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  Richard Poulos

Date of Birth: January 5, 1946
Department: Security
Position: Assistant Security Officer

Richard Poulos led a full life of love and laughter. He has a wife Margaret of 33 years, whom he met on a blind date back when he was 17. Together they had 3 children, Lisa, Richard, and Erin. Lisa and her husband Chris gave him 2 grandchildren, Christopher and Joseph whom he adored. His love for his family was so profound, always there for them and always willing to do anything for them. He always wanted the best for his children. For 20 years he was a New York City police officer, he retired in 1993 as a detective. Then he began work at Cantor Fitzgerald as a security guard.
Famous for his humor and his one-liners, he always had a smile on and was always ready for a gathering whether it be friends or family or both. He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, son, brother, uncle and friend who will be missed greatly. All that knew him loved him dearly and now feel a piece of their heart missing without him around. He is now at peace with his brother-in-law Jimmy Hopper who also worked for Cantor Fitzgerald. They are now our guardian angels who will be with us forever. We all have wonderful memories of the two of them together that will keep them alive in our hearts forever. Our family chain is now broken but one day it will link up again one by one.

Margaret Poulos, wife

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  Gregory “TOW” Preziose

Date of Birth: March 24, 1967
Department: GSB Swaps
Position: SVP

Dear Gregg,
Our children are part of both of us. They are our love. They are the reasons I am strong. I thank God for them every day. When I look at their beautiful faces. I see the love we created. They know that you will always be with us.
I promise to do my best in raising them. I will try to do the things that you would want me to do. Please help me guide them through life.
I am not only losing my loving husband and my children’s father, but my true best friend. I have always admired you, and was always proud of you. A part of me will be incomplete until we are united again. Our love is so strong and we will always feel it. Our love gives me strength.
You will be in my heart forever.
I love you always.
Your loving wife,

Donations may be made to a fund established for the benefit of Gregg’s children:
Make checks payable and send to:
“Preziose Children Benefit Account”
PNC Financial Services Group
2109 Route 35 North
Holmdel, NJ 07733

Lori, Wife

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  Everett M (‘Marty’) Proctor III

Date of Birth: September 2, 1957
Department: Accounting
Position: Equities Controller

A hard-working conscientious employee. A wonderful caring son and brother who loved his family and will be missed forever. Marty would have been a tremendous asset to Cantor Fitzgerald.

Catherine Proctor, Mother

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  Stacey Peak

Date of Birth: September 4, 1965
Position: Power Broker

It is very hard for me to find the right words to express what I feel for Stacey because she is so very special to me. She’s the “articulate” one in the family. Stacey was our only college graduate in the Peek Family and we were very proud of her. She could clearly express in a few words, what I could never say well in a page.

I was 13 when Stacy was born. She was the 6th child and the baby.
My mom was 40 and my Dad 52, their “late-in-life” baby.
But boy was that baby a blessing to our family!
I worshipped her from the day she was born, just as the rest of my family did. The stringy long red hair, freckles scattered on her nose, arms, and fingers, her long skinny legs, the playful smile, and always so full of life. I thought she was the cutest, smartest, funniest, coolest kid I’d ever seen. A spark of life and love sent from above.

My job in the summer and weekends was to baby sit Stacey when my mom was working. She went almost everywhere with me, swimming, dragging Main and hanging out with my friends. I couldn’t have loved her more had she been my own daughter. I adored her. She was the daughter I never had, and as we grew older, my best friend, the absolute best thing in this life! If you knew Stacey well, you loved her forever, and would never get enough of her.

She was tender hearted and thoughtful, open and honest, sincere and warm and loving.
She was bright and witty, observant, a quick learn.
She was sweet, vulnerable, fragile at times.
She was a wonderful friend, considerate, and she cherished her friendships.
She worshipped her mother and so loved all of her family.
She was spiritual and spirited, hungry to learn and grow to be the best person that she could be in this life. Always searching for the answers, or the questions.
What was really important in life, how to give back, how to become the person Jesus wanted you to be?

She was beautiful inside and out.
She had dreams and pursued them.
She was complex, analytical, dramatic, serious, deep, sometimes moody and dark.
Yet she was so easy and comfortable to be around. She enjoyed the simple things in life – watching a great movie, visiting with her family, talking on the phone with people she loved, telling funny stories about her dog Jon Jon or about her mom, reading a good book or magazine, having drinks at the local bar with her friends or co-workers, listening to a beautiful song, a sad song or a poem, laying on the beach or eating her favorite crispy crème donut or peanut butter bagel.

She was interesting, a story teller and loved to laugh.
She was funny, entertaining, playful and spontaneous, so much fun to be with.
She was ambitious and dedicated, a hard worker, totally devoted to her customers.
She was tough in ways, yet not really tough, proud and humble, forgiving of others, too hard on herself.
She was not afraid to do what she though was right, even if others did not agree.
She had attitude and style and strengths and weaknesses.
She had such a passion and an eagerness to live life to the fullest, to learn, to change – to experience all she could.
She was flawed and human, the best gift God could give you in this world.
She was full of love and wanted to be loved.

