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  Steven Frank “Strobie” Strobert

Date of Birth: November 10, 1967
Department: 10-year desk
Position: Partner, Bond Trader

Steven Strobert was born and raised in Secaucus, New Jersey. He graduated from Boston University in 1989 and went straight to Cantor Fitzgerald. He was always an exceptional athlete and was brilliant academically. His favorite football team was the Jets and he loved the Mets. He was an avid golfer, and belonged to the Essex Fells Country Club for many years.
I met Steven on St. Patty’s Day 1999. I saw him, went up to him and my first words out of my mouth were “I found my husband!!!” I knew what genuine and sincere really meant when I saw him and talked to him. We fell in love right away, and had a baby on February the 13th of 2000. We married on October the 8th, 2000.
For those people lucky enough to have had the opportunity to know Steven is to know what kind, sincere, genuine, loving, generous, humorous and brave was. Steven always surrounded himself with good company and laughter. He was always happy about just being alive and doing what he loved to do, his job and play golf. He was especially thrilled with having our son (Frankie) in his arms, almost always, and just being a great dad and husband. Often he would come home from a long, hard day and still be smiling, holding a bottle of wine and/or flowers for me. He’d come in greeting me with “Hello, sunshine” in a voice I will never forget!!! He’d always go straight to the baby, play with him, hug and kiss him. We’d eat dinner together and then he would give our son a bath and put him to bed. Most of the time the baby put Steven to bed.
It’s almost impossible to put into words the depth of joy my husband brought to me and so many others. I will forever think of my husband and smile, to know how truly lucky I was to have had him in my life! He was the best!!!
Here’s a poem I wrote for his memorial that pretty much sums up the impact Steven had on me:
No words can express the sorrow I feel,
To lose you in my life, I will never heal.
I look at our son and thank God everyday,
He looks just like you and acts the same way.
There was no better gift given to me,
Than to have been married to you for eternity.
You have given me everything a woman could want,
A man to love her with all of his heart.
I love you my dear, and don’t ever fear,
For you will never be forgotten,
Frankie and I will forever hold you near.

Love, your wife,

Tara, Wife

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  Claudia Sutton

Date of Birth: December 15, 1966
Position: Senior Regulatory Accountant

Claudia was born on the island of St. Croix US Virgin Islands. In 1984, she migrated to New York where she completed her education in Accounting. She held several Accounting positions at various companies such as KOMG Peat Marwick, American Express, Citicorp Securities, Inc. Lazara Freres & Company, LLC. and most recently Cantor Fitzgerald, where she worked for three months only. Claudia was very excited to join the Cantor family and eager to share her knowledge and expertise. Claudia and I met in the summer of 1989; we fell in love and were married in August 1994. Our union was blessed with two beautiful children, Kadijah, 6, and Kyle, 3. Claudia was a devoted mother and loving wife. Her passion was being a ‘Mother’. Kyle and Kadijah were her pride and joy. Claudia really enjoyed spending time with her family, reading bedtime stories to the kids, assisting with homework assignments, having fun in the park. The cornerstone of her life was the Christian Faith. I would forever miss the Saturday mornings where she would rush to take the kids to Church. One week prior to the tragic events of September 11th we spent Labor Day weekend jumping to the music with her sister Kirlin. Words will never express the hurt and pain that I am feeling. On September 11th, I lost my wife, my best friend and my companion. Claudia gave me her heart, and I will carry it forever. We miss her very much and I know that she will continue to give me the strength to carry on, until we meet again.

Bernell Sutton, her loving husband

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  Kristine Swearson

Date of Birth: September 4, 1967
Department: Marketing
Position: Web Content Manager

Kristine Swearson (my younger daughter) was born Sept. 4, 1967. The event of Sept. 11 occurred one week to the day after her 34th birthday. Kris was a web designer at eSpeed, and had worked for Merrill Lynch before that. She was wonderful.

“Goodnight, sweet Princess. May bands of Angels sing thee to thy rest.”


