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  Richard Rosenthal

Date of Birth: May 17, 1951
Department: Finance
Position: Vice President

Richard D. Rosenthal, 50 years old, lived in Fair Lawn, NJ with his wife, Loren, and two sons, Evan 18, and Seth, 14. He was vice-president of finance at Cantor Fitzgerald for the past 6 months.
Richard was a man with his values in the right place. Family, friends and community were of the utmost importance to him. He was incredibly devoted to his wife, children and parents. Richard and his wife made a great team dealing with their elder son’s Familial Dysautonomia, a serious genetic disease, but he always made the time to volunteer where he was needed. Richard served as the treasurer of the Dysautonomia Foundation for 15 years and was treasurer of the Fair Lawn Jewish Center for 4 years.
Richard was not a daredevil, but he did have a childlike adventurous streak. His nieces called him a man-kid because they saw his zest for life first-hand. He had a wonderful sense of humor prompting the planner for his 40th birthday party to utilize his favorite childhood TV show, “The Three Stooges” for a theme. For his 50th birthday party last May, his sister, Audrey Model, toasted her brother, saying she hoped he would always remain a man-kid. Richard did so, particularly on family vacations with his family. Last summer he coaxed his wife into trying white-water rafting on an Alaskan cruise and this past summer, Richard and his son, Seth, went parasailing in Ocean City, NJ.
Richard further showed his enthusiasm for life when he danced. He was a person that everybody would notice at his party, because he danced that well. In fact, he met his wife at a school dance when she was 14 and he was 17. They would have been married for 24 years.

Loren Rosenthal, Wife

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  Michael Rothberg

Date of Birth: May 27, 1962
Department: Portfolio Trading
Position: Managing Director

Mike loved his work at Cantor Fitzgerald and all the people around him were like family. Every summer he had a big theme party at his home in Old Greenwich, CT where he invited many of his Cantor friends as well as his close friends because he considered them all family.

He enjoyed Cantor so much that he brought his two cousins, Kurt and Derek, to work, help and learn on the trading desk. Derek even wrote an essay for college admission about working on the desk and thinking it might be his future.

Mike enjoyed helping everybody. He helped his friends start businesses, even his sister Rhonda. He even hosted his friends, Chris and Beth’s wedding at his home. All this was done quietly and without expecting any recognition. Mike enjoyed skiing, boating, running and was an avid spinner. Fun and friends went together. Mike was active in charity work such as raising money for Multiple Sclerosis in a bike-a-thon. He also helped to raise money for the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

Our last and fondest memory was this past July when we spent two weeks in Chatham, MA. On Cape Cod with Michael. The family was constantly together, along with Michael’s closest friends, enjoying the summer activities. This was the first time he had taken two weeks vacation and it was our last time together.

We miss you and will always love you, Michael.


To cope with the events of September 11th and to comfort Michael’s family, his high school classmates, extended family and friends conceived and organized The Michael C. Rothberg September 11th Memorial Scholarship. Beginning in May 2002, a $2500 merit-based scholarship will be awarded to one college-bound member of the graduating class of Sharon High School, where Mike was a member of the class of 1980. Scholarship winners will exemplify, as did Michael Rothberg, academic promise, ethical conduct and service to community.

Through the generosity of many people, this scholarship fund will continue to honor Michael’s memory and inspire graduating members of Sharon High School to sustain his extraordinary spirit through their own aspirations and endeavors. Tax deductible donations are made payable and mailed to:

The Michael C. Rothberg
September 11th Memorial Scholarship
Post Office Box 116
Sharon, Massachusetts 02067

The scholarship committee will gladly mail acknowledgements to honor names or occasions supplied by the donor.

Mom, Dad and Rhonda, Michael’s Family

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  Bart Ruggiere

Date of Birth: October 15, 1968
Department: TradeSpark
Position: Broker

Bart was a person that left big footprints, a straw that stirred the drink in so many ways, a “gatherer”, of people that is, as one of his dear friends referred to him. Bart, in his uniqueness and energy and passion for enjoying life and people, was a reference point for many of us – you know, you should be more like Bart, Bart wouldn’t worry about that, Bart sure knows how to have fun, or I don’t know how Bart gets away with it, Bart always lands on his feet – Bart sure knows how to enjoy life – and whether you were of similar make-up as Bart or were somewhat more grounded, you gravitated to Bart and his happy-go-lucky ways.

