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  Morty Frank

DOB: 2/5/1970
Position: VP Institutional Sales

Morty was sunshine…Born February 5, 1970, the youngest of three, a boy, after 2 girls, perfect! Morty had a wonderful way about him, he was smart, cute and handsome. When he graduated Syracuse, Cantor was his goal. He started in 1993 and was there for the first bombing. Never deterred he came right back even though he walked down 104 flights. Morty was in California for a wedding that Labor Day weekend but took the red eye home to be at his desk early that morning. We never got to say hello or good bye. Morty was Vice President of institutional sales. Morty loved his family, his life, and left us way to soon.

Phyllis Frank

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  Michael J. Armstrong

Position: Vice President, Electronic Trading

I’m not sure why it has taken us twenty years to submit a Cantor Fitzgerald profile for my brother Mike. We’ve probably done everything else in memory of him but this! The New York Times profiles have long been written, a beautifully moving 9/11 Museum has since been built, a memorial plaza has been constructed with great thought and care, and more specifically connected to the memory of Mike, a Foundation in his name continues to support the dreams of students in need of financial aid. Twenty years in we can say that the passage of time has not dimmed his bright spirit, nor silenced his contagious laugh. We can still hear it in our ears, telling us it’s okay. We continue to remember the mischievous gleam in his eye when he teased us, and to draw from the joy he found in such interactions. All of us were happily held captive in his revelry, and we still are. And we continue to feel blessed and inspired by the way he naturally loved and lived his life. We look back on these years with such gratitude to Mike. He has made all of us better people. Going forward, we will strive to walk down noble―and sometimes untrodden―paths in his memory, to breathe for him, to play for him, to continue to search for good deeds in his name. In doing these things, we continue to truly know Mike and ensure that his goodness is known to others.

Marian Armstrong, Sister