My life changed forever that day, as so many lives did.
I know Stacey is in a better place free of worry and sorrow, trying to watch over us now; but her absence from our lives is unbearable beyond words. She will always fill my heart and soul with so many memories of love and what is good in this world, and she will forever be the best part of my life.

Toni Peak, Stacey’s sister

Stacey was my youngest daughter. I had five children before she was born. She was a midlife baby. By the time Stacey was 12, the other brothers and sisters had left home. My oldest son Joe was killed in an automobile accident. He was only 18 when we lost him. Stacey was 2 years old at the time.

Stacey and I had such a wonderful relationship. She lived with me until she was 30. My husband passed away when I was 56 and Stacey was 15.
Stacey attended college, but commuted from home and also worked. She had been away from home for only 6 years when September 11th happened.

We were more than mother and daughter, we were soul mates. We could talk to each other about anything. We talked on the phone at least three times a week. If I was down, she could always make me feel better. We visited each other often, every chance we got. She always had amusing stories to tell and expressed herself so well. Our times together were full of laughter. She had a wonderful personality and always had a big smile on her face. She had her down times too, but they didn’t last long.

Stacey worked for Cantor Fitzgerald on the 105th floor of the North Tower as a power broker. Prior to moving to New York she worked as a broker in Louisville, Kentucky and Houston, Texas.

I will always be so very grateful to Randy and Gail who Stacey worked for when she moved to Houston. They took her under their wings and treated her as one of their family. She thought of them as being very special friends.

On the morning of September 11th, my phone rang about 5 minutes before 9AM. I thought it might be Stacey calling because she called early from work sometimes if things weren’t too busy. When I answered it was Stacey and she said in a very concerned voice, “Mom, our building is on fire and we may be trapped in here! I just wanted to tell you how much I love you.” Then we were cut off before I could say anything. I will never ever forget her call. Her words are replayed in my mind every day and it haunts me. There is such a void in my life now.

All of my memories of Stacey are happy ones and will stay with me forever.

Bobbie Peak, Stacey’s mother

Toni & Bobbie Peak, Stacey’s sister and mother

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  Laurence Polatsch

Date of Birth: October 9, 1968
Department: Institutional Equities
Position: Partner

Our beloved son, Laurence, was a truly unique person, with a passion for life as huge as his heart. He lived his too-brief 32 years fully and joyfully, inhaling life in enormous breaths, savoring each moment of it. He adored and was adored by his family and friends, many of whom he had known since boyhood. But he cherished most dearly the special bond he shared with his brother, Danny, who was his best friend and confidant. How Laurence loved his work and how he loved having fun! Laughing gleefully at life, at himself, and making others laugh with him. Jokingly nicknamed, “Mr. Hollywood,” by his friends, he delighted in being a part of the Hollywood “Celeb Scene”.

Laurence heartily feasted on all that life had to offer – but he also gave back with the full measure of his being – freely, eagerly, and always, without being asked. Whatever was needed, Laurence was always there – to listen, to support, to pitch-in, to do whatever it took – whenever and wherever. Nothing was ever too hard – or too expensive – for those he loved.

Although Laurence’s life was tragically cut short, we feel blessed to have had the priceless gift of his 32 years of love, and to feel the pride and fulfillment of having raised a son so sensitive, caring and special as he was. His shining example will continue to be our great source of comfort and inspiration. May he rest in peace until we join him.

Mom, Dad, and Danny

Linda Polatsch, Mother

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  Thomas E Pedicini

Date of Birth: May 18, 1971

Thomas Pedicini was born on May 18, 1971, the youngest of four children to Albert and Nancy Pedicini and the only boy. He grew up in Hicksville, New York. His interests as a child included music and sports, in particular, the trombone and gymnastics. He pursued gymnastics in High School and went to the University of Pittsburgh with a gymnastic scholarship. Throughout college and in the years that followed, he taught himself how to play the guitar and began to play golf as a hobby as well.

He graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in business. In May 1998, he accepted a position in the Institutional Equities Department of Cantor Fitzgerald. This past year, having just turned 30 years old, Tommy was finding his niche in the world, both professionally and personally. He spent time off on his golf game, relaxing with good friends and playing music on his guitar. He thoroughly enjoyed his two nieces and two nephews who absolutely adored Uncle Tommy and who would scream in delight when he entered the room.

One of our last memories of Tommy was on September 8, 2001. He was strumming the guitar and teaching his eleven-year-old cousin how to play. He never let the small things in life bother him and he always gave everyone the benefit of the doubt. He refused to believe or see the bad in anyone. We could all truly learn valuable lessons from him and his brief with us.

In honor of Tommy’s memory, The Pedicini family has established a college scholarship fund to award annual college tuition grants to local high school students, who most embody his special traits and gifts.

If you would like to make a donation, please send a check to:

The Colaio Pedicini Memorial Foundation
One Byre Place
Commack, NY 11725
Attn: June Colaio or Pamela Morace

Tommy, we will always hold you close in our hearts and cherish your spirit forever.