In the ultimate acknowledgment of Bart’s individuality, he became his own adjective – things became “so Bart”! In between jobs and leasing a black Mercedes – so Bart. Eighty friends for a holiday party in a 700 square foot apartment – Bart. Seersucker suit and saddle shoes at your barbecue – totally Bart. It is because of Bart’s extraordinary personality and social skills and lovable swagger and the many other traits that made the instinctive
description of him – “Bart – he’s a great guy”. These same traits already make his absence that much more conspicuous and painful. I was so counting on that reference point having a huge impact on my kids and Bart’s other nieces and nephews, but they’ve been robbed of that now. And while we must and will go on, and while the departed are always missed, I fear that this hole in our hearts and our lives will never truly heal.

– Excerpt from eulogy given by Larry DeParis

Claudia Ruggiere, wife

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  Steven Harris Russin

Date of Birth: June 7, 1969
Department: Securities Lending
Position: Partner/Repo Sales

Steven, life is made up of memories of the past, the present and the future. We have lost the present and the future but we will always have the memories you created throughout your brief life.

We will always remember the day you were born. We will remember arm wrestling with your brother Barry. The many times we watched as you lit up a room with your humor and caring will be cherished memories. The day you got married and the happiness that you had that day will never be forgotten. The day that you cried helping Barry load his truck for his move to Maryland showed how much you cared for your brother. We remember the day Alec was born and how exited you were. No dad could have been happier. You loved to play with him. We will remember your last words to your mother, ” I love you Mom.”

We will hold on to each golden memory and cherish them all.

You will always be in our hearts. No one can ever take that away from us. While you are not here, we feel you all around us. We will always be together. You were a very special person. You are our beautiful and precious son.

Goodbye for now. We love you so very much.

Mom and Dad

Steven, we see you everywhere we look
But we cannot reach out and touch you

We hear your voice all the time,
But you cannot speak to us

We hold your children in our arms,
And you are not there to play with them.

We see the swing set standing lonely in your yard,
It cries for you.

The barbecue sits idle waiting for your return,
While the outdoor speakers are silent.

We look at your pictures,
And tears flow down our face.

Your brother holds back his tears,
While he thinks about you and misses you.

Your son sees you in a picture,
And wants his daddy back.

Your wife sits in your house,
Trying to make sense of this, but there is none.

We look for the building where you worked,
And it is not there.

We look for you everywhere,
But you are nowhere to be found.

We miss you so much.

You will never die,
For you live on in the hearts of those of us who love you.

Mom and Dad, Parents

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  Joshua Reiss

Date of Birth: March 9, 1978

Dearest Josh,
We miss you more than you can know. You were a wonderful son, brother, grandson and nephew. You were truly the All-American boy–hard working, a friend to all who knew you and a shining star.

We will never allow your memory to fade and will do our best to make you as proud of us as we are of you.

Mom and Dad (Finger), Parents

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  John Armand Reo

Date of Birth: January 25, 1973
Department: Desk of John Murray, Todd Pittman, and Brian Novotny
Position: Credit Derivatives Broker

John, 28, was the beloved son of Armand and Judith Reo, of Troy, NY. John was the youngest of five children. After spending a year at Notre Dame, he graduated from SUNY Albany, NY.

John loved his family. His three older sisters, Suzanne Swaine, Kristin Maguire, and Meghan Metzemaekers were married with children. His 8 nieces and nephews adored him and named him their “Johnny Boy.” John loved the hours he spent on the golf course or at a Yankee game with his beloved older brother, Mark, and his three brothers-in-law, John Swaine, Rich Maguire, and Dave Metzemaekers. With his dad and all the men in his family, hours were spent after golf, a good cigar and many laughs.

A few months ago, in May, John followed his brother in law, John Swaine, into the “Big Apple”. He was living with the Swaines in Larchmont, NY and working with John Swaine at Cantor Fitzgerald. A new start…a great opportunity…exciting times.

John Reo avoided any particle of life that was mean spirited. He took in the beauty of nature-took time to watch the hawk in flight or the deer stand in silence. John often used his quick wit to disarm all of his friends into howls of laughter. His search was always for peace. He quietly spread his calm manner to all who knew him. He was born a gentle soul.

People filled with hate who thought they could destroy him and others, only succeeded in opening the doors for John and his dear brother-in-law, John Swaine, to enter arm in arm into an eternity of God’s love, joy, and everlasting peace.

We will remember them always. We will love them forever.

Mr. And Mrs. Armand J. Reo, Parents

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  Joseph R Riverso

Date of Birth: May 6, 1967

A loving son, father, brother, friend and associate;
A quick wit and a warm heart,
You will be missed by all whom you touched in your own
special way.

