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  Fred Gabler

DOB: 3-3-1971
Position: Equity Partner, OTC Trading Desk

Fred and I grew up like any brother and sister, teasing, antagonizing and fighting. And my mom would say “be good to each other because you will always have each other”. She used to make us hug and kiss each other good bye whenever we were going separate ways. For a long time, I thought this was so silly. As we grew up and our bond strengthened, I no longer needed my mother to tell me to hug or kiss him..I just wanted to on my own. I loved and respected my brother more than anyone I have ever known. I cannot believe that I will no longer be able to hug and kiss him because …he was always supposed to be there….

Many knew that Fred loved to gamble from Atlantic City to Vegas, football, basketball…if there was a game, he would bet on it. In life, he was so often a lucky winner, that in gambling, he figured that he would usually be a lucky winner as well. I was thinking about this and really comparing it to our lives. The sad irony here is that life itself is one large game of roulette. We just never know what variety of roulette we are going to play on a given day; whether we will come out even, win big or lose. On September 11, we lost bigger than we ever imagined possible. We lost a great man, I lost the greatest brother and my best friend.

Just 24 hours before this horror, I was on the phone with Fred. We were trying to pick a night to have dinner this week. While we were speaking, he told me that he was psyched for the fall—it was his favorite time of year. He could play golf one day on the weekend and he could enjoy the crisp air. But most importantly, he could sit on the couch and watch FOOTBALL! For him, this was the best thing about the fall—football season. A friend recently told me that he believed that once we left earth, we go to another place, and be whatever we want. This doesn’t mean wings, angels and harps.

So, I believe that Fred is at a different football stadium each day—in the front row of course, with the Jack Daniels flowing and Bruce Springsteen blaring!

Good bye my darling Fred…I miss you terribly, we all do.

You are now, as you always was guardian angel…

I love you, xox your sister Jolie

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  Matthew James Grzymalski

Date of Birth: February 21, 1967
Department: GSB Intermediates
Position: Bond Broker

Matthew James Grzymalski was born in February 21, 1967, in Brooklyn, New York, the fifth of six children. He grew up on Long Island in New Hyde Park. Matt attended Chaminade High School and graduated Herricks High School in 1985. Following graduation he joined Fundamental Brokers, where he matured quickly as a trainee on the Treasury Bills and 10-Year Intermediate Desks. In April 1996, Matt joined Cantor Fitzgerald as a broker for Intermediates. He really enjoyed the company of his work friends; he loved the family-like atmosphere on his desk. They spent many quality leisure hours away from work as well, playing in golf outings, weekend barbeques, even competing in the Montauk Triathlon together.

It was at Cantor that Matt met Kaleen Pezzuti – they started dating in December 2000, it was definitely meant to be. They found each other and knew the love they shared was forever. They were together at work on September 11, 2001, when they met their fate.

Matt has two sisters and three brothers, as kids the six of us were very close and as adults even still chose to spend out vacation time together. Matt was extremely generous “Uncle Matt” to five nephews and two nieces who absolutely adored him. We have special memories of family vacations, holiday celebrations, Dad’s Sunday dinners that could feed an army, golf at the Links, “mandatory” weeding in Dad’s vegetable garden, growing up we all had to make sure Matt finished his homework before we could do anything. We were always grateful for the close sense of family that Mom & Dad surrounded us with, and the ease with which we said, “I love you”, learned from either example. We looked so forward to Kaleen joining our family circle.

Matt lived life to the fullest, and still took time to smell each rose. Matt had a summer share out on the East End for the past several years with a great group of friends. He enjoyed hanging out at the house, playing backgammon, conversation over good food, a nice bottle of wine, a Corona (or two), and relaxing at the pool. He enjoyed the music of Van Morrison, the Allman Brothers & John Denver too! Matt was a great friend to many, someone you could always count on to be there for you. Matt was very sensitive, he was very considerate of others, he had a great sense of humor, and he loved to laugh. He had very traditional beliefs, a man of strong moral fiber. He always knew the right thing to say, and especially, when to say nothing at all. Matt treasured the years he shared an apartment in Bay Ridge with Furn (Tom O’Neill). They experienced many Giants’ tailgates and flew to many a Super Bowl (even though they usually didn’t make it to the game). The party would always end up at Griswald’s, their favorite Bay Ridge nightspot.

