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  Edward Charles Murphy

Date of Birth: September 25, 1958
Department: Forward Bandwidth Trading and Power Brokerage
Position: Managing Director

Edward Charles Murphy, age 42. A graduate of Pace University, he started his business career as an independent commodities trader. He joined Martin Bierbaum International in 1988 as a broker and rose to Vice President. In 1994 he joined Noonan Astley & Pearce as Vice President and Broker. He established the first electricity trading group at PVM Energy Group in 1996 and was recruited by Cantor Fitzgerald in 1997 as Managing Director to create their Power Brokerage Services Division. At the time of his death he was responsible for establishing and managing its Forward Bandwidth Desk.

Ed was a life-long resident of Clifton, New Jersey. He was the Chairman of the Clifton Traffic Safety Commission and is the former Grand Knight of the Regina Mundi Council of the Knights of Columbus. An avid marathon runner, he competed in the New York City and Boston marathons.

Although Ed was a tough negotiator, he had a heart of gold for family, friends and animals. He volunteered for many charitable causes and was a supporter of the arts. With what little free time he had, he could be found on a golf course anywhere in the country. He loved to travel, particularly to the American Southwest where he researched and collected regional art and “investigated” local golf courses.

Ed is the son of the late Daniel J. Murphy and is survived by his mother, Evelyn Murphy of Clifton, his brothers, Rev. Daniel W. Murphy of Sparta, NJ, and Richard E. Murphy and sister-in-law, Barbara of Boston, and his nephew, Ryan L. Murphy of Hoboken, NJ.

Richard E. Murphy, Brother

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  Alan Merdinger

Date of Birth: February 13, 1954
Department: Operations
Position: Accoutnant

My wonderful husband, Alan, enjoyed a quiet life with his family. He was a devoted father to our children, Jill, Mark, and Melissa, taking pride in all of their accomplishments and sharing in all of their hopes and dreams. He always had time for coaching and advising all of their sports and academic endeavors. There wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t do or sacrifice for all of us. We all had a cherished relationship with him, which provided us with wonderful memories. He was the head of our family sharing in all of our joys and helping solve our problems. Alan was the most honest and straightforward man I ever met. I admired his intelligence, determination and strength of character. He always made me feel at ease. Alan enjoyed a sarcastic sense of humor and strong work ethic. He valued honesty and truth. Although he was shy and quiet he had the ability to laugh at himself.

Living in Allentown, Pennsylvania, he probably had the longest commute of all the Cantor employees. He traveled by bus daily to Wall Street while listening to jazz c.d.s or reading. He called me every morning by 7:30A.M. from his desk to ay “hello” so we could start the day together. After that he’d either talk to the kids or e-mail each one before tackling his work. I looked forward to hearing him say “Hey Babs!” when he came in the door at night. He never complained that his commute was too hard.

Alan enjoyed a good challenge. He was a sports enthusiast and a walking encyclopedia of sports trivia. Priding himself as being health conscious he exercised almost daily. He was working towards a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and enjoyed playing golf, which he studied like a science. Each year plans would be made to golf with his friends at Cantor.

We enjoyed quiet evenings together at home, listening to music, watching t.v., going to movies, taking walks, sitting on the beach, lounging by the pool, sharing a golf cart, and being with our children, family, and friends.

Alan was more than my husband. He was my best friend. His presence here at home is missed dearly. He will remain lovingly in my heart always and forever.

Barbara Merdinger, Wife

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  Wilbert Miraille

Date of Birth: May 19, 1972
Position: Mail Room Clerk

Wilbert was one of the funniest people you could ever meet. Everyone who encountered Wilbert would leave him with a smile. Will had a big smile and an even bigger heart. He worked very hard and was always willing to help anyone who needed him. I will miss him immensely !! Wilbert will forever be in my thoughts and prayers.

Rick Watson, Friend/Manager

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  Michael Miller

Date of Birth: November 30, 1961
Department: Options
Position: Bond Trader/Partner

We have not written about our son, Michael M. Miller, sooner because it is so difficult to accept the fact that he died.
Michael was a joy from the time he was born. He was always so full of life, energy, and mischief too, and as he grew older, all that energy was channeled into sports. He brought so much love and laughter into everyone’s lives. He could be serious too about important matters and always had a positive attitude about life. When a coach from the University of Pennsylvania came to see him in high school, his mind was set, and he was going to that school. And, so he did, they recruited him as a wide receiver. Those years were some of our happiest as well as Michael’s. He made our lives so exciting just being around him. When he graduated from Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania, he went to work and live in Manhattan. He fell in love with the city, but always came home to Milford, CT., to visit family and friends. During his visits, he would tell us about the various people he had met and places of interest he enjoyed. We could visit all these places through his tales of adventure. He was generous with his time and money, not only with his family, but everyone else in his life.
The light in our lives has gone out, but Michael will live forever in our minds and hearts.

With love,
Mom and Dad

Betty Ann and James H. Miller Jr., Parents

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  Peter Milano

Date of Birth: August 10, 1958
Position: SVP, Corporate Bonds

My life with Peter was filled with a sense of always and forever. Our love grew more and more each day. We fell in love at first sight, and knew that it would continue to grow stronger. We looked forward to each and every day like it was the first day we met. My love for Peter still grows and he will live peacefully in my heart. I look at Peter and Jessica and their courage and love that they’re able to show only means that their father will always and forever help us through.
I love you Peter,
Always & Forever Patty

Patty, Wife

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  William Micciulli

Date of Birth: February 6, 1971
Department: International Equities
Position: Senior Vice President and Partner

“I love you because…..”