Maria Riverso, Sister

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  Christopher A Racaniello

Date of Birth: August 20, 1971
Department: Operations

No words are powerful enough to describe Christopher. Kind, generous, intelligent, generous, easy going, handsome doesn’t even scratch the surface. Not only were you killed, but part of us died with you also. All our dreams for you were just about to be fulfilled. September 11th and Christopher Peter are now one and the same. Life will never be the same. Our hearts will never stop pining for your smile, hello or “yeah right.” We continue our walk in life looking forward to being with you again sometime in the future. You don’t know how much your parents suffer. You don’t know how much, with you away, our home was full of grief, full of grief. Mom and Dad

Frank V. Racaniello, Father

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  Harry Raines

Date of Birth: September 15, 1963
Department: Global Networks
Position: Assistant Vice President

My honey, my baby. My one and only love. I miss you terribly.

I can still feel your hand in mine on our nighttime walks and the stiff feel of your suit jacket as you embraced me during those long, slow dances. Being held in your arms was the most wonderful place to be. I miss your warming up my side of the bed so I wouldn’t be chilled, and the look in your eyes as I’d catch you staring at me. “What?” I’d ask. “I’m just adoring you,” you would reply. “Well knock it off,” I’d snap. I miss our long talks when I would unload everything and you always patiently listened, no matter how late, no matter how tired. You were my best friend.

The kids knew they had the best dad. Every night, no matter what your work-day brought, you wanted to spend time with us. I would bring your dinner outside so you could eat and watch the kids play. Then it would be a bike ride to the park, ice cream, swimming or all three. Stories and tuck-ins would follow and then you would collapse onto the sofa, rest your hand on my leg, and ask about my day. So selfless.

I can still hear the kids running to the door each night screaming “Daddy’s home!” and jumping into your arms. And I will always laugh remembering my trip to Virginia. How many times did I call to check on the kids! And then at the airport, there were the three kids, wrapped in gauze and bandages, streaked with fake blood, writhing on the floor in pain. I’m sure we provided a few laughs to our fellow travelers as well.

Jillian will always treasure the trips she took to the office, chair races down the hall and candy from the guys. How you loved to show her off. She will always remember you tucking her in each night saying “I love you more than any Daddy loves their daughter.”

Kyle will hold tight to his memories of you waking him early on Saturday mornings for a bike ride and workout at the park, you saying “Hey buddy, how about me and you and a game of football?” and scary movies only you watched in the basement because the girls were too scared.

Kimberly, who has a smile that lights up a room as you did, still breaks into fits of giggles when we pretend to throw the grapes from the Barney book into each others faces. That was your game. It’s Kimberly who reminds me of our last year together. “Memba Mommy, memba me and Daddy at beach? Memba train at Disney? Whoo, whoo.” Yes Kimberly, I’ll always remember. She talks of her angel Daddy and calls “I love you Daddy. I miss you Daddy.” and blows kisses to heaven because she knows kisses are being sent her way as well.

Just this past summer, during a rare, quiet moment, I told you that it would be difficult for me to find a woman who was loved more or treated better. I can still see your shy, blushing smile. “I’m glad you told me that,” you said. I’m glad I did too.

Lauren C. Raines, Wife

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  William “Will” R. Raub

Date of Birth: January 9, 1963
Department: Institutional Trading
Position: Partner, Senior Vice President of Institutional Equity Sales

Will and I met on a blind date that was set up by a Cantor friend in 1987, and we were married in 1991. At our rehearsal dinner, no truer words were ever spoken when Will raised his glass, made a toast to me and said: “Tomorrow I marry my best friend.” Will was my best friend and partner, the father of our precious children, and we miss him terribly.

He will always be remembered as a special person with an expansive heart and high sense of morality. We’ll miss his big smile so bright, his laughter and crafty wit, his inexhaustible generosity and his selfless caring for those around him. His dedication to his work and his dreams now inspires us and challenges all of us to be the best that we can be. Someone once wrote:

“That person is a success who has lived well, laughed often and loved much; who has gained the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; who has earned the appreciation of honest critics; who appreciates beauty and finds the best in others; who leaves the world a bit better, whether by children, a garden patch in the back yard or a charitable gift to help others; who knows that even one life has breathed easier because he has lived. This is to have succeeded in life.”

Will truly succeeded in his life. Will’s gifts and living example will always be here to guide us and encourage us. We are forever thankful for his love and caring, and we feel lucky and honored to have had the time with him that we did. His legacy of love will live on in our hearts forever.

Maureen Raub, Wife