Many of Matt’s friends shared beautiful memories with us at his memorial service. It pleases us to know that his life positively affected so many and left an indelible mark on your hearts. We ask you to carry those special memories with you always.

Matty Wood, our hearts ache until we see you again … Sis

Jo Ann McManus, Sister

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  Michael E Gould

Date of Birth: July 30, 1972
Position: NASDAQ Trader

On the outside, there was the tough guy, 5′ 11, 260 pounds of rock solid muscle. He challenged himself to exceed all expectations, never allowing himself to be deterred in any way. He faced adversity in his life with willpower and determination and became even stronger. He always gave his best and he expected the best. He dreamed of success and made his dreams come true. He was an inspiration to those who knew him well.

On the inside, there was the little boy with a heart of gold. He was devoted to his family and friends and shared a very special relationship with his mom. He loved animals: Simba, the exotic Bengal cat with whom he shared his life, and Marley, the beautiful black lab he had since childhood. He was passionate about guitars. In the words of a friend, he “never saw a LesPaul he didn’t like.” He was as comfortable in an Armani suit as he was in a West Coast Choppers T-shirt and sweats. He wanted to be loved, not for his success, but for the person he was. He could always make us laugh. He loved beautiful women; endlessly searching for the special one with whom he would spend the rest of his life. He adored little kids and dreamed of having a family of his own. Most of all, he loved his friends and family. He touched each of our lives in a special way and we will always miss him.

Mike, you were, and always will be, our hero. We will love you forever my son.

Kathryn Anderson, Mother

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  John Grazioso

Date of Birth: April 28, 1960
Department: eSpeed Sales

In losing John (and Tim) their parents, lost two of their three children. John is survived by his beautiful wife of ten years, Tina and their three gorgeous children: Kathryn (7), Kristen (4), and Michael (10 months). John had an affinity for many things, golf, fine food, cigars, and spending time with friends and family. He loved Bruce Springsteen, and knew every word to every song. None greater was the love John had for his wife and children. John was a devoted father and a great husband. He loved all aspects of fatherhood, bath time, bedtime stories, and singing Amazing Grace. John adored his wife, was very proud of his daughters, and beamed when Michael was born. He brought Michael everywhere (cleaners, carwash, gas station, and food shopping). Michael still looks at John’s picture and says “DaDa”, kissing the picture between “DaDa”s!

John was a great cook. He loved making his girls breakfast, their favorite, silver dollar pancakes. John was fun-loving, quick-witted, with a great sense of humor. Weekends, John managed to squeeze in 18 holes before lunch, spending the day with his wife and children. John was loyal, kind, sensitive, caring, and protective of those he loved. He wanted his children raised in a warm, loving environment with traditional values.

We could never replace what is lost for his children; the void is too great. All we could do is try to give these children the lives their father wanted them to have. To help fulfill John’s dreams, make their future a little less uncertain, John’s sister, Carolee, established a trust fund. Anyone wishing to help make a better future for his children could send contributions to the educational trust at:

John Grazioso Children’s Fund
Box 1193
Newark, NJ 07101

John’s and Tim’s Family,

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  Timothy G Grazioso

Date of Birth: October 4, 1958
Department: Over the Counter Trading
Position: COO

Timmy worked for Cantor Fitzgerald for 12 years. At the time of the attacks, he was the Chief Operating Officer of Over the Counter Trading and Head NASDAQ trader.

In losing Tim (and John), their parents lost two of their three children. Timmy is survived by Debbie, his beautiful wife of 15 years, and their two beautiful children, Lauren and Briana, 12-year-old identical twin girls. Timmy dedicated his life to making a better future for Debbie and the girls, a future free of worry and laden with the opportunity to fulfill their dreams. Anyone who knew Timmy knew how very proud he was of his daughters. He was a loving and dedicated father and a devoted husband to Debbie. Timmy loved making his daughters breakfast, loved making them laugh, and loved waking them up by tickling them in the morning. Even at the age of 12, Timmy carried them from their bedrooms, downstairs to the breakfast table. There is nothing that Tim wouldn’t do for his wife or children, nothing. Timmy was also a dedicated and loyal friend and brother. He was a loving son. He was sweet, kind, thoughtful, and sensitive. Tim was the most modest man you could ever meet and was thoughtful and generous beyond words. He always loved a good laugh. When Lauren, was just one year old, she was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. Tim then devoted much of his time to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and was Vice President of Fund Raising.

