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  Shai Levinhar

Date of Birth: May 1, 1972
Department: eSpeed Inc.
Position: Senior Technical Architect

That’s a very difficult question. Because Shai was many things and he meant different things to different people. To me Shai was everything. The reason to my existence. The love of my life.
But I think all that knew him would agree that was like light…pure and bright…he always made people feel calmer, act nicer, become better… in a way he helped making this world a better place

Liat Levinhar, Shai’s wife

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  Jeffrey E LeVeen

Date of Birth: January 19, 1946
Department: Equity Sales
Position: Senior Vice President

Jeff LeVeen was a partner and trader at Cantor from 1993 until September 11, 2001. He worked with a team which included Steve Cherry and Tom Bowden. Trading was something he always loved and he valued his many relationships with his customers.
When not working at the desk, he could be found playing golf or planning a golf trip to Ireland or Scotland, his favorite countries for golf. Two years ago we visited our son, Andrew, who was studying in Spain and we took him to play two courses in the Algarve in Portugal. Jeff loved to travel and to plan trips.
Most important about Jeff was his love of family. He kept in close touch with each of the children and attended many a concert or golf tournament or shopping trip with them. He said he really enjoyed spending one on one time with them. Each of us felt Jeff was our best friend. He inspired me in so man y things as he always was proud of his family. He wanted each of us to be the best we could be.

Christine LeVeen, Wife

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  Gary Lee

Date of Birth: August 26, 1939
Department: Telecommunications /Voice Data
Position: Vice President of Cantor Fitzgerald/General Manager of eSpeed


Recently the family and friends of the Lee family gathered together to say goodbye to Gary Hamilton Lee. In our gathering instead of simply mourning Gary’s passing, we came together to celebrate his life. Although our family may never fully understand the circumstances that surrounded 11 September 2001, in the days since the tragedy we have come to fully recognize all that Gary contributed to each of our lives. Whether he was known to us as Uncle Dude, Big Gary or Pop Pop the lives he touched while on this earth will only be the better for the chance they had to spend with Gary.

Gary, had just celebrated his 62nd birthday and his 40th wedding anniversary. Gary was a simple, quiet and extremely intelligent man that added a touch of sarcastic humor to his conversations and had knack for putting a smile on your face. He was a devoted husband, father and grandfather. His love for all the children in his life was unconditional. However, the apple of his eye was his one granddaughter, Julia Nicole, his Ju Ju. It was often amusing to see Gary in his element with 3-year old Julia. Whether it was riding around in a Barbie jeep or blowing their duck whistles at the Long Island ducks game, it was sometimes difficult to tell who was the bigger child, but Gary’s love and absolute adoration of Ju Ju was always apparent.

Gary lived his life with a simple routine. He was a collector of stamps, eagles, bayonets and baseball cards. He had a particular passion for his 1948 Studebaker. There was not a Sunday during football season that Gary wasn’t at a game that his son was coaching or Michael John, another special child in his life, played. Gary was such a simple man that barely ever boasted of his achievements that much of his family never knew that he was a Vice President of TeleCommunications at Cantor Fitzgerald and General Manager of Voice Data for ESpeed. We just knew he was dedicated and loved his work at the World Trade Center.

Gary touched us all in very different ways. Parts of him will live forever in each of our memories. Between us all we have learned what made Gary the wonderful man he was. The outpouring of support from his friends and colleagues has given his family such comfort in the past weeks. Hearing their stories of Gary at work and how he was a hard worker and great colleague allows us to feel close to him again.

Although Gary often got annoyed at people taking tons of pictures, we later found out that Gary had saved every picture and card his family gave him. As Gary saved and preserved the memories he thought he would look back at in years to come, we too must treasure the happy memories we have of Gary to not only provide comfort through this unspeakable loss; but most importantly to remind Julia as she gets older of the wonderful Grandfather that had loved her so. That is what Gary would have wanted. As his granddaughter Julia said, “Pop Pop is an angel now with big wings to keep him warm”. Gary Hamilton Lee is gone but he will never be forgotten. God bless all our family and friends, and God bless America.

Eileen Lee, Wife

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  Eugen Gabriel Lazar

Date of Birth: February 28, 1974
Position: Programmer/Analyst

Eugen, the soul, the sunlight and the meaning of our lives disappeared on that ominous September morning. All that is left is the infinite pain of his loss and the immense treasure of superb memories that this child left behind.

Eugen excelled in his academics and graduated from Cooper Union with Summa cum Laude. Not only did he gained knowledge from his education, he left behind a strong impression — all his professors and colleagues remember him fondly and held him in the highest esteem.

He was a modest, sensitive yet extremely complex young man, with a passion for nature, who loved music and had a refined taste in art. Always up to date technically, he even built and designed his own speakers and, as his father says, “he was very extremely skillful and a perfectionist.” He also loved life in all its aspects; he enjoyed jogging, skiing, camping, paintball, fishing, mountain biking and soccer. Still, there was always time for reading, for cooking and baking. And mostly, he knew the value of friendship, whether it is full of fun and excitement, or discreet and emotionally supportive. He was always someone’s best friend! His love for his girlfriend, Siu, was special and full of dedication, admiration and respect.

As for us, his parents, he always wished us a healthy long life. He wanted us to become grandparents and to be here for him and for his future children. His father, whom he admired and loved, was his daily source of ideas, of practical advice and of “how to” and “how not to”.

We thank you, our only child, for who you were, for the joy and happiness that you gave us during your short life.

We are not crying for us, our tears will never end, they all are dedicated to you. We will miss you forever, may our love be with you, always!

Mom and Dad

Elena Lazar and Alecsandru Lazar, Mother and Father

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  Nicholas Lassman

Date of Birth: November 30, 1972
Department: Information Technology

How does one write a tribute about her brother? Should I begin by sharing with you all his supernatural qualities? Do I dare explain my favorite memories of Nickie or mention all his accomplishments during his 28 years of life? I rather let you know what Nicholas Craig Lassman meant to me, his younger sister.

Nickie was my strength when I was weak; compassionate of my feelings when I was sad; patient and understanding when I just didn’t get it. He was my protector when I was in danger, playmate when I was bored and partner in crime when feeling devious. Nickie was always the courage I needed when I doubted myself, the reality check I lacked when things got over my head; and the companion and friend that comforted me when feeling isolated and alone.

Nickie you NOW have the responsibility of being my angel above – guiding and guarding me through life. Know that when I look up…I look for you. When I pray… I pray to you. When I cry…I cry for you. When I dream…I dream of you.

I love you more then all the stars in the sky and all the sand on the beaches. I will miss you always and honor you forever. Sleep tight my prince!

Ellen D. Lassman, Sister

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  Christopher Larrabee

Date of Birth: November 9, 1974
Position: Institutional Equities Sales

Family tribute to be posted soon.

Stephen and Nicole Larrabee, Father and Sister

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  Ganesh Ladkat

Date of Birth: November 13, 1973

Ganesh (Shri) was born on November 13, 1973 in Pune, India. He came to US with big dreams after finishing his education in 1999. Was in Boston since the day he came in United States but always dreamed of working at World Trade Center. He worked for eSpeed since June 2001, it was a dream come true for him to work at WTC, he was so very happy. We just knew he was dedicated and loved his work at the World Trade Center.

To know him was to love him. His sense of humor, compassion, and love was given to anyone he came in contact with. If you needed him, he was there. He always lent a helping hand when anyone needed it and offered what seemed to always be the best advice.

We got married on December 9, 2000 after a long wait of 5 years. During the nine months with me, he was the best husband in the world. To me he was my advisor, best friend, and soul mate. He has shown me not just how to love, but how to love intensely. He has taught me how to be happy for others and how to say, I’m sorry when I’m wrong. For him his parents, his sister, my parents, my sister and me were the most precious assets. He has shown me what the word “family” means, as he has always put us first. I am so proud to be his wife. Shri I’m trying to move on but the relationship that we shared is Inseparable. I look forward to be united again to our eternity together. Shri, watch over our family with the type of love and care that only you can give.

My dear beloved husband how I miss you so much. Your family misses you and will keep your memory alive within are hearts.

We wish for the families of all those lost that they find peace knowing that their loved ones are safe, at last.

Shri, sonu loves you and misses you a lot.

Sonia Gawas, Wife

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  Joseph A. LaFalce

Date of Birth: March 24, 1947
Department: Operations

Joe was a very quiet, mild mannered human being. He was a dedicated worker, hard working and always eager to learn something new. He spent all of his working life on Wall Street working for Kidder Peabody for over twenty five years and finally at Cantor Fitzgerald. He loved the work and loved the people he worked with. He was the type of guy you could rely on for any help that was needed.

I can still remember that little boy that I tried to protect when we were little. It’s hard to comprehend this turn of fate that was handed him; he deserved much more.

Joe was the last member of my immediate family as there are no other siblings. All I have now is lots of good memories of the time we spent
together as children and as adults. He will be in my heart forever and will be greatly missed.

Rest in Peace Joe…Mom and Dad are waiting for you.

Dominick LaFalce, Brother

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  James Patrick Ladley

Position: Corporate Bonds/Limited Partner

A native Staten Islander, with a baseball scholarship to North Adams State in Massachusetts and his bachelors of science in business administration, Jimmy worked his way up from the gym at FBI (Fundamental Brokers) until a guy he was training asked him to come work upstairs with him. (I wish I knew his name) Working daytimes upstairs at FBI and nights bartending and after hour bars, he just didn’t quit. Jimmy worked really hard and played hard and nothing was ever handed to him. He had the greatest times with his closest accounts and they quickly became his best friends. He really loved you guys. Jimmy had so many friends and family. He was the son of Jim and Dolores Ladley and the eldest of five. Once he could afford to, he invested in a spacious home, far enough from the city and closer to the beach for his weekend retreats with his friends and family. Jimmy had a big heart of gold and was always giving to everyone around him. Our home quickly became “Camp Ladley”, situated with his pool and his back gate that leads out to a public golf course. Some Amstels, Frank Sinatra, U2, The Who and some babes. That was where I came in. Introduced by our friends, we dated forever (five years), until Jimmy the bachelor proposed on a beautiful location on an Easter Sunday evening in Barbados. Jimmy made me cry with his words of love and devotion and he wanted a family and someone to come home to. He always said what a lucky catch he was and I am still honored to have been that person. We had so much fun, and there are so many memories here within me, my heart, my mind’s eye and my soul which I feel. I could sculpt him all over if it were possible. Jimmy was a dark-haired, tall, handsome man. His hair was exactly like our son’s: a great head of hair tough, made for sports and water. He would dry it every day and, lastly, slick it back. The kids loved to get their hands in his hair at the end of his day and make it stand up, while I loved it while he slept near the poolside as the sun dried it naturally. Jimmy was a sun worshiper. His face was round, his skin would tan beautifully and it would bring out the hazel and the almond shape of his eyes. His dreamy eyes have been passed onto our son James. His lips were full and they fit his masculine face. His voice was a gentle, calming voice. I loved to speak to Jimmy. I miss not hearing his soothing voice. He always had the right advice and he listened to such boring or insignificant mommy stories and the support he gave me made me feel that he was there no matter what. Jimmy had great stature. He stood tall with strong arms and shoulders and a wide chest to snuggle next to. He would come home exhausted and the children would lie on him until they fell asleep. Jimmy loved to watch the games on TV with his eyes closed, especially after a nice big pasta dinner and in favorite position on the couch. Jimmy enjoyed conversation. He liked people and he was a pleasure to have around. He spoke with such character and recollection that time would fly by in his company. He had a passion for sports and I have to mention that he was so close to playing pro baseball, you would never have known. He was great at so many things yet he would never brag. He was such a man of discipline and methodical thinking and respected the rules and enjoyed the game. Sure he played all positions, however, he played catcher. At 6’1″ he was a little tall but he enjoyed knowing what the next call should be and he always liked calling the shots. He loved the locker room and most of all Jimmy was a big competitor, he loved to win! His dad, Jim Sr., instilled so many countless hours of admirable coaching and refereeing. Jimmy and his siblings were always involved in seasonal sports. I am so sorry that neither one are here with us. Jim’s dad passed away of pancreatic cancer in June of 2002. Jim’s siblings and mom are devastated by their losses. We speak of our loved ones daily with love and admiration for them as we continue to teach our two small children about their heroes who are no longer with us. Their daddy was an integral part of our household and daily lives and he still is. Jimmy was an extraordinary man who loved and lived life for his family. Jimmy loved me unselfishly and with such devotion. I’m honored to say I was Jimmy’s wife, best friend and mother of his two small children. We were an amazing team. Best friends, lovers, and confidantes. We were just beginning our lives and our family. I admired all he had accomplished and how he worked long and hard to get where he was going. I cherish the thought of when we can be in each other’s embrace. Where we are at peace. Where there are no good-byes for us or our loved ones. My love for his family and our children is a tribute to Jim’s gift left to me here on earth.
We remember you Jimmy with all of the love in our hearts…we will never forget! You and dad take care of each other. We miss you.
To my husband Jimmy, You’re in my heart, You’re in my soul, You’re in my breath as I grow old. Love never ends…….

Til ours eyes meet again we love you,
Sheri, Elizabeth and James

Sheri Ladley, Wife