Please visit the tribute page that her family has lovingly set up for her at

Ben, Father

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  Kenneth J. Swenson

Date of Birth: May 13, 1961
Department: Accounting
Position: Vice President

The bond between two brothers, especially those close together in age, is one of life’s special relationships. Two years after I was born, our parents welcomed Ken into the world, and three years after that, our sister arrived. So the three of us would grow up together, and while we mostly appreciated our baby sister, it was only natural that the two boys would become best friends. We were blessed with loving parents, a good home and a wonderful childhood. Ken was the consummate “rough and tumble” type of kid, always climbing trees and excelling at any athletic or outdoor activity, be it horseback riding, Little League, or the diving team. He also displayed artistic ability learning to play the trumpet, and he had a tender side in his love of our family pets.

As childhood memories gave way to young adulthood, Ken achieved the goals before him of a college degree in finance, followed by a successful career in the business world and a family of his own. Indeed it was the love of his wife and two boys that brought him to occupy his office in the World Trade Center as he sought the opportunity to best provide for them. The raising of his own children was his barometer of success in this world and by that standard he was of the highest ranking. Eric and Kyle exhibit the same spirit of family and life that Ken and I received from our father, a man of great character.

And like his father before him, Ken served on the town emergency squad and no doubt spent his final moments helping others. His steadfast dedication to his family and fellow man will be his legacy. While all our hearts ache that Ken is no longer with us, he shared our faith in God for a hope in the future when one day we will be reunited as he has now been with our dear mother who went to be with the Lord in 1990. In his years on earth, Ken lived life to the full and discovered it’s true meaning of faith, love and hope.

Until we meet again, your loving brother,

Rick, Brother

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  Richard H Stewart, Jr.

Date of Birth: August 14, 1966
Position: Bond Trader

Thirty-five years ago, God gave us a wonderful gift in our son, Rich. Until September 11, 2001, we didn’t know just how precious that gift was.

Rich was everything we could have wanted in a son. His love and devotion to his family was uncompromising. He lived a spiritual life and always managed to find the bright side of any situation. His smile always

Joan B. Stewart, Mother

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  Thomas Strada

Date of Birth: July 1, 1960
Department: Corporate Bonds
Position: Senior Vice President

Tom was and will always be the love of my life. I will forever remember his stories, his laughter, his smile and his touch.
He loved action and if we didn’t have plans on a Saturday night or an occasional weeknight around 7:00 pm he would kiss the kids goodbye and we’d joke Daddy was going to his second job. He’d be off to the Meadowlands – that often meant extra cash for extra “things”. Tom loved money, loved to make a score and loved sharing it with whoever was around him. He loved betting on horses, AC, football, fantasy golf, and college hoops. When driving somewhere, we on more than one occasion had to pull over, find a payphone to “make a call” (thank God for cell phones, we got places quicker).
He was a natural athlete, a gifted golfer and fisherman. His competitive nature drove him to excel as a bond broker, his good nature attracted an endless list of friends. He was an “over the top” kind of person that people gravitated to. I know his phone rang all day at work from friends just to hear the latest “Tom” version of things. His sense of humor, his “spin” on a story, his colorful commentary and his ability to imitate someone in his unique way is what will be missed mostly by all of us. And no one could come up with a quicker nickname or a funnier description of an otherwise normal situation than Tom. Every night he came home and he had a funny story about something, someone or something he’d heard, read or saw that day. But above everything, Tom loved me, Thomas, Kaitlyn and baby Justin. He was the best dad at our pool, always swimming with them, jumping off the high dive, playing torpedo or building sand castles. He would play track ball, race cars, push them as high as they could go on the swings and always have time for videogames, reading, singing, dancing with Katie and bike riding with Thomas.
He made our life full, fun and happy. Our lives were rich beyond what money could buy, our love was deep, and we lived the “good” life – we had it all.
Tom had a heart of gold, was generous beyond words (always gave you “something for your pocket”), high-spirited – a life force that will live on in our hearts forever. “Every man dies, but not every man lives”.
I will love you for eternity,

Terry Strada, Wife

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  James J Straine Jr

Date of Birth: February 5, 1965
Department: Fixed Income Sales (Repo Desk

When we were kids our family would rent a shore house each summer in Long Beach Island. I remember walking up to the beach with Jimmy when the lifeguards left after 5pm. He with his Mark Richards surfboard under his arm and me thinking he was without a doubt the coolest guy in the world. He would let me tag along and I would watch him surf. My big brother.