Mom, Dad, June, Anne, Pam and Ray

Mom, Dad, June, Anne, Pam and Ray, Tom’s Family

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  Steve Pollicino

Date of Birth: February 2, 1953
Department: Corporate Bond Broker
Position: Vice President

I remember thinking when I first met Steve 30 years ago that there was no such thing as a perfect guy but I was sure that Steve was the closest I would get to finding one.

If you knew Steve you liked him. He was the type of guy who could be comfortable anywhere, in any circle of people, any age and he would manage to have a good time. I’m convinced he had more fun at my high school reunion than I did. Steve did like to have fun and anyone who knew him was on the receiving end of it. He liked to make things happen. Recently my daughter had a bunch of friends at our house and Steve was typically fooling around with his laser light. The 12 year old girls were screaming “what’s that!” My daughter’s answer…”Oh that’s my Dad…he’s like having another kid!” I am so grateful for all the wonderful moments he created for us. I ask you to remember Steve by living each day a little more like he would; with an act of kindnes and a smile. Enjoy yourself, something that doesn’t make sense, have fun with a laser light, “lift your hands up and shout”, jump in a pool with your clothes on, enjoy dinner out at a round table with family or friends and think of him every time you lift a glass and toast.

Jane Pollicino, Wife

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  Michel Pelletier

Date of Birth: January 30, 1965
Position: Commodities broker, Electricity/North East

From the 1st day we met you brought me happiness. You were a tremendous presence in my life, honest, thoughtful, strong & gentle, intelligent & humble. I’ll never forget how passionately you loved Sophie, Sydney & Nicolas. Sophie tries so hard to survive. Please give her the strengh to be happy.
We shared a very special connection, not only son-in-law/mother-in-law, but a rich relationship of respect & love that transcended everything. We laughed so much. You always made me feel needed & loved. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. Your loss is incalculable but so is the privilege to call you “my friend”. I cry…I smile…at the great moments we shared. Life is so fragile…

Jacqueline Brassier Raphael, Mother-in-law

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  Carl Allen Peralta

Date of Birth: August 9, 1964
Department: Portfolio Trading Group

Carl was kind, generous and loving. He listened well and made you feel special because he was genuinely interested. You felt good being around him. He made you laugh?A LOT. He was patient. He was fair and good. He shared himself, his time and whatever he had gladly. He loved to learn and try new things with enthusiasm so infectious and with a sense of humor. He always wanted to become better, improve himself, and grow. He was thoughtful, considerate and a team player?pitching in, offering his help ALWAYS. Down to earth, approachable, he was easy to be with. Not a mean bone in his body or an enemy in the world or a bad word to say about anyone.

I write this tribute to let you know him somehow and yet, I feel it is inadequate if you?ve never met him. How can you know him from a couple of paragraphs and a picture? My hope is that you?ll feel like you know him because as you read these words it will remind you of someone you know.

Carl reminds you of your son, your older or younger brother, your cousin, or uncle. Yes, he is your nephew or your grandson. He sounds like your best friend-he was part of your wedding party-you grew up with him. You went to school together. You played hockey and tennis, bowled in a league, and skied in Vermont. You set up tee times with him and drove to Myrtle Beach in the spring. You traveled to Vegas or Atlantic City. He was your co-worker, neighbor, your newspaper boy or the guy who helped you move-3X. He was the guy you called for ?just one? drink after a stressful day at work. He was there for you when your kids were born and asked him to be their godparent and when your parent died he grieved with you. He?s the Go-To guy when you just needed a rock of support for whatever is happening in your life and the times you wanted a cheerleader by your side.

If you?ve never met him, I hope you are lucky enough to know someone who reminds you of him. He was all these things and more. We who knew him are grateful for our times together and wonderful memories we?ve shared. He made a difference in our lives and the reason why we grieve his loss so deeply when we are reminded he is no longer with us.

The Peralta Family

Carl Peralta Memorial Fund, Inc.

The Peralta Family,

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  Robert David Peraza

Date of Birth: May 26, 1971
Department: 104th floor
Position: Bond Trader

My older brother Rob was a man who was unwilling to quit. He was always determined to tackle the task at hand no matter what it took. Some call that being stubborn; some call that plain old-fashioned guts. He had a very caring family, who loved and supported him, and he could make friends with everyone. You always heard that Rob was a great guy, the life of any party. With his contagious laugh and zeal for life this guy could do it all. Here was also a man who had overcome a lot in his life. What he overcame was his own personal confrontations with more resolve and guts than anyone I have ever known. It was all coming together for Rob, the great job, life in the big city and a beautiful girlfriend. Rob wouldn’t want us to mourn but to Celebrate his Life. Missed and loved by all who knew him. He has a lot of work to do as the guardian angel for so many. In an imperfect world, Rob was genuine, loyal and a great friend. We all miss his smile and laugh and the love he spread to all he encountered.

Rob’s memorial website that the family has set up:

Neil J, Bob & Sue, Rob’s Younger Brother and Parents