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  Fred Gabler

DOB: 3-3-1971
Position: Equity Partner, OTC Trading Desk

Fred and I grew up like any brother and sister, teasing, antagonizing and fighting. And my mom would say “be good to each other because you will always have each other”. She used to make us hug and kiss each other good bye whenever we were going separate ways. For a long time, I thought this was so silly. As we grew up and our bond strengthened, I no longer needed my mother to tell me to hug or kiss him..I just wanted to on my own. I loved and respected my brother more than anyone I have ever known. I cannot believe that I will no longer be able to hug and kiss him because …he was always supposed to be there….

Many knew that Fred loved to gamble from Atlantic City to Vegas, football, basketball…if there was a game, he would bet on it. In life, he was so often a lucky winner, that in gambling, he figured that he would usually be a lucky winner as well. I was thinking about this and really comparing it to our lives. The sad irony here is that life itself is one large game of roulette. We just never know what variety of roulette we are going to play on a given day; whether we will come out even, win big or lose. On September 11, we lost bigger than we ever imagined possible. We lost a great man, I lost the greatest brother and my best friend.

Just 24 hours before this horror, I was on the phone with Fred. We were trying to pick a night to have dinner this week. While we were speaking, he told me that he was psyched for the fall—it was his favorite time of year. He could play golf one day on the weekend and he could enjoy the crisp air. But most importantly, he could sit on the couch and watch FOOTBALL! For him, this was the best thing about the fall—football season. A friend recently told me that he believed that once we left earth, we go to another place, and be whatever we want. This doesn’t mean wings, angels and harps.

So, I believe that Fred is at a different football stadium each day—in the front row of course, with the Jack Daniels flowing and Bruce Springsteen blaring!

Good bye my darling Fred…I miss you terribly, we all do.

You are now, as you always was guardian angel…

I love you, xox your sister Jolie