For those of us who had the good fortune to know Tim, we will forever miss his warmth and sensitivity. We will also miss that smirk of his. We could never replace what has been lost for his children; the void is just too great. Because they are children, they are resilient. In time, their hearts will mend, but a piece will be forever missing. The only thing we could do now is to try to give these children the lives their father would have wanted them to have.

To help fulfill the dreams that Tim had for his beautiful daughters and to make their future just a little brighter and less uncertain, Tim’s sister, Carolee, has established a trust fund for Lauren and Briana (Tim Grazioso’s Children Trust Fund). Anyone wishing to help fulfill the dreams of Tim and make a better future for his children could do so by sending contributions to the educational trust at:

The Tim Grazioso Children’s Fund
PO Box 1193
Newark, New Jersey 070101-1193

Tim’s and John’s Family,

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  Peter V. Genco

Date of Birth: October 18, 1964
Department: Trader, U.S. Government Agency Desk


We miss you so much. The world is a changed place since you left us on that beautiful, blue day.

You’ve been away a million years, and two minutes too. I feel I just saw you, but sometimes I feel you are memory from a long time ago.

Either way, I miss you, we all miss you, more than words can say. You are always on my mind, and forever in my heart.

I refer so often, to things you would do or say–things like–“hence the name”, or “so long–crabby”, and, OFTEN, I find myself reflecting on “Peter-ism’s–the way you had the drivers seat in the car aligned like a Dentist’s Chair, or the funny way you tucked your tie into your shirt when you ate.!

All of the above are just the memories of a sister, and the way she reflects back on a brother at a time so inopportune, and unfortunate, that she shouldn’t be looking back, she should be looking forward!

But, I’m not looking forward to an aI’mt life with you–i’m forced to look back on the years we were together. And I want others to know what a wonderful person you are.

A gentle, eager and caring father, who barely got to know what fatherhood was all about.

A loving and kind husband who made family his first priority.

A good son whose heart was always in the right place.

A brother who was just that–a brother.

I learned (and I guess I’m still learning) so much from you. I learned the importance of hard work, honesty, knowing a little bit about a lot of things, being a good listener, reading A LOT, and making family a priority.

I reflect now and I realize, that you, without knowing it, taught me so much. We are all so devastated by your loss. You are with us everywhere in mind and in spirit.

At a certain point, history tells us that we should “move on”, or be “getting over it”. But, I am one sister, who wants the world to know, that I’m not “getting over it.”

I mourn my loss of my only brother, Peter, every day, and I will for the rest of my life.

No one can take away a human being–without also taking a piece of all those who loved him.

I will miss you and love you, every day of my life,

Jennifer Genco, Sister

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  Ralph Gerhardt

Date of Birth: June 6, 1966
Position: VP, Derivatives

How does one memorialize a loving son and brother, a loyal friend and a good colleague whose life ended so dramatically at such a young age?

Oh, we could have seen him during the 2002 Winter Olympics or during the spring 2002 Hockey Play-Off Season and the World Soccer finals; Canadian and/or German flags hanging out of his windows on Lexington Avenue & 26th, entertaining his American buddies and ribbing them; “We are going to beat you tonight!”

Serving Canadian and German beers & food, decorated with posters and flags of both countries, the place would be packed with his favourite friends.

His competitive spirit mixed with his impish sense of humour, would guarantee a great evening, regardless who would win.

Ralph had great friends and he was loyal to them. His childhood school buddies were in touch with him until the very. Ralph had planned to be in Ottawa on September 22, 2001 to be the Best Man for Mark and Fiona’s wedding, uniting the Three Musketeers; Mark, Martin, and Ralph once again.

He was my best “fishing” partner and he would schedule Father’s Day presents long in advance to ensure that we spent quality time together. One-on-one with Dad.

Or with Mom. Traveling on Mother’s Day to Cape
Cod in style. Just Mom and Ralph.

Planning with his brother Stephan in Washington, DC how to make special moments in the Gerhardt family even more special. No birthday, anniversary, or meaningful day in our lives would ever pass without at least a call. His almost daily calls would come from anywhere he traveled and always include, “I love you!”

He missed only one Christmas away from us in all these years.

Quality time was one of Ralph’s greatest gifts he was able to give to everyone he touched and gave it so lovingly; caring is what made him such a special person.

In the thousands of letters, calls, e-mails, and the many conversations we had since 9/11, friends remembering so vividly: his smile, his decency, his love for family and friends, respect for the elderly, and support for the young and helpless and not so fortunate.

His many talents, being able to fix things “Dad couldn’t”.

His love for animals and life in general.

Stephan, his older brother, said during the Washington, DC eulogy, “Ralph lived to live!”

His ‘Daredevil’ traits were mostly reported after they had taken place like his bungee jumping, cliff diving, deep sea diving, and his latest “achievement”, his Shark Feeder’s License. His love for the outdoors included downhill skiing, canoeing, camping, fishing, biking, and golf.

He loved to travel and always had a forthcoming trip. Sometimes I felt like his personal travel agent, but it was my pleasure. He loved cars, even at a very early age; I must have had the most washed car in the neighbourhood. His red BMW is now in the loving care of his brother, Stephan.

He loved New York! I think the attached picture taken on Ellis Island on Valentine’s Day 1999, kind of reflected his dream that one day he would live there and he will make it there! He was our best NYC tour guide since he biked every street in Manhattan.

We are grateful that Ralph was able to call us on 9/11, seconds after the first impact, confident that we would make it out. Not only he, but everyone else, too. We are certain that in the final moments of his young life, he was together with Linda Luzzicone, his colleague and girlfriend, hoping to the end that they and everyone else at Cantor’s office in Tower 1 on the 105th floor would make it!

We will miss this kid who brought us and the many people he touched, so much joy. We are lucky to have been able to share his young 34 years with him.

For more information, please visit:

Hans Gerhardt, Father

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  Marina Gertsberg

Date of Birth: February 10, 1976
Department: Accounting
Position: Junior Manager

Mr. and Mrs. Gertsberg,
I did not know your beautiful daughter and I do not know you, but I have to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I see all these beautiful, smiling faces here and am reminded of the senselessness of 9/11. I will never forget, and I will think of you in my prayers. Take comfort in the fact that others are thinking of you and wishing you peace. God bless and keep you and your Marina. You are not alone.
A Stranger

anonymous, caring stranger

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  Joseph Giaccone

Date of Birth: April 26, 1958
Position: Director of Global Infrastructure

My sweet Joey. How I miss him.

Those beautiful green eyes… Carly Simon sang “met a boy with eyes of
green , warmest eyes I’ve ever seen he gave his loving all to me, the way I always heard it would be”…And it was. For almost 19 years it’s those eyes that I fell into every time I looked at my husband. I read those eyes almost as well as they read me.

From our very first kiss at the stroke of midnight January 1, 1983 until the very last time I looked into his face on September 10th before going to sleep, it’s in those eyes that I have always found exactly what I needed.

And those strong arms. The ones that held me so tightly for a million
reasons or none at all. The arms that cradled our babies moments after they were born. How small and fragile they looked surrounded by their father, yet so protected. And as they grew it was in those very same arms that they were comforted after a bad dream or in the midst of a thunderstorm as they counted the seconds as it passed by.

And his hands. Joe hated his hands. Too many broken fingers from years of Sunday afternoon football.

But it’s those hands that held mine and touched my face at the same time they touched my soul. They wiped tiny tears from tiny eyes and held tissues to little noses as he told our children to “blow really, really hard and wake the neighbors.” And those same hands clapped for Alex at her recitals and high-fived Max or patted his backside at so many little league games.

He was the best dad.

Joe did everything he loved, and with few exceptions, loved everything he did. He loved to be busy, but he took great pleasure in relaxing, too. He golfed, he skied, and he cooked. He loved fine wine, ice cold beer, great music and everything Disney. He loved his work, his friends, and his life. He was content. And everything he did he did with great passion. Anything worth doing was worth doing right.

He was my best friend, my balance, and the calm in the storm that is my

And when I look at our children I understand now more than ever who they are. My beautiful, graceful Alex. She carries herself with such dignity, such quiet strength. And my sweet, crazy Max. There are few people I know with such lust for life. They are such contradictions of each other. But each such an extraordinary being.

Together they are Joe.

And for that I am ever so grateful.

Sondra Giaccone, Wife