As time passed and we grew older Jimmy solidified his place in my mind as “the coolest guy in the world”. We developed a wonderful friendship. We would talk about how this year was going to be ECU’s year or the Mets year or even the Nets year. If you gave Jimmy 15 minutes he would convince you that ECU had a legitimate shot at the National Championship. When Erin, my wife and fellow ECU alum, would tell Jimmy about her work as an athletic trainer with the ECU football team, he would get so excited hearing the “inside scoop” about his Pirates.

Jimmy had a short but wonderful life. He loved and was loved by his brothers and sister and had the greatest parents anyone could ever ask for. He found true love with Trish and true joy with Finn and Charlie.

But it still is not fair that you were taken from us.

I love you, Jimmy. You will be in our hearts, minds, and constant thoughts forever. We will all take care of Trish, Finn and Charlie.

Kevin Straine, brother

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  Michael John Simon

Date of Birth: July 27, 1961
Position: Energy Broker

Michael John Simon, born July 27 1961 to the late Charles and PeggyAnn Simon of Rye, NY has tragically passed to his eternal rest on September 11, 2001. His wife, Eileen (neé Isacsen), their children, Brittany Radcliffe, Michael John Jr., and Tyler Ingram have been robbed of a devoted husband and loving father. Family and friends will grievously mourn this supportive, moral man of great character.
Growing up in Rye, NY, Michael graduated in 1979 from Rye Country Day School. He then attained a degree from Hobart College in Economics and Religion. He was an outstanding athlete in ice hockey, lacrosse, tennis and golf. Michael also completed a cross-country cycling trip from Seattle, WA to Geneva, NY. Michael continued his love of athletics through coaching his children’s teams in soccer, softball and baseball in Harrington Park, NJ. He never missed a game or a school function.
Michael also leaves behind: a brother, Scott (Margaret) Simon; sisters Christine Coats, Kathleen and Patricia Simon and Brother in-law E. Craig Coats; his in-laws, Barbara and James Romaine, Cathleen and Robert Isacsen, as well as, Kristen and Christopher Klass, Elise and Spiros Polikaterous, Bridget and Robert DiMartini, Kathryn Isasen, James and Fiona Romaine and Lenore and Mark Goley. His parents, as well as his brother in-law Scott Romaine have predeceased him. Michael leaves behind twenty-two adoring and devastated nieces and nephews and grieving aunts and uncles, Mary Ellen and Martin White, Madeleine and Bill Becker and George Aufderheid.
The whole community of Harrington Park, his Wall Street business associates and clients will surely miss Michael.
The premature loss of such a wonderful individual so loved and respected by all that knew him is society’s loss.
In lieu of flowers a special fund in remembrance to Michael has been established for his three children. Please send donations to:
COLLEGE BOUND FUND, Care of Scott Simon 95 Ferris Hill Road New Caanan, CT 06840.

Eileen’s Eulogy:
This Mass is being held in celebration of Michael’s life- and there is so much to celebrate! Others will speak of his warmth, caring, sincerity, honesty; his sense of duty, obligation, commitment, fair play; his sense of humor and his ever present smile. Let me speak of my time spent with him. Michael could be counted on. Michael could be leaned on. Michael was my pillar.
Because of his great love for his family, Michael had his priorities straight. As a parent he had tremendous patience. He involved himself in every aspect of his children’s lives– always, but always being there. He took them to Church; coached their teams; he helped them with homework; he took them to the pool! Michael made Sunday morning pancakes and ordered from Rudi’s Friday nights. He handled all of our finances. I bet your wondering what I did. So am I.
Michael especially loved coaching. He actually started coaching children while he was in High School and picked it up again when he had his own children. He recognized the special ability each child offered and played them to bring out the best in his teams. I remember working my way over to Michael, rather inconspicuously I thought and saying, “Why are you putting that relatively inexperienced player in that position?” Michael turned to me, and in a loud exaggerated manner said, “You don’t like me putting who – where?” That was the beginning and end of my helping Michael coach. Because of Michael’s great love for me Brittany, MJ and Tyler, he could do the impossible. Not once, not twice but three times he was able to pick himself up, start all over again and work with such diligence until he was once again at the top professionally. Michael sensed he was to die soon. He settled his household. He said farewell to so many of us without our realizing it. He gave us so much of his strength that he knows we will be able to carry on.
Thank you God, and Jimmy John for leading Michael to me. Thank you for our three wonderful children, Brittany, MJ and Tyler, the light of your life, the joy of your being, through whom you will live on. Thank you God for our incredible family, friends and community, it was due to their outpouring of love and support that enabled us to survive this time.
Michael left this world at the top of his profession in the full bloom of manhood- handsome and strong, not only in body, but in mind and spirit as well. Michael, you know you will always be in our hearts and you will be a presence to forever share our lives. You were the love of my life.
Thank you, Michael—– for being Michael.

