was not going to fire you, what is your problem?” “I don’t know, I’m nervous whenever I’m going to work” he’d say. This was before this thing happened. He had bad dreams before this happened and he told me “I can’t repeat it because it’s so real” and he woke up in the middle of the night so perspired. He asked me to get water. He said “My God, what a nightmare! My dream was so bad.” So I asked, “What is it?” “I can’t tell you because it looked so real.” The week before this happened he told me “I can’t help you in ‘paper works’ (I have a business, he’d speak for me and I would do the paper works) because I am again to be busy. I have a lot of things to do.” On September 11th, I was so nervous. He asked me, “What’s the matter?” I said, “I don’t know”. When things started happening, I went to my bedroom and I watched the T.V. and saw the W.T.C. falling and I said aloud, “Now Eddie, we know why we were nervous.”
I love him so much and until now I feel like he is just in work and could still feel him by my side. I still feel how strong our love is. I can’t forget my husband and all that he did for me. He made things happen for me and made my dreams come true, but I can’t get him back. I wish I could. The memory he left is filled with love. I try to smile but I have to believe that time will heal me. I love him. I miss him. He was the best, generous, loving person.

Josephine Perrotta, Wife