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  David Ferrugio

Date of Birth: February 11, 1955
Department: Mortgage Dept., IOPOS
Position: Bond Broker, Manager

My husband Dave, my love, my life and my soul, was wonderful, energetic, full of life. His children, his greatest joy. His family was his pride. Dave wanted to see everyone happy. He loved his job, the people he worked with. He was a special guy with special qualities. Everyone loved to hang out with Dave. Dave always made you feel good about yourself. He had a contagious laugh that filled the room. He always gave so much of himself, always wanting to help. He has touched the lives of so many.

On a night sitting in the back yard with the people he loved, smoking a cigar, having some laughs, he would say “It doesn’t get better then this”. That is what Dave is all about, loving the simple pleasures of life always with a smile. I am so blessed to have had 24 years of my life with Dave, raising three beautiful children who cherish him. He has taught me so much, to believe in myself, never taking anything for granted, to enjoy life, and most of all to love. Our lives will never be the same. Dave’s love for my children and I will carry us through the days ahead. His memory and his love will forever stay alive through all of us. God only knows my heart will never mend. But for my Dave I will keep my head up, because I know he would not want it any other way. You are our guardian Angel.

Dave, “I always saw you in my life, my strength, you will always be a part of me and everywhere I go, there you’ll be, for always.” Here’s to you KID.

We will love you always,

Rosanna, Jacqueline, Gina, David John, Family

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  Louis Fersini Jr

Date of Birth: June 24, 1963
Position: Municipal Bond Broker

Louis was a wonderful husband and amazing father to our 4 children. He loved life to the fullest. Everyday was a party for Lou. He was always smiling and laughing. He enjoyed his family and friends with all his heart. Everyone was always welcome at “Uncle Lou’s.” We miss him so much. There is such emptiness in our lives, but we know his big smile is shining over us to help us get through this. You never truly appreciate someone until they are gone. Well, Louis was appreciated while alive, for being so alive, and we certainly appreciate our hero even more now. God Bless our guardian angel!

Cathy L. Fersini, Wife

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  Timothy J Finnerty

Date of Birth: July 15, 1968
Department: Emerging Markets- Repos
Position: Partner and Senior Broker in charge of EM-Repos

When you think of Tim, one always sees his smiling grin. That was Tim, a happy sociable guy, and “extrovert from day one” as his father has said. He loved people and people loved him back. You couldn’t help it. His former coach has said, “Tim wore you down with niceness.” It couldn’t have been said better. Tim was always one step ahead in thinking about and helping others, ensuring that everyone he knew and loved had what they needed or liked-from a good bottle of wine to a decorative snowman floral arrangement for a Christmas table; from starting a young nephew’s college fund to beginning a good card game. He even saw when a tired mom needed a “kid break.” Tim was the reason his childhood friends stayed together to this day, their strong link was “Finn,” and without doubt, this link will remain because of him. A true family man, tim enjoyed countless family gatherings, as well as annual family vacations. He mostly cherished the vacations he shared with his wife, “quality time” as they referred to them. Tim was also the family’s barbecue king, being counted on for the juiciest burgers, flavored with his enthusiasm. His ways were all selfless, a devoted husband, constantly concerned about his wife, a son who loved his Dad’s company, reminiscing their fondest memories, a basketball coach for youths for whom he was eager to teach the game, an uncle that was known to become one of the kids and have fun. In fact, Tim really enjoyed a good time. This was clearly evident at many friend and family’s weddings when he took center stage with his crazy dances. Tim was more than thoughtful, he saw and acted upon beyond which was just in front of him. He exuded generosity, and humbleness as well. As wonderful a man as he was, never did he have a “better than you” attitude. Surely his goodness rubbed off on those around him. You couldn’t help but to better yourself in his presence. We know he is smiling and grinning down from heaven and is seeing the wondrous ripple effect of his goodness, only to have been accelerated by his absence. To have known Tim is truly to have known love. We’ll miss him dearly but will never, ever be without him. For Timothy Joseph Finnerty, we will continue to spread the love he shared in order to make this world a better place.

Tim is a great guy. He would always be there for you. He was a sweet guy and he still is. Even though you can’t see him he will always be in your heart. He died because he was good for Earth. We will never forget about you Tim. You’re a great guy. – Written by Tim’s 8 year old nephew Kieran Cassillo.

Theresa M. Finnerty, Wife