Katie Isacsen, Sister-in-law

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  Marianne Simone

Date of Birth: March 4, 1939
Position: Communications Specialist

Marianne was a mother of three, Teresa, Lisa, and Stephen, and grandmother to Bradley, Krystal, Christopher, Alexis, Nicole, and Michael. She was proud of herself. She was beautiful. She was so concerned about her family, so loving, so fun loving. She was scheduled to move into a beautiful new condo on a country club and retire near her family and friends. Any day spent with her was like an adventure. She reminded us of “I Love Lucy.” She always had a funny story or was in the middle of some hilarious situation. Ex coworkers at Cantor have told us that if they could write a book about their experiences at Cantor, a whole chapter would be dedicated to Marianne! They looked forward to work just to see her antics. Her family looked forward to every weekend and holidays with her. She was the life of the party and the soul of our family. She was our mom and our friend and we miss her so much that our hearts just ache. We love you Marianne, Mommy, Grandma Meena!!

Teresa Hargrave, Daughter

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  Paul Albert Skrzypek

Date of Birth: July 11, 1964

A few thoughts on a great man and a great friend:
A few years back, Nike had a catch phrase, “Just Do It”. I am sure most of us remember it. Just do it – that was Paul.
Paul fit well with New York. The only thing that he would sit still for were New York sporting events. He was an excellent athlete who was competitive in all phases of his life.
Paul did not wait for life to come to him, he charged towards life. He loved Lacrosse as well as other sports. He played Lacrosse up until a few years ago. He gave it up because he was a competitive athlete. He did not like to see himself losing to people he knew he could beat if he had his A game going.
Paul did not sit around his apartment and wait for people to call him. If there was time in the day available, Paul was out rollerblading or biking or going to the gym. He worked hard when it was time to work but when work was over for the day, he was moving onto the next activity. A fair amount of Paul’s friends got married as time has gone by, but that did not stop Paul. For every friend that found true love and marriage, Paul made two more friends that had the free time that he enjoyed so much. Paul traveled the world. He ran with the bulls in Spain. He lived two lifetimes in 37 years.
Since high school Paul has dated his share of nice women. Some dates developed into relationships that lasted longer periods of time, but never marriage. Paul was certainly open to marriage but he had a certain concept of marriage that involved what he thought was the “perfect relationship.” Paul sought the relationship he saw in his parents and those are very hard to come by. That did not stop Paul from trying, a lot.
Paul was loyal friend. Whether you got along with Paul or not, you knew where he stood. Paul was the type of person that would go out of his way to help a friend. He just did it. When Paul knew of a friend that had work to be done, he volunteered to come over and do it. He would help until the job was done. He didn’t talk about whether he was going to do it, he just did it. He was all about action.
As far as plans for the weekend, and plans for each evening of every day of every week, Paul had them. There were not many nights that Paul sat home idle. Paul would have plans and then he would have back up plans and sometimes he had plans to back up plans. It was almost like he had an innate crystal ball. This past summer, Paul was a member of two beach houses at the same time. If you ever went out with Paul you almost had to wear running shoes because if you went some place that was not moving Paul had another place to go, and you need to be ready.
Paul loved his family very very much. Paul love little kids. Paul deeply understood the values of marriage and of commitment, and took it very seriously. That is the primary reason he never got married. He was looking for someone to be with forever and knew that decision was not to be made without great care and thought. In some ways, this is one of the only areas in his life where Paul did not move swiftly and assuredly.
There is a song out there that is fairly recent and the words to the book of the song go “I will remember you, will you remember me – Don’t let your life pass you by…” Paul did not let his life pass by. Paul lived every inch of his life fully. Paul’s life was an example that speaks for itself. If someone needs a favor, help them. If you are sitting around not doing anything constructive, get up and do something. If there is something you need to do, but have been putting it off, it is time to get done.
Paul remembers all of us.
Remember Paul
James Schuette, Jr.

Edith Skrzypek and Albert Skrzypek, Parents