We were high school sweethearts, a Cinderella love story from the first day we met. You whispered to me that “there was something special, something different, about me”. You knew at our first meeting, me a freshman, you a sophomore, that one day we would become husband and wife. When you left Staten Island to attend Fairfield University, we were both such heartbroken teens, not knowing what the future holds, but excited to face it together. Then a few days later, a simple stamped index card appeared in my mail at home. All it said was “I love you because…. and you would give me a reason. At first I thought it was sweet and romantic. Then the index cards kept coming each day you were away. You never missed a day. Like you Billy, they were sometimes romantic, sometimes corny, sometimes funny, and sometimes profound. But they always let me know that you cared deeply for me, everyday. I have every single one of them, 167 to be exact.

When we were married on November 29, 1996, our life was filled with nothing but hopes and dreams. Billy, you bounded through everyday with an infectious energy. There were nothing but beautiful days and blue skies when you were around, and we all fed off of it – our family, friends, and professional colleagues. But it is the private time that we spent that I will always treasure the most – our many memories at Dunkin Donuts, our first apartment, scraping our pennies together to buy our first house: your absolute awe when we had our first child, (you were sooo nervous, your eyes filled with tears clutching your first born daughter Emily), the absolute love that we shared at that moment when you and I became a Mommy and Daddy; your mischievous antics when you were planning a surprise evening or vacation; your love of anniversaries and holidays and the exhaustive efforts you would put into finding the hidden Easter eggs; and the complete helplessness you felt when our second daughter Sara was born, everything so fast and so sudden, no doctors, just us and the nurses. I know that you would have delivered Sara if necessary. I loved all of your different personalities, playful Bill- KIMBUS, business man Bill, SCENARIO, your alter-ego T.K. BANKS.

You and I had so many hopes and dreams. We always had so much fun planning for our future. I thank God everyday for you and for your foresight. It has put me on the right path and helped guide me today for all that I need to do. I know that you are with me each and everyday. I feel your strength.

Billy, I love you. There are not enough words that can describe the complete and total loss of your not being here. I will forever be broken hearted. However, I am deeply grateful for every second God gave me with you, for the beautiful life we had, the memories we shared and of course your living legacies Emily and Sara.

Billy, I love you because……. You were you.

Colleen Micciulli, Wife

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  David R. Meyer

Date of Birth: December 26, 1943
Department: Municipal Bonds
Position: Corporate Bond Trader

Dave Meyer was a wonderful husband, best friend, father and grandfather. A true friend to many. I can’t believe all that has really happened from that awful day of September 11, to walking and going to so many different places in New York jus wanting to know something. To being told by my brother-in-law, Charlie, after two weeks that I have to face it, that my Dave wasn’t coming home. Planning what I feel turned out to be a beautiful memorial mass and luncheon. So many wonderful family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and even people who just wanted to come, came and then it was over. Some wonderful friends still call and I truly appreciate everyone and thank everyone. The whole thing just shows me more and more what a great guy I had for a husband. Dave is so very, very missed but still very, very loved. Dave was truly “one of a kind.”

Margie Meyer, Wife

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  Ralph Mercurio

Position: Coal Broker

My husband Ralph was a kind easy-going man. Everyone who knew him would say so. He was a wonderful husband and a terrific dad. We loved him so much and our hearts will ache for him forever.

Debra Mercurio, Wife

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  Stuart Todd Meltzer

Date of Birth: October 11, 1968
Position: Energy Broker

Stuart lives on in our hearts. He lives for Lisa, his wife, in the eyes and smiles of his sons, Jake & Dylan. He lives for his parents in the memories of an intense little boy who would eventually grow into an intelligent, focused, fiery personality. He lives for his brothers, Larry and Kenny at the Red Sox Games where they shared so many hot dogs, home runs, and laughs. We will miss his dry wit and loving heart. And yet, as long as we remember, he lives on….
The Meltzer Family Fund has been established to benefit the education of his sons, Jacob & Dylan Meltzer, and contributions can be sent care of his brother, Larry Meltzer, 6 Lowell court, Teaneck, NJ 07666.

“Grief ebbs but grief never ends. Death ends a life but death does not end a relationship. If we allow ourselves to be still and if we take responsibility for our grief, the grief becomes as polished and luminous and mysterious as death itself. When it does, we learn to love anew, not only the one who has died. We learn to love anew those who yet live.”

–Julius Lester

Rachel Provencher, Sister-in-Law

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  Sean Peter McNulty

Date of Birth: July 21, 1971
Department: ITD

As Sean’s Mom, I of course am very biased. He was a beautiful boy and grew into a loving, joyful man.
What you saw was what you got. Sean did not play games with people. He accepted everyone right where they were. He had a generous view of the world/people. When I close my eyes and see Sean’s big happy face, a warm smile washes over me.
To me he will always be like a twinkling star… that brings warmth to my heart and a smile to my face. Thank you Sean!

Roseanne McNulty, Mother