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  Joseph Giaccone

Date of Birth: April 26, 1958
Position: Director of Global Infrastructure

My sweet Joey. How I miss him.

Those beautiful green eyes… Carly Simon sang “met a boy with eyes of
green , warmest eyes I’ve ever seen he gave his loving all to me, the way I always heard it would be”…And it was. For almost 19 years it’s those eyes that I fell into every time I looked at my husband. I read those eyes almost as well as they read me.

From our very first kiss at the stroke of midnight January 1, 1983 until the very last time I looked into his face on September 10th before going to sleep, it’s in those eyes that I have always found exactly what I needed.

And those strong arms. The ones that held me so tightly for a million
reasons or none at all. The arms that cradled our babies moments after they were born. How small and fragile they looked surrounded by their father, yet so protected. And as they grew it was in those very same arms that they were comforted after a bad dream or in the midst of a thunderstorm as they counted the seconds as it passed by.

And his hands. Joe hated his hands. Too many broken fingers from years of Sunday afternoon football.

But it’s those hands that held mine and touched my face at the same time they touched my soul. They wiped tiny tears from tiny eyes and held tissues to little noses as he told our children to “blow really, really hard and wake the neighbors.” And those same hands clapped for Alex at her recitals and high-fived Max or patted his backside at so many little league games.

He was the best dad.

Joe did everything he loved, and with few exceptions, loved everything he did. He loved to be busy, but he took great pleasure in relaxing, too. He golfed, he skied, and he cooked. He loved fine wine, ice cold beer, great music and everything Disney. He loved his work, his friends, and his life. He was content. And everything he did he did with great passion. Anything worth doing was worth doing right.

He was my best friend, my balance, and the calm in the storm that is my

And when I look at our children I understand now more than ever who they are. My beautiful, graceful Alex. She carries herself with such dignity, such quiet strength. And my sweet, crazy Max. There are few people I know with such lust for life. They are such contradictions of each other. But each such an extraordinary being.

Together they are Joe.

And for that I am ever so grateful.

Sondra Giaccone, Wife

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  Marina Gertsberg

Date of Birth: February 10, 1976
Department: Accounting
Position: Junior Manager

Mr. and Mrs. Gertsberg,
I did not know your beautiful daughter and I do not know you, but I have to tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I see all these beautiful, smiling faces here and am reminded of the senselessness of 9/11. I will never forget, and I will think of you in my prayers. Take comfort in the fact that others are thinking of you and wishing you peace. God bless and keep you and your Marina. You are not alone.
A Stranger

anonymous, caring stranger

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  Ralph Gerhardt

Date of Birth: June 6, 1966
Position: VP, Derivatives

How does one memorialize a loving son and brother, a loyal friend and a good colleague whose life ended so dramatically at such a young age?

Oh, we could have seen him during the 2002 Winter Olympics or during the spring 2002 Hockey Play-Off Season and the World Soccer finals; Canadian and/or German flags hanging out of his windows on Lexington Avenue & 26th, entertaining his American buddies and ribbing them; “We are going to beat you tonight!”

Serving Canadian and German beers & food, decorated with posters and flags of both countries, the place would be packed with his favourite friends.

His competitive spirit mixed with his impish sense of humour, would guarantee a great evening, regardless who would win.

Ralph had great friends and he was loyal to them. His childhood school buddies were in touch with him until the very. Ralph had planned to be in Ottawa on September 22, 2001 to be the Best Man for Mark and Fiona’s wedding, uniting the Three Musketeers; Mark, Martin, and Ralph once again.

He was my best “fishing” partner and he would schedule Father’s Day presents long in advance to ensure that we spent quality time together. One-on-one with Dad.

Or with Mom. Traveling on Mother’s Day to Cape
Cod in style. Just Mom and Ralph.

Planning with his brother Stephan in Washington, DC how to make special moments in the Gerhardt family even more special. No birthday, anniversary, or meaningful day in our lives would ever pass without at least a call. His almost daily calls would come from anywhere he traveled and always include, “I love you!”

He missed only one Christmas away from us in all these years.

Quality time was one of Ralph’s greatest gifts he was able to give to everyone he touched and gave it so lovingly; caring is what made him such a special person.

In the thousands of letters, calls, e-mails, and the many conversations we had since 9/11, friends remembering so vividly: his smile, his decency, his love for family and friends, respect for the elderly, and support for the young and helpless and not so fortunate.

His many talents, being able to fix things “Dad couldn’t”.

His love for animals and life in general.

Stephan, his older brother, said during the Washington, DC eulogy, “Ralph lived to live!”

His ‘Daredevil’ traits were mostly reported after they had taken place like his bungee jumping, cliff diving, deep sea diving, and his latest “achievement”, his Shark Feeder’s License. His love for the outdoors included downhill skiing, canoeing, camping, fishing, biking, and golf.

He loved to travel and always had a forthcoming trip. Sometimes I felt like his personal travel agent, but it was my pleasure. He loved cars, even at a very early age; I must have had the most washed car in the neighbourhood. His red BMW is now in the loving care of his brother, Stephan.

He loved New York! I think the attached picture taken on Ellis Island on Valentine’s Day 1999, kind of reflected his dream that one day he would live there and he will make it there! He was our best NYC tour guide since he biked every street in Manhattan.

We are grateful that Ralph was able to call us on 9/11, seconds after the first impact, confident that we would make it out. Not only he, but everyone else, too. We are certain that in the final moments of his young life, he was together with Linda Luzzicone, his colleague and girlfriend, hoping to the end that they and everyone else at Cantor’s office in Tower 1 on the 105th floor would make it!

We will miss this kid who brought us and the many people he touched, so much joy. We are lucky to have been able to share his young 34 years with him.

For more information, please visit:

Hans Gerhardt, Father

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  Peter V. Genco

Date of Birth: October 18, 1964
Department: Trader, U.S. Government Agency Desk


We miss you so much. The world is a changed place since you left us on that beautiful, blue day.

You’ve been away a million years, and two minutes too. I feel I just saw you, but sometimes I feel you are memory from a long time ago.

Either way, I miss you, we all miss you, more than words can say. You are always on my mind, and forever in my heart.

I refer so often, to things you would do or say–things like–“hence the name”, or “so long–crabby”, and, OFTEN, I find myself reflecting on “Peter-ism’s–the way you had the drivers seat in the car aligned like a Dentist’s Chair, or the funny way you tucked your tie into your shirt when you ate.!

All of the above are just the memories of a sister, and the way she reflects back on a brother at a time so inopportune, and unfortunate, that she shouldn’t be looking back, she should be looking forward!

But, I’m not looking forward to an aI’mt life with you–i’m forced to look back on the years we were together. And I want others to know what a wonderful person you are.

A gentle, eager and caring father, who barely got to know what fatherhood was all about.

A loving and kind husband who made family his first priority.

A good son whose heart was always in the right place.

A brother who was just that–a brother.

I learned (and I guess I’m still learning) so much from you. I learned the importance of hard work, honesty, knowing a little bit about a lot of things, being a good listener, reading A LOT, and making family a priority.

I reflect now and I realize, that you, without knowing it, taught me so much. We are all so devastated by your loss. You are with us everywhere in mind and in spirit.

At a certain point, history tells us that we should “move on”, or be “getting over it”. But, I am one sister, who wants the world to know, that I’m not “getting over it.”

I mourn my loss of my only brother, Peter, every day, and I will for the rest of my life.

No one can take away a human being–without also taking a piece of all those who loved him.

I will miss you and love you, every day of my life,

Jennifer Genco, Sister

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  Deanna Galante

Date of Birth: August 1, 1969
Department: ESPEED Product Developement
Position: Executive Assistant To Glenn Kirwin

Deanna, I will forever keep you and our son to be – Matthew – in my heart and my life. We all miss you both dearly.

Love Always,
Your Husband
Anthony Galante

Anthony Galante, Husband

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  Peter Gerard Gelinas

Date of Birth: August 6, 1967
Department: Mortgage Backed Bond Broker
Position: Partner

Pete had such a beautiful spirit. Pete loved life and he was filled with a never-ending enthusiasm that he extended to each and every person that he met. Anyone who met Pete-even just in passing-walked away thinking “what a great guy”. He was the most genuine, generous, happy and fun loving person I have ever known and we are better people for having had him in our lives.
There was not a part of Pete’s life that he did not enjoy. He loved his job at Cantor Fitzgerald and the excitement and challenges that came with it. He loved our life in Bronxville and the close friends that we have made these past five years. And to Pete’s friends from Villanova were the brothers he never had.
As a husband, Pete always made me feel so special. The sparkle in his eye gave me so much happiness and we had such joy in all that we did and all that we shared. When I married Pete he made a good life great and I will miss him unspeakably every day for the rest of my life.
As a Father, I can only say that his spirit goes on in Jack and Griffin. Nothing was more important to Pete than the time he spent with the boys whether it was fishing, bike riding, his recent camping overnight with Jack-or simply walking around with Griffin on his shoulders. He always looked forward to coaching little league, boy scouts, football games and being an influential part of their lives.
If we can remember all of the ways Pete touched our lives, and pass it on to his boys, then his spirit will live on in them. It is so important to me that his children know just how special he was- so please share his life with them…as I will do every day.
And finally, as Pete died on my birthday I feel the need to recognize his life as my biggest gift. He is the finest person I have ever known and as short as my time was with him was, I am forever blessed for having loved him.

Michelle Gelinas, Wife

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  Francesco Garfi

Date of Birth: October 20, 1972
Position: Trader

For those of you who don’t know who I am, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Martin and Frank was my best friend. From the first day we met, the 2 short years that I’ve known him, we had many similarities and you could say that we were inseparable.

I’ve known Frank to be an articulate, warm hearted, generous and loving individual. After having the privilege of meeting and spending time with
Frank’s family, it was no coincidence or question in my mind where these values were founded. You could say that I looked up to Frank, he was like the brother that I never had. Every time I needed Frank he was always there. He helped me grow on many levels and develop into a better person.

We had great energy whenever we were together, nothing could stop us! Our spirits remained young and free. When Frank and I entered a room, people took
notice. Frank had a great personality as well as a wonderful sense of humor, which gave him the best rebuttals around. We turned Manhattan
upside-down. I have more stories than Walt Disney of the great times we had together. You could say that we lived everyday to the fullest. Memories with Frank will always remain the fondest in my heart.

I will never forget how Frank was always concerned for others before himself. He wanted me to do well in life, and I loved him for that.

Ironically, I recently remember him telling me, “Marty do you think we are going to be friends forever”? I replied, “Sure why not” and then he said,
“Do you think we are going to see each other in heaven”? I said, “Frank, we have to go somewhere, we are made from energy and in physics energy only
transforms and isn’t lost.” I didn’t understand what he was getting at, but I strongly believe that we will see each other when my time is up. I know I
will have other friends in the future, but none of them will ever compare or come close to the friendship that I had with my best friend Frank.

Frank, if you could hear me: ( tu serai sempre nel mio cuore ) You are always in my heart (in Italian)

This is a picture of Frank and I at the Cantor Fitzgerald Christmas Party in The Windows of the World at the WTC.

Martin Maliga, Best Friend

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  Douglas B Gardner

Date of Birth: October 5, 1961
Position: Executive Managing Director – Cantor Fitzgerald, Vice Chairman – Espeed

My beautiful Douglas. He was my gentle giant, my partner-in-crime, the source of my laughter, my biggest supporter, my hero and protector and the love of my life. After only six and a half years of marriage, we were still courting and romancing, still reveling in discovering new things about each other and still appreciating every moment spent together.

Doug loved his family above all. He adored his parents and wanted to honor them by doing well and doing it the right way. He maintained a close and special relationship with his sister Danielle. Our beautiful children, Michael (5) and Julia (3), were the payoff for all the hard work, the meaning behind Doug’s success, the outlet for his gentleness, kindness and patience. From the instant Doug walked in the door at night, my son and daughter were attached to his legs like barnacles. Games of hide and seek would start before he could take his wallet and change out of his pockets. Books were thrust into his hand for story time, with Julia under one large arm and Michael under the other. Doug was an earnest father – every weekend he’d routinely take the kids to a local diner for silver dollar pancakes and milk shakes. He introduced them to the great pleasure of lying prone on the couch to watch the latest Knick game or Tiger Woods golf tournament. For me, watching my six foot four husband carefully attempt to attach a bow to Julia’s hair or gently encourage Michael to ride a two-wheel bicycle were the epitome of what Doug was as a father.

Doug’s great success in business was a big part of his legacy, but his personal relationships were what truly defined my husband. Doug had longtime friends from every part and every phase of his life–from his boyhood in New York and summers on Fire Island, from Haverford College and Cantor, and from the playgrounds and gyms where he played basketball. He was at the center of all these groups, the connection that kept them together. His famous Super Bowl parties drew scores of people from all his diverse groups, people with nothing in common but their friendship with Doug, people who through him became friends with each other. Doug kept his friends because he was himself a true friend–loyal, kind, and generous–but also because he was fun, always prepared to compete, to play, to have a good time and share it with others. He was a listener, a keeper of secrets, a big brother figure, a big guy with a hearty laugh who radiated confidence and made people feel good about themselves.

At Cantor, Doug could never turn anyone away from his door; he always tried to provide an answer or assist in finding a solution. Doug’s career was important to him, but never more important than the people around him. His loyalty to Cantor, along with his work ethic and business talent, helped make him successful, but he was always humble and remained the same guy he had always been. Giving back to the community was a priority for Doug, and his work as a volunteer for charitable causes got the same intense focus he brought to his career.

Doug was a noble man of pure heart. His spirit lives on forever in Michael and Julia who reflect all that was good in him. I will always feel lucky that we had each other, and that we created so much good together in such a short time.

Jennifer R. Gardner, Wife

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  Giovanna (Gennie) Gambale

Date of Birth: July 5, 1974
Department: Marketing, eSpeed
Position: VP, Conferences and Events

We will all miss Gennie.
We will all miss her big smile.
But we will always have Gennie’s spirit here with us.

We will have Gennie with us when we are true to ourselves.
Gennie was always herself, always comfortable in herself.
She was happy with her own ideas and passions – quirky and unique and special and strong and honest and true.

We will have Gennie with us when we are committed – to family, friends and work.
Gennie’s commitment was never just words – it was action.
To her colleagues at eSpeed, she was a true leader and a spirited motivator – the person you most trusted to get things done.

We will have Gennie with us when we are generous in spirit – when we listen and try to understand.
Everyone thought she was their closest friend – maybe because she would always tell the truth, but tell it so kindly.

We will have Gennie with us when we remember what is truly important. Gennie did not care about the superficial.
She valued her friends for their unique selves.
She looked to her boyfriend Tom for his open and pure heart.
She treasured the love of her big family.

We will have Gennie with us when we take care of each other.
Gennie made sure that the newcomers in the crowd had a good time, and the new faces in the office didn’t get lost.

We will have Gennie with us when we are brave.
Gennie had deep courage.
She had the courage to be herself and to be honest to others.
She had the courage to love so many of us, so very much.

Most of all, we will have Gennie with us when we laugh, when we laugh hard and often.

Anthony J Gambale, Father

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  Grace Galante

Date of Birth: August 2, 1972
Position: Mortgage & Bond Securities

This tribute is for my Beautiful wife Grace Galante, born on August 2, 1972. Grace and I met in the summer of 1989, and were married on February 13, 1994, “THE HAPPIEST DAY OF OUR LIVES.” She lived life to its fullest, and her family and friends meant the World to her. Grace has an older sister & brother, Cathy & Franco. Gracie’s joy in life was showering her nephews, Francesco and Andrew, with love and affection, as well as her niece Teresa. Grace especially enjoyed watching Teresa develop into a young lady who had the utmost admiration for her Aunt. She would always think of things to do to make them HAPPY. In the summer of 2001, we received good news from Cathy and Jason that they were expecting another child. Grace & I were very excited. Grace was hoping that Cathy would have a baby girl this time around. I can bet she is smiling when we found out that Cathy is having a GIRL. In honor to her sister, Cathy will name her child Grace. Gracie’s caring and responsibility are some of the things we will miss most about her. She was giving and always helped those that needed it. Being with her family and friends was most important to her. I will never ever forget my wife and hopefully one day we will be reunited. On September 11, our lives were shattered by a senseless act by cowards…they took our dreams and future away. We will always remember her as she was: “A GREAT WIFE, DAUGHTER, SISTER, DAUGHTER-IN-LAW, SISTER-IN-LAW & FRIEND TO ALL!!!!!!!!”

Giovanni